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Import MBOX to Office 365 Account Using the Best Approaches

Shaks George ~ Modified: June 3rd, 2022 ~ Import ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Here are two free manual methods to import MBOX to Office 365. Professional assistance can also be obtained with an automated tool.

As time increases, our work is also growing due to which people need space to keep their work, and only one thing that can reduce this need is cloud storage. Because of this, users are moving their email accounts from desktops to the cloud. However, cloud storage gives them both security and safety.

Due to the presence of data in the cloud, people can use it anywhere. Which desktop email clients could not provide, but because of the cloud storage, users want to import their MBOX data in Office 365 or Gmail applications.

Method 1: Import MBOX to Office 365 Using MBOX Supported Email Client

To use this manual method you need to install Mozilla Thunderbird. After installing Mozilla Thunderbird in your system follow the below step.

Step 1:
1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your Windows OS.
2. Then skip the creating new account option and choose the existing email.
3. Next, in the Mail Account Setup Wizard, enter your name, Office 365 email address, and password.

Enter Office 365 account credentials
4. Now, click configure manually and enter the details like:

  • Incoming and Outgoing IMAP server settings
  • Protocol, server, port, SSL, Authentication, and Username.

enter account settings manually
7. Click Done to start to authenticate your account.

Step 2:

  • To import MBOX to Thunderbird install the ImportExportTools NG add-on.
  • Click the Alt key in your keyword with the email client still open
  • Then Go to the Tool menu and select Add-ons and Themes
  • Search ImportExportTools NG in the search bar
  • Then click Add on Thunderbird and add it

add importexporttools ng

  • Restart the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Then, right-click on Local Folders Click ImportExportTools NG, and then select Import MBOX File.

import MBOX files to Thunderbird

  • In the Files MBOX Import option window, select the option as per your requirements and click Ok
  • Now the Files that your want to import MBOX to Office 365 will upload into your Thunderbird account.

Step 3:

  • Select all the MBOX emails (Ctrl + A) and right-click
  • Click Copy to and your Office 365 account

select Copy to option

  • This will copy your all MBOX files into Office 365 folder with complete email data. After that, you can check your Office 365 account in the browser that all the MBOX files will upload.

Method 2: Transfer emails to Outlook and upload them to O365 using the Azure AzCopy Tool

The main motive of this free manual method is to import MBOX to office 365 using the MBOX-supported Email Client. To smooth Importing MBOX Files to Outlook. Then, using this Azure AzCopy Tool you can easily import emails to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Step 1:

  • Open Thunderbird account but didn’t configure any account
  • You can see that only Local Folders will be present in the mailbox part.

#Step 2:

  • The same as Part 2 in the #1 Method.
  • All MBOX messages are now in your Local Folders.

Step 3:

  • After that select all the emails. And then drag and drop them into your desktop. To create EML Files.
  • Next, Open MS Outlook to use the drag and drop method. Use this method to upload all the eml into the Outlook mailbox folder.
  • Now, go to the File option and select Open & Export >> Import/Export option
  • Select Export to a .pst file
  • Presently, select the folder containing the drag and drop email file for export.
  • Provide a destination path for the .pst files
  • In the end, click on the Finish button

Step 4:

  • Now, you simply need to import PST files to your Office 365 account using the Powershell method.
  • Or you can choose PST Converter to import PST files into your Office 365 account smoothly.

Manual Methods have Limitations that You May Encounter

  • Multiple email clients must be installed and configured
  • Use of O365 or other applications requires technical expertise
  • The integrity of the data cannot be guaranteed
  • Several MBOX files will result in a lot of complexity and time-consuming steps

An Easy and Professional Way to Import MBOX to Office 365

The above-mentioned manual method is not the best fit for you in terms of data security and safety. So, try this Best MBOX Converter to import bulk MBOX files to Multiple Office 365 accounts without any worry. There is no need to install any other email client to perform the procedure.

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You can migrate IMAP mailboxes to office 365 multiple times. This tool supports all IMAP email client’s MBOX files. Download this mbox to Office 365 migration tool to start the import MBOX to Office 365 process.

Migrate Mailboxes to Office 365 – Step by Step

1. Start the migration procedure by selecting the Open button

Hit Open button
2. Then select Email Data Files from the drop-down options and select MBOX files

select Email Data Files
3. After selecting MBOX files, browse the email messages and preview them in the Tool’s preview mode.

preview MBOX files
4. Next, click the Export button and select Office 365 option to import the MBOX file to O365

select Office 365
5. Hit Save in the Office 365 export options window to start the procedure.

select Save

Benefits of Using MBOX to Office 365 Migration Utility

  • It offers you to export Batch MBOX files to Multiple Office 365 email accounts in a single go.
  • Allow managing multiple Office 365 accounts in a single tool.
  • Supports all IMAP Supported email clients’ MBOX files.
  • The date-range filter is also provided to export only selective MBOX files.
  • It maintains file structure and folder hierarchy during the MBOX import procedure.
  • Import MBOX to Office 365 with complete attachments.

Author’s Suggestion

In this guide, we provide you with two best free manual solutions to import MBOX to Office 365 and one easy professional method to complete the migration of mailboxes to the Microsoft Office 365 account.

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