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Learn how the Corbett Software Partners Program can help you backup, migrate, convert, view, and extract data. Our tools are the most comprehensive in the industry of IT and Administration. By understanding users better, we can provide solutions and support that reflect this understanding. Join our no-cost partner network today.


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We help our users with their email migration needs in three key ways: our software works with over 90+ IMAP email accounts. In plain English, this means that you can use our tool with all the popular email clients under the sun. The software successfully supports all popular services, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Office 365, etc. we’ve got it all covered.

Moreover, our products come with a technical precision that enables them to keep the original file structure of emails intact. Our tools also deal with individual email items like the email address, subject, name, phone numbers, attachments, etc.


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Affiliate Partner

With our award-winning email management affiliate programs, you can back up, migrate, convert, view, and extract emails. With our innovative and modern approach to email care, we make the lives of IT users and administrators easier globally.

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Reseller Program

As part of the Corbett Reseller Program, we developed award-winning solutions for the backup, migration, conversion, viewing, and extraction of digital files. IT and administrator users around the world benefit from our modern and innovative approach to email care.

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Why Become a Partner With Corbett Software?

24/7 Partner-Support Team

We are always looking forward to providing a seamless experience for our partners. This is to ensure that their energies are spent on growing their business – and ours as a result. To this end, we have a dedicated support team available to help you in whatever way possible.

High Quality Products

At Corbett Software, you will get the finest collection of products under the following categories – Email Backup & Restore, Email Conversion, Email Viewer, Email Attachment, and Address Extractor, IMAP Migration, Webmail Backup, etc. The best-selling utilities are available in multilingual editions.

Our Brand Value

A brand name is a key to success for any organization in the min of its buyers, with experience of over six years in the software industry. Corbett has become a trusted name in the data migration industry. Also, we have already completed 1 million+ happy customers.

Great Monetary Benefits

We offer competitive compensations to our well-performing partners that make them come back to us over others. The partners can quickly get the products at a discounted price and resell at higher profit margins.

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Our Technical Partners

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Benefits of Becoming Our Partner

You will get extensive benefits from our partnership with some of the world's leading AI innovators. We know that our clients want reliable and easy-to-use technology. That's why using the best AI technologies to meet the requirement of the end-user.

Additionally, To further improve the experience of our customers and partners, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is subject to specific terms and conditions. Our Software has been awarded by technical expertise for smooth and error-free functioning.

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