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How to Migrate Gmail to Yandex? – Reliable Technique

Justin Cener ~ Published: January 19th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 4 Minutes Reading


The purpose of this technical write-up is to guide you to migrate Gmail to Yandex with ease and efficiency. In this article, we are going to share an immaculate solution on how you can switch from Gmail to Yandex in a safe and secure way. So, read this post until the end to check out the explained solution.

Before we jump straight to methods to migrate Gmail to Yandex, let us first discuss both email clients first. Both Yandex and Gmail are two of the most popular email clients. Moreover, both are available free of cost for users. But they also provide subscriptions as well.

Yandex mail is a free email service developed by Yandex, launched on June 26, 2000. Although it is originally from Russia, it is used in other countries like Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine as well.
On the other hand, Gmail is another popular and free email service. Launched on April 1, 2004, Gmail is used by billions of users. It is also a free service which comes in a paid version as well. Despite it being a great email client for numerous users, there are a few instances of why users look to migrate from Gmail to Yandex.

Reasons to migrate Gmail to Yandex

  • Gmail is an email client with many great capabilities, however, in terms of speed, Yandex is faster.
  • There are no ads on Yandex.
  • Initially, it was only available in Ukrainian and English. Now, Yandex has a built-in translator that helps you write emails in multiple languages.
  • Yandex’s task manager allows due dates along with your to-do lists.
  • It has a colourful and rich user interface.
  • Moreover, Yandex mail Provides multiple email templates.

All these reasons are why many users are looking to migrate Gmail to Yandex mail. If you are someone who is looking for a solution as well, then, keep reading this article.

Manual Approach to Migrate Gmail to Yandex

To talk about methods, there is no direct manual way to accomplish this task. However, you can check out the Yandex Support Page where you can get the steps to link your Gmail and Yandex mail to migrate Gmail to Yandex. However, the method provided there comes with certain limitations such as

  • One should have vast technical knowledge to go through with the method.
  • It is prone to data loss.
  • It is a complex to understand method and users should carefully follow the steps to avoid data harm or loss.
  • The method is lengthy, tiring and takes up much time of the user.

These drawbacks make the method the least preferred choice among all. And that is why, in the segment, we have brought you an automated solution to tackle all these gaps that the manual technique leaves.

Smart Solution to Migrate Gmail to Yandex

Data is precious and when it comes to migrating or transferring your data from one platform to another, numerous technical experts recommend using a professional solution to ensure data safety and security. Therefore, considering the criteria, this Corbett Gmail Migration Tool is the best choice out of all.

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Remarkable Features of this Software

  • Maintains folder hierarchy and data integrity throughout the process.
  • Ensures utmost data safety.
  • Migrates entire mailbox emails along with attachments.
  • Provides advanced search options.
  • Is compatible with Windows 11 and other lower versions.

Now that we are done with discussing the amazing features, let’s move on to the steps to conduct in order to migrate Gmail to Yandex using this tool.

Steps to Use the Software

  1. Download and start the software on your system. Once you are done with that, click on the Open button.

    click on Open to migrate gmail to yandex

  2. Then, in the dropdown menu, click Email Accounts >> Add Account

    select to add account

  3. Add your Account Credentials.

    enter your account credentials

  4. Make use of the Quick Search & Advanced Search settings to sort on a finer level within your mailbox data.

    use the various search settings

  5. Click Export >> IMAP
    click on export then IMAP
  6. Then, enter the credentials of your destination account i.e., Yandex mail.

    enter credentials of your yandex account

  7. Click Save to start the migration process.

    click save to start the process

And that is it. As you see, in just a few simple steps you can easily migrate Gmail to Yandex. Follow them to get effective and secure results.


If you are looking to migrate Gmail to Yandex, we have provided the top solution to accomplish the task. We understand how risky migrating data is. Hence, we have brought an expert-recommended solution to assist and ensure full security.

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