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Experts verified and recommended Email ID Extractor Tool To Extract Email Addresses From Any Email Data File / Desktop Client / Webmail / Webmail Server Accounts. All in one utility to extract Email address.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose Corbett Email Address Extractor Software?

email address extractor software free demo
  • Extract Email Id & Contacts From Any Mail Server On Cloud
  • Extract Email Addresses From Email Data File Locally
  • Retrieve Email Address From Desktop Email Client Profile Data
  • Supports To Extract Email Addresses From Attachments
  • Retrieve Addresses By Defining Email Fields: From, Cc, Subject, Etc.
  • Extract Email Address From An Email Header & Body Of Message
  • Display All The Email Addresses Found Before Saving In TXT File
  • Extract Email Addresses From Selective Mail Folders Like Inbox, Sent Items etc.
  • Search & Filter Emails For Performing Selective Email Address Extraction
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Email Address Extractor Software - Features

Extract Email Id from Your Email Application or Email Data File Easily

Extract Email Addresses From Mail Server

Email Address Extractor Software is a well known application to extract Email Addresses from Email of Cloud Mail and server mailboxes. The Email Address Extractor tool enables users to add & manage multiple email accounts for future use.

Note: It is mandatory to enter Email Address & Password for extracting Mail ID from desired account.

Extract Email IDs From Any Email Application

The Email Address Extractor Tool is compatible to detect & extract email addresses from any email data file. It can get email addresses from an email message body, email header & within email attachments as well. It supports the email address extraction from all applications like: Outlook OST, PST Files - (*.ost, *.pst, *.nst, *.zdb Files), Outlook for Mac OLM Files (*.olm files), MBOX Files (*.MBOX files), EML Files (*.eml & *.emlx files), MSG Files (*.MSG files), OFT Files (*.OFT files), DBX Files (*.DBX Files), Google Takeout Files (*.zip , *.mbox ), Maildir Files

Desktop Email Client Compatibility

This Email Address Extractor Software is capable to extract multiple email addresses from an Email client that is already configured within your local PC. It supports the email address extraction for Outlook Accounts, Thunderbird Accounts, Windows Live Accounts, Postbox Accounts, MailBird Accounts, MailSpring Accounts, eM Client Accounts, IceWarp Accounts.

Extract Mail ID From Attachments

The email address extractor tool provides a unique feature of extracting the email addresses from the attachments. It reads & extracts email addresses from content present in attachments such as PDF, word etc. Simply download software and launch on Windows OS systems.

Extract Email Addresses In TXT File

The software can retrieve email addresses / contacts from multiple sources (Any Email File / Desktop Email Client / Webmail Server & Accounts) & save them in TXT file. This file can later be used in Notepad, Notepad++ applications for future use. Buy Exmail Address Extractor wizard.

Extract Mail ID By Email Fields

The Email Address Extractor software provides useful feature “Extract Addresses by email fields”. This option helps you extract email addresses from specific email message fields such as From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body & Message Header. You can enable the checkbox beside every field to enable selective retrieval.

Display Email Addresses Found

After extracting, a preview of email addresses extracted from messages is shown in “Email Addresses Found” section. This will show you all the emails addresses retrieved & total number of addresses before saving them locally.

Extract Email Addresses From Mail Folders

On browsing the desired email data file, email client data or web mail account emails, the email address extractor tool gives you the preview of folders on left hand panel & on right hand side you can preview your emails. Before you click on ‘Extract’ button, beside every folder you may select the desired folders and get the desired results.

Search Filter For Email ID Extraction

The Email Address Extractor Software offers with multi-functional search option, that not only enables you to search with email messages, but also helps to filter out desired data & successfully extract email addresses.

Following search modes are available within Email address extractor tool:

Extract Attachments of All Types

Email Address Extractor supports and extract any type of file format such as .PDF,.DOCX,.JPG,.EML,.MSG,.VCARD,.ODT,.GIF,.DOC,.CSV,.ZIP, .BMP and many more. The software can easily download such formats and save them locally in PC in their original format.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy Also

After downloading of the emails, it becomes difficult to know to which folder the email belongs to. In order to rectify this problem, the email address extractor tool provides the feature of downloading the emails in the similar folder. For example: an email that belongs to the sent folder would be shown in that folder only. An email id:>Sent. Hence, the folder hierarchy is created to easily distinguish between different emails.

  • Search & Extract by Date
  • Search & Extract Email Address by Email Fields

Download the Email Address Extractor Software

*The Demo version will only backup 10 messages/folder for free.

Email Address Extractor Tool – Specifications

Make Sure to Have All Required Software and Hardware to Launch This Software and Extract Mail ID

email address extractor tool free demo version

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Email Address Extractor Software - All Features

Learn the key features of the #1 email address extractor tool preferred by millions of happy customers.

email address extractor tool free demo version
Email Address Extractor Software

  • The application helps to extract the email address from any email client platform.
  • It has an in-built feature to extract the email address from the attachments.
  • The email addresses are saved in TXT file format which can be used later in Notepad, Notepad ++ etc.
  • The email addresses can be extracted by email fields.
  • The software can extract email addresses from the selected folders.
  • The ‘Search & Filter’ feature helps in extraction of email addresses from filtered search.
  • All the email addresses found are reflected with the total number of addresses.
Some Additional Features of Email Address Extractor
  • Extract email address from selective folders.
  • Extract email address by File Type & Size.
  • Extracts the address of any file format.
Selective email address extract by Date
extract email address
Data Security & Integrity
  • ‘Email Addresses Extractor’ secures and prevent data loss.
  • It manages the data integrity in the form of originality
Email Address Extractor Software - Online Video

Watch this video to learn the best methods to extract email address from your email files.

Email Address Extractor Software - Reviews

What Our Users Are Saying After Using Email ID Extractor Software Full Version

In the past years, I had retrieved all my emails but there was a need to revive all the email addresses for future reference. I had tried do it manually but was not that easy. So, I found the Email Address Extractor software with a feature ‘Search & Filter’ which addressed my problem and sorted out with ease.

customer reviews

Jordan Keeley
Graphics Designer, Australia
It had become a very monotonous job to select and search for email addresses one by one. After some research, I found the Corbett Email address extractor tool with an additional feature of ‘Extract email addresses from attachments’ and got all the email addresses in TXT file format.

user reviews

Matt Dirks
Technical Writer, Canada
In order to take the backup of important email IDs from the specific folders, I tried extracting the information. It was very cumbersome to do the task manually. I was grateful to have found this Email Address Extractor software that extracted all the email addresses from a folder in a lesser time.

customer reviews

Amy Bates
Business Developer, USA
Email Address Extractor Software - FAQs

Find Answer of All Your Concerns Regarding Email ID Extractor Tool

How can I extract emails addresses from multiple messages at once?

    Follow the steps to extract your email addresses right away:

  • Step 1. Launch the Email address extractor software.
  • Step 2. Select an email files who address you want to extract.
  • Step 4. Now, enter the email address, password, & port number.
  • Step 5. Click on Extract to extract email addresses from emails.
Can I extract email addresses from email attachments only?

Yes, the software provides the feature ‘Extract email addresses from attachments’ option which extracts the emails addresses from all the attachments and store them in a TXT file format.

Can I extract an email address list sent from a particular sender?

Yes, the Email address extractor tool provides the feature to filter emails by message fields like From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body & Message Header. You can enable the checkbox beside every field to enable selective retrieval.

Does this email address extactor tool let us extract multiple email addresses at once?

Yes, we've especially added the feature to extract multiple emails at once. You can easily achieve your tasks through this tool.