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Download Attachments from Office 365 – Solved

Jared Young ~ Modified: February 3rd, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Email attachments are an important element. Office 365 supports and allows a number of attachments to an email. However, there is always a need to download multiple attachment from Office 365. It can be from single mail or multiple emails. In this post, I will explain verified solution to save only attachments from Microsoft 365 account. 

Many users are always in dilemma as how they can download attachments from Office 365 account and save them in a local storage. It will become a tedious task and would take a lot of time to download multiple attachments manually one by one.

Methods to Download Attachments from Office 365

So, here we will discuss about both the solutions i.e. risk-free automated tool and manual method to download multiple attachments from Office 365 account. 

  1. Download All Attachments from Office 365 Account at Once
  2. Save Attachments from Office 365 Account Manually

Let’s get started!

Method 1: – Download Attachments from Office 365

The Corbett Software provides an efficient Email Attachment Extractor Tool. The tool helps to download multiple attachments from Office 365 at once. This tool helps in easily selecting all attachments from Microsoft Office 365 account and save on your system locally.

Steps to Download Attachments from Office 365 

You need to just follow the below listed steps. All the steps are verified by IT experts and 100% safe to perform. It is advised to perform all the steps as explained:

Software Download and Purchase Link:

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  • Step 1: – First Download the software and Install on your Windows system
  • Step 2: – Launch the Software and click on the Open button from Menu Bar
  • Step 3: – Click on Email Account, After that Add Account 
  • Step 4: – Provide Your Office 365 Account Credentials and Wait till it loads
  • Step 5: – Now Click on Extract button and then Attachments
  • Step 6: – Browse Location to Save All Attachments from Office 365 account o your system. After that click on Save button.

Why Software to Save Office 365 Attachments?

  • Allows to extract the attachments from Office 365 and other webmail accounts and save them.
  •  Allows extraction of email attachments from desktop-based applications.
  •  Download and saving of multiple attachments in a new folder occurs in no time.
  •  Email attachments can be chosen selectively or completely and saved in a folder.
  •  Helps to extract the inline attachments from the emails.
  •  Emails can be filtered using date, subject, header fields, etc.
  •  Email attachments are extracted in the original format.

Prominent Features:

Selection Of Attachments From Any Webmail

The tool allows to download multiple attachments from Office365 account. Select, extract and download the attachments from any web mail like Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, and many more.

Extract Attachments From Multiple Emails

The tool helps to download single or multiple email attachments from Office365. The user can select the attachments from the folder and then extract them to save. The file formats supported by the tool are PST Files, OLM Files, MBOX Files, EML Files, MSG Files, and many more.

Select Attachments by Using Date Filter

The Date Filter allows to sort the emails using date range with from and to. This will bring all the corresponding emails and then, the user can select the attachments as per need.

Extract Email Attachments by Using File Type & Size

The tool enables email attachment extraction by using Has attachment. It also allows to search and extract the specific email attachments by file name, file size, and file size range.

Method 2: – Save Attachment From Office 365 Manually

When an email is loaded with multiple attachments, then there comes a need to download them in local storage.

  • Open your Office 365 account.
  • Click on Download All option located near the attachments. By doing so, multiple attachments would get downloaded in a zip file. You can view the zipped file in the Downloads folder.

Download Selected Attachments from Office 365

  • In-Office 365, go to File tab and then, click on Save Attachments option.
  • Under Save All Attachments window, you can select the attachment files which you want to save.

There Are Two Ways of Selection of the Attachment Files:

  • Hold on CTRL key and select the attachment files that you want to save.
  •  Hold on Shift key for multiple selection of attachment files which can be saved in the desired folder.
  •  Click on OK button.
  •  Choose the desired folder where the attachment files can be saved and then click on OK button.

Limitations of Using Manual Method

  •  It allows to download all or selected attachments from a single email and not from multiple emails.
  • It becomes a tedious task to download multiple attachments from Office365 manually one by one from each mail.

Last Words

In the above blog, the risk-free automated tool and the manual method have been discussed to download multiple attachment from Office365. The manual method is limited to extraction of single or multiple attachments in a single email of Office 365. However, the download of multiple attachments from Office365 multiple emails using manual method would be cumbersome.

Keeping the loopholes of the manual method, an automated tool has helped to overcome the limitations bounded by manual method. So, it is recommended to use this software to save all attachments from Office 365 account. 

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