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How to Migrate IncrediMail Emails to G Suite? Expert Solution

Shaks George ~ Modified: April 10th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Yes, you heard it right, IncrediMail is discontinued from March 20, 2020. This is why Users are looking to migrate their data to other email clients. And what better choice than an industry leader in cloud email services i.e. G Suite? Therefore, we have drafted this technical write-up to share how to transfer and export IncrediMail emails to G Suite securely. Read this write-up till the end to get the expert-suggested solution to accomplish the task.

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Introduction to IncrediMail & G Suite

IncrediMail is an innovational & feature-rich desktop email client founded and launched in 1991. Its main goal was to make the experience of emailing fun and beautiful for users. This application focused on the appearance of email messages instead of functionality. Moreover, IncrediMail offers users numerous elements to make email messages stand out such as backgrounds, sound effects, animations, and emoticons galore. Simply put, IncrediMail was specially made for emoticon lovers and users who do not like their emails as plain text. However, this email client shut down on March 20, 2020, and discontinued its services for users. Now, users are left looking for reliable alternatives to transfer their IncrediMail data. And this is where G Suite comes in.

G Suite aka Google Suite, on the other hand, is recognized as the most trusted and reliable industry leader in cloud interface which is why users are seeking to migrate IncrediMail to G Suite. As it is a complete package comprising file sharing as well as storage with Google Drive, video conference with Hangouts and professional emails with Google Mail, and real-time collaboration with Google Docs. In addition to that, It is also accessible in offline mode and is fully secure and easy to access.

Steps to Migrate IncrediMail Emails to G Suite

  • Install & run the IncrediMail Migrator on your Windows PC.
  • Upload your IncrediMail emails and data to the software.
  • Navigate to the saving option and choose G Suite from the list.
  • Enter your G Suite credentials (username & password).
  • At last, click Next to conclude the procedure.

Follow these quick and efficient steps to export emails from IncrediMail to G Suite. Furthermore, in this blog post, we have also explained this expert method in detail. So, let’s move further and check it out.

Professionally Export IncrediMail emails to G Suite

According to experts, the migration of email data from one email client to another must always be performed with extreme care. Therefore, technical professionals always advise using an automated software to assure 100% data safety. And thus, we have brought you the professionally-chosen Corbett IncrediMail Migrator Tool. This outstanding utility is treasured by countless technical experts. It exports IncrediMail to G Suite in a hassle-free manner while maintaining the original formatting and structure of the data. Along with that, it packs several incredible features that make it one of a kind.

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Now, let’s proceed further and check the detailed steps to take to import IncrediMail to G Suite with this utility.

Detailed Steps to Import Emails from IncrediMail to G Suite

  • Install and run the above-mentioned professional software on your Windows device (computer or laptop).
  • Add your IncrediMail data or directly add your configured IncrediMail account mailbox to the utility.
  • After that, the tool will generate a preview of your IncrediMail data.
  • In the preview section, check or uncheck the boxes for folders you want to export and migrate. Click Next.
  • Go to the Select Saving Option and select the G Suite option from the dropdown list.
  • Browse and select a preferred destination path to export IncrediMail email data to an email folder in the G Suite mailbox.
  • Click Next to Start the export process of IncrediMail emails to G Suite.

Follow these given steps to ensure that you migrate your IncrediMail mailbox data in a safe and reliable manner.

Benefits of Using the Expert-Suggested Tool

  • It supports bulk export of IncrediMail mailbox data which makes the whole procedure easy and quick for users.
  • Upon loading the IncrediMail data, the tool generates a preview of it. This way users can select/deselect the mailbox folders they want to convert.
  • With the software, users get to choose a preferred destination path to migrate IncrediMail emails to G Suite.
  • If you have the IncrediMail application configured on your system then you can add that directly to the tool to preview your entire mailbox.
  • The tool is compatible with all Windows OS versions therefore, no matter which version you have, you can easily install and utilize the tool.
  • The software preserves and maintains the original folder structure and hierarchy of your IncrediMail mailbox data throughout the process.
  • The above-mentioned solution is also available for free download. You can get the Demo Version on your device and check its functioning.
  • Along with emails, this software migrates other mailbox items such as contacts, and calendar items.

All these advantages are why many users and technical experts favor this tool. And thus, technical professionals have appraised this utility as the best tool to export IncrediMail emails to G Suite.

Wrapping Up

This technical guide on “Migrate IncrediMail emails to G Suite” discussed the discontinuation of IncrediMail services on March 20, 2020. We also discussed an expert solution to transfer your IncrediMail mailbox data safely to the G Suite. As we are aware, data migration is a sensitive process, thus, experts recommend a professional solution i.e., the above-mentioned one to securely and reliably execute the task.

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