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How to Export Frontier Email to Gmail Account?

Shaks George ~ Modified: March 13th, 2024 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Frontier Email is the email service run by the American telecommunications company Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. Apart from email, it also offers broadband internet, digital television, and digital security services to customers in twenty-five states. If you are a Frontier customer using Frontier Email, you must be having thoughts of exporting your emails to an existing or a new Gmail account. Don’t worry anymore! This blog offers the best solutions to export Frontier email to Gmail. Keep reading it till the end to know everything!

Reasons For Exporting Frontier Emails to Gmail

Many reasons convince Frontier customers to move their Frontier emails to a Gmail account, and some of them get mentioned in the following points:

  1. US Servicing Only – Since Frontier caters only to the US populace in twenty-five states, its servicing gets restricted only to these areas, making Frontier Email a national email service. On the other hand, Gmail’s worldwide usage makes it the best email service.
  2. Mailbox Size – Frontier’s lack of clarity over mailbox storage for email accounts make users export their emails to Gmail. However, Frontier does offer 5 GB mailbox storage as part of its Premium service (currently web-based), and 1 TB when users create a Frontier Yahoo Mail account. On the contrary, Gmail offers 15 GB free mailbox storage, expanding to 100 GB, 200 GB and a humongous 2 TB for personal accounts, making Frontier email users export their emails to Gmail as soon as possible.
  3. Account Security – No clarity on account security makes Frontier email users nervously find ways to export their emails. On the other side, security features like Two-factor authentication (2FA) and Spam Filtering make Gmail one of the most secure email services and the best choice for Frontier Mail users.

Export Frontier Email to Gmail – Best Solutions

Now that we have read the reasons for exporting emails from Frontier Mail to Gmail, we will explore the solutions for the mail export process.

Professional Solution to Forward Frontier Email to Gmail

Since there isn’t any manual solution to export Frontier email to Gmail, we will discuss the best method to professionally forward emails from Frontier Mail to Gmail – automated software. The software we explore here is the perfect choice to migrate Frontier Emails to Gmail. This software is Corbett IMAP Migration Tool.

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Steps for Forwarding Frontier Emails

The following points highlight the steps to use the software for migrating emails from Frontier Mail to Gmail:

1.  Download and run the software on your Windows computer.

launch the tool
2. Click the Open menu and select Email Accounts. Now click on Add Account to add your Frontier Mail account.

click emails accounts > add account
3. Enter your Frontier Email account details and click the Add button.

add your frontier email account credentials
4. Your account folders get listed on the left-side folder panel. Click the Export dropdown menu and select Gmail under the Email Services opyion.

export frontier emails to Gmail

5. Enter your Gmail account details and click the Save button to export Frontier Email to Gmail.

How Can I Get into my Frontier Email?

Many times, Frontier users experience issues with connectivity to their email account, leading to the Frontier Mail not working error. Many Frontier users struggle to  find the solution to regain access to their email account. We will discuss some solutions that will surely help you get back to your account:

a. Ensure Stable Internet Connection – Having an uninterrupted internet connection is the first way to send and receive emails on your Frontier email account. Contact your internet provider to ask for a stable internet plan.

b. Reset Account Password – Another reason you may not access your Frontier mail account is you have forgotten your account password. Resetting it is the best way to regain access to your account. Remember to create a password that’s easier for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess!

c. Clear Browser Cookies & Cache – Another way to solve the Frontier Mail not working error is clearing the cookies and cache of the web browser you use on your computer. Clearing them will help you easily access your Frontier Email account.

d. Enter Account Details Carefully – Entering your Frontier mail account details carefully every time is the last solution to resolve any issue related to accessing your account.

Does Frontier Email Still Exist?

Many Frontier email users have one major question about their email accounts: can I keep my Frontier Email if I cancel service? Well, the answer to this question is: Yes, you can keep your Frontier Email account even if you move out of Frontier’s service area. What makes this email account retention special is it comes with no charges whatsoever. This means that you can retain your Frontier Email account for free!

This free email retention plan applies to all Frontier Email addresses: citilink.net, epix.net, frontier.com, frontiernet.net, gvni.com and newnorth.net. Your mailbox and email folders stay unchanged, and you can continue to log into your Frontier Webmail or Frontier Yahoo account.


We discussed the reasons and solutions to export Frontier email to Gmail in this blog. The reasons mentioned here highlight the necessity for Frontier mail users to export their emails to Gmail. Since there isn’t any manual method for Frontier email to Gmail export, we discussed an automated software for the email export process. The software mentioned in this blog perfectly migrates emails from Frontier Mail to Gmail with complete data integrity and no data loss.

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