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How to Migrate IncrediMail Emails to Thunderbird? Secure Way

Shaks George ~ Modified: April 8th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Since IncrediMail is shut down on March 20, 2020. Users are looking to migrate their data to other email clients. And what better choice than a free, open-source desktop client i.e. Thunderbird? Therefore, we have drafted this technical guide to discuss how to migrate and transfer IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird securely. Read this article until the end to get the expert choice solution to accomplish the task successfully.

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IncrediMail is an innovative feature-rich desktop client launched in 1991. Its main goal was to make the experience of emailing beautiful and fun. It focused on the appearance of email messages instead of functionality. IncrediMail provided users with numerous elements to make email messages stand out. For instance, backgrounds, sound effects, animations, and emoticons galore. In summation, IncrediMail was a blessing for emoticon lovers and users who do not like their emails as plain text. However, this desktop email client shut down on March 20, 2020, and discontinued its services. Now, users are left looking for reliable alternatives to transfer their IncrediMail data. And this is where Thunderbird comes in.

Thunderbird, as we all know, is a free-of-cost, open-source desktop email client. It is one of the primary choices of users to import their IncrediMail data. It comes with several add-ons that add to its overall functionality and improve it for the better. Moreover, it is also incredibly easy to set up and customize according to your preference. Thunderbird provides users with features like cross-platform email management, news feed, chat, and newsgroups. Therefore, numerous users are looking to migrate Incredimail emails to Thunderbird.

Steps to Migrate IncrediMail Emails to Thunderbird

  • Launch the IncrediMail Migrator on your Windows PC.
  • Upload your IncrediMail data to the utility.
  • Head to the saving option and select Thunderbird from the list.
  • Enter your Thunderbird credentials (username & password).
  • Lastly, click Next to finalize the procedure.

So these were the quick and efficient steps to export emails from IncrediMail to Thunderbird. Further in this article, we have explained this expert method in detail as well. But before jumping straight to that, let’s check out some advantages of importing your IncrediMail emails to the Thunderbird desktop email client.

Advantages of Transferring IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird

  • Thunderbird is available free of cost for users.
  • Comes with several add-ons that improve its functionality.
  • Supports different protocols, for instance, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.
  • Offers various plugins for a better emailing experience.
  • Users can also send large files to each other using pCloud for Mozilla.
  • It has a flexible and easy-to-navigate user interface.

All these reasons attract users towards picking Thunderbird as the destination to move their IncrediMail data. Now, let us move on to the next segment and see the expert-recommended solution to transfer IncrediMail emails to the Thunderbird email client.

Professional Method to Migrate IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird

The process of migrating email data from one email client to another should always be performed with extreme caution. Hence, technical professionals always advise using an automated software to ensure maximum data security. And that is why, we have brought you the expertly-chosen Corbett IncrediMail Migrator Software. This outstanding utility is a favorite of numerous technical experts for a reason. It exports IncrediMail to Thunderbird in a hassle-free manner while maintaining the original formatting and structure of the data. Along with that, it is packed with multiple features that make it one of a kind.

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Now, let us move on and check out the detailed steps to take to import IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird with this utility.

Detailed Steps to Import Emails from IncrediMail to Thunderbird

  1. Install and run the above-mentioned expert software on your Windows computer or laptop.
  2. Add your IncrediMail data or directly add your configured IncrediMail account mailbox to the tool.
  3. Upon doing that, the tool will generate a preview of your IncrediMail data.
  4. Select which folders you want to export and migrate by checking or unchecking the boxes beside them. Click Next.
  5. Click on Select Saving Option and select the Thunderbird option from the dropdown list.
  6. Choose a preferred destination path to migrate IncrediMail email data to an email folder in the Thunderbird mailbox.
  7. Click Next to Start the import process of IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird.

Follow these steps to ensure that you move your IncrediMail email data in a successful and reliable manner.

Benefits of Using the Expert Utility

  • It supports bulk migration of IncrediMail data which makes the whole process easy and quick for users.
  • After loading the data, the software generates a preview of it. This way users can select or deselect the mailbox folders they want to convert and export.
  • Using the utility, users get to choose a preferred destination path to transfer IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird.
  • If you have the IncrediMail application installed and configured on your system then you can add it to the tool to preview your entire mailbox.
  • The utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions thus, regardless of which version you have, you can easily install and use the tool.
  • The software preserves and maintains the original structure and hierarchy of your IncrediMail data throughout the procedure.
  • The above-mentioned utility is available for free download as well. You can get the Demo Version on your system and check its functioning.
  • Not just emails, but this software migrates other mailbox items such as contacts, and calendar items as well.
  • The tool exports all IncrediMail data (IMM, IML, .ima, .imb, .ime, .imi, .imh, .imr, .imf & .db files) without any issues.

All these advantages are why many users and technical experts are attracted to this tool. And that is why, technical professionals have deemed this utility as the best tool to transfer IncrediMail email data to Thunderbird.

Wrapping Up

This blog on “Migrate IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird” discussed the discontinuation of IncrediMail services on March 20, 2020. We also discussed an expert solution to transfer your IncrediMail mailbox data safely to the Thunderbird mailbox. As we know, data migration is a sensitive process, thus, experts recommend a professional solution i.e., the above-mentioned one to safely and securely execute the task.

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