Who We Are

Simplifying to Manage Email Data for Millions Wordwide Users

Why Corbett Software?

Founded in 2015, we have grown to become the number one email data solutions provider to millions of users like you. We believe in doing things simply, and in doing them right. And that’s why we take great care in designing our products with a sharp focus on technical precision and simplicity. In this way, we try hard to bring the best products to people like you; to help them get their jobs done.

What We Do?

We help our users with their email restore and backup needs in three key ways: our software works with over 90+ IMAP email accounts, Servers. In plain English, this means that you can use our tool with all the popular email clients under the sun. Moreover, our products come with a technical precision that enables them to keep the original file structure of emails intact. Our tools also deal with individual email items like the email address, subject, name, phone numbers, attachments, etc.

Our History So Far

Corbett Software are a passionate group of email backup and restore professionals who are on a mission to help the world with all of their email data.