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How to Transfer Incredimail Emails to Gmail Securely?

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Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to migrate IncrediMail Emails to Gmail? In that case, you have steered to the right post. Here today, we are going to share the most favored method by experts to accomplish the task. So, read this article until the end to find out the solution recommended by numerous experts.

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Since IncrediMail is discontinuing its services from March 20, 2020, Users are frantically looking to migrate all their IncrediMail data to an appropriate replacement. As we know, IncrediMail is an email client program for personal information management. It has unique multimedia features that transform your email experience. Along with that, it comes with various benefits like Ecards, Emoticons, Email Backgrounds, etc. 

On the other hand, Gmail is one of the most popular email clients and free email service providers. It comes with incredible collaborative features. Moreover, it provides its users with better security than most email clients. That is why Gmail is the preferred choice of users to transfer IncrediMail emails to Gmail. And thus, today, we have brought you the most reliable solution to accomplish the task.

How to Migrate Emails from IncrediMail to Gmail?

Numerous technical professionals recommend that users go for an automated solution when it comes to migrating data from one platform to another. Therefore, we have brought you the Corbett IncrediMail Migrator Tool. This splendid software not only migrates your IncrediMail emails to Gmail in an efficient way but also executes the task with utmost security to your data. With this utility, you get various advanced features that make the entire process smooth sailing and hassle-free. Now, let’s check out the required steps to accomplish the tasks.

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Steps to Transfer IncrediMail Emails to Gmail

  • Download and run the IncrediMail Migrator on your device.
  • Upload your IncrediMail data to the software.
  • Go to the saving option and select Gmail from the list.
  • Enter your Gmail credentials (username & password).
  • Click Next to complete the process.

Follow these simple steps to successfully move your IncrediMail email data to Gmail. Moreover, you can also read Export IncrediMail Emails to G Suite

Benefits of Moving IncrediMail Emails to Gmail using the Utility

There are several benefits of using a tool to accomplish this task, and that is why it is a favorite of various technical experts. Here we have mentioned the most prominent benefits and advantages that you get while using automated software for migrating your IncrediMail Emails to Google Mail.

  • The automated tool supports bulk conversion of IncrediMail emails which saves a lot of time and effort for users.
  • The software generates a preview of all IncrediMail data after loading it. This helps users easily pick the required folder they want to migrate.
  • With the tool, you get the option to set a desired location path to migrate your IncrediMail email data.
  • If you have IncrediMail on your system, then you can configure it to the tool and it will directly load your IncrediMail mailbox in the preview section.
  • The software is compatible with all Windows OS versions, so no matter what Windows version you use, you can install and use this tool easily.
  • The utility preserves and maintains folder structure and hierarchy while transferring the IncrediMail email data to Gmail.
  • This tool is available for free download. Moreover, users can download and use the demo version of this tool to check out its functioning.
  • Not just emails but you can also export your IncrediMail calendar items and contacts as well. 
  • The tool exports from IMM, IML, .imb, .ima, .ime, .imf, .imh, .imi, .imr & .db files easily and efficiently.
These are some of the major advantages you get while using an automated tool for migrating IncrediMail emails to Gmail. You can also read Transfer IncrediMail Emails to Thunderbird

Frequently Asked Questions about IncrediMail Migrator

Q1: Why should I Migrate IncrediMail emails to Gmail?

A1: Since IncrediMail is being shut down by March 20, 2020, users are looking for an appropriate replacement to move their email data. On the other hand, Gmail provides free accounts to manage emails along with utmost security to data and enhanced collaborative features.

Q2: Can I download this software on a Windows 11 desktop?

A2: Yes, you can, this tool supports all versions of Windows OS and hence can be sued on all systems with any version of the Windows OS installed.

Q3: Would I face any data loss issues or does this tool alter the original formatting of user email data?

A3: Absolutely not! This software provides the utmost security to your data while migrating from IncrediMail to Gmail. Therefore, users do not face any kind of data loss issues while using this utility.


This blog on “Migrate IncrediMail emails to Gmail” discusses an expert-recommended solution to move IncrediMail email data to Google Mail account securely and reliably. According to technical professionals, when it comes to migrating data from one platform to another, users should go with using an automated solution to prevent any kind of data loss and successfully transfer their IncrediMail data to Gmail.

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