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Import Gmail to Outlook.com Using Best Approaches

Shaks George ~ Modified: January 5th, 2023 ~ Import ~ 5 Minutes Reading

There are two methods available to perform the procedure of import Gmail to Outlook.com. There are multiple users who are looking for a solution to migrate their data from their Gmail accounts to Outlook accounts by using the manual procedure.

As we all know that it is possible to transfer data from a Gmail account to Outlook account by using the manual procedure. But, the process takes a long period of time in order to complete it.

So, if you are one of those who are looking for a solution to migrate your Gmail account data to Outlook.com or into any other Outlook.com account. Then, you can read this guide to know how to perform the procedure step by step.

In order to manually migrate Gmail account data to Outlook.com account. Users can use the sync method to transfer their Gmail data to Outlook.com.

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The process of performing the migration is simple.

Start the process by adding your Gmail account to your Outlook.com account.

Step 1: Add Gmail Account to Outlook.com

1. Open your Outlook.com account. And click the File option.

file option

2.  Then click the Add Account option to import Gmail email to your Outlook account.

file and add account

3.  After that, the Add account window will open it. Enter your Gmail account credentials and click the Next option.

auto account setup

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Step 2: Copy Your Gmail Messages to the Desktop

Once you completed the above step 1 process import Gmail to Outlook. As we know that Outlook created a default saving file format which is Outlook Personal Storage Table File. That means you can save your Gmail email messages multiple times by using Outlook.

Now, your Gmail account is completely configured in your Outlook account. Now, follow the below steps to complete the process. 

1. Choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export

open and export

2.  In the Import and Export Wizard, click the Export to a File option

export to a file

3.  Then in the Export to a file window, select the Outlook Data File

outlook data file

4.  After that checked the Gmail account data by selecting and double-checking the folders and subfolders before clicking the Next option.

include subfolders

5.  Now, save the exported file into any desired end location. And then click the Finish button.

save exported file

By doing this you will get all your Gmail emails in an Outlook default file format. That you can import it into your Outlook or Outlook.com account without using a Gmail account.

Step 3: Import Gmail Email Messages to Outlook

After following all the above-mentioned steps of copying Gmail messages to the computer system and then importing Gmail to the Outlook.com account. Now, follow the below step-by-step guide.

1.  Start the process by following the File > Open & Export > Import/Export

2.  Then, in the Import and Export Wizard click the Import from another program or file and click Next

import from another program

3.  Next, choose Outlook Data File (.pst)

outlook data file pst

4.  Then, browse the created PST file that you created from the above steps. And click Next.

import Gmail to Outlook.com

5.  You can also enable the Import items into the same folder and select Finish

transfer Gmail to Outlook.com

After that, you can view your Gmail emails in your Outlook account.

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Method 2: Import Gmail to Outlook.com With Attachments

To effortlessly migrate Gmail emails to Outlook.com account within a limited time. And, without following the lengthy and long procedure of Gmail to Outlook.com migration. You can use the CorbettSoftware Gmail Migration Tool. With the help of this utility, you can not only migrate the Gmail account data into an Outlook.com account.

But, you can preview your Gmail emails in a wide variety of preview modes. In addition, this utility enables you to import Gmail emails into 100+ IMAP-supported email clients.

Now, follow the steps to import Gmail to Outlook.com.

Gmail to Outlook.com Step-by-Step Guide

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1. Start the process by downloading the fully automatic software solution in your operating system, and click the Open.
2. Then click the Email accounts option and then hit Add Account.

select email account
3. After that, the software will show you the Add Account window, where you have to enter your Gmail account credentials such as Id and Password, and hit Add.

enter your Gmail account credentials
4. Next, the tool begins uploading all the Gmail mailbox data into the tool’s preview panel.

preview emails
5. You can preview the emails according to your requirements.

preview the Gmail emails
6. Then, click the Export button and hit the IMAP option.

transfer Gmail to Outlook.com
7. Now, in the IMAP Export Options window, enable the options as per your requirements and enter your Outlook.com credentials.

enter your Outlook.com account credentials
8. Finally, hit the Save button to begin the process of Gmail to Outlook.com process.

select save to transfer Gmail to Outlook.com

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Author’s Suggestion

Finally, you read it! I hope you got your answer from the Gmail to Outlook.com migration procedure. After knowing both the manual and fully automatic approach, it is solely your decision to use for your import Gmail to Outlook.com process.

As per your suggestion, we highly recommend you go with the software solution. Because it is completely safe and secure for all users. And doesn’t require any additional technical skills and software to perform the process.