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How to Export Outlook Contacts to iCloud in 2024?

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The purpose of this technical write-up is to provide users with accurate guidance and trusted solutions on how to export Outlook contacts to iCloud. In this article, we are going to discuss various solutions that you can use to merge Outlook contacts to iCloud. So, scroll down till the end to find out all the information.

One of the most known email clients Outlook is famous for many things. Be it the seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications or its enhanced and upgraded security features. MS Outlook is without a doubt one of the most preferred email clients among users.
On the Other hand, iCloud is the cloud storage provided by Apple. You can access it across any of the Apple devices. You can save your photos, videos, emails, contacts, and much other information in iCloud.

Top Techniques to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iCloud

  • Manual Procedure
  • Expert-Recommended Solution

These are the top two verified solutions to successfully move your Outlook contacts into iCloud. In the remainder of this article, we will explain each of these solutions in detail. So, sit tight and read the full article to know which solution is a better fit for you.

Manually Export Outlook Contacts to iCloud

This manual method involves exporting Outlook contacts in CSV format, then converting those CSV files into VCF format, and at last moving the vCard files to iCloud. Let us see how to execute it.

  • First, start the MS Outlook application
  • Click on File >> “Open & Import”
  • Just after this, go to Import/Export”
  • Press Export to a file” >> “CSV”
  • Choose the contacts folder after that choose to browse to select the saving location for the file
  • After that, click “OK” >> “Finish” to save the contacts in CSV format
  • Run the Windows +R” command, type Contacts
  • In Contacts Windows, Import CSV
  • Select the CSV files and import them
  • Upon doing so, click on the Export icon
  • Choose the vCard format
  • Now, log into your iCloud account
  • Go to Contacts and click the settings gear
  • Choose the Import vCard” option from the menu.

And that’s all the manual steps to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud. As you can see it is a lengthy method that takes a lot of time thus, users tend to avoid it. In the following segment of this article, we have also shared some of the common limitations of this method due to which expert suggest users steer clear of the manual approach.

Why do Experts suggest Users to Avoid the Manual Method?

  • The manual procedure is lengthy to perform which makes it extremely tiring for users.
  • It is technical in nature and requires users to have the vast technical knowledge to execute it. Thus, it is not suitable for most users.
  • It is Outlook-Dependent. So, if any users do not have the Outlook application installed then, they would not be able to export Outlook contacts to iCloud.
  • Any negligence towards the process could lead to data corruption or data loss.

So, you see these drawbacks are unavoidable when it comes to using the manual method. If you do not want to deal with these hindrances, check out the automated solution we have shared in the upcoming section of the article.

Professional Approach to Merge Outlook Contacts to iCloud

Avoid all the hassle with the Corbett Outlook Backup Tool and obtain the best results in moving Outlook contacts to iCloud. This is a tried and trusted tool by experts themselves. It not only protects the data integrity while converting one file format to another but also keeps your data fully secure and protected throughout the process. Moreover, this tool provides users with various features.

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Highlighted Features of the Expert tool

  • Not just contacts but it can also backup emails and their attachments as well.
  • Other than CSV, this software provides plenty of export format options to convert your files.
  • This utility maintains the exact formatting and structure of your uploaded files.
  • It provides you with the option of setting your preferred location path for saving the files.
  • You can also extract specific attributes and folders from a file i.e. contacts, attachments, etc.
  • Works conveniently on Windows 11, 10, and other versions as well.

So There You Have It

In the above-mentioned article, we discussed how to merge Outlook contacts to iCloud. To accomplish the task, we shared two methods. One was manual whereas the other one involved using an automated software. However, the manual method has some limitations that come along with it. Therefore, to avoid them, technical experts recommend using a professional solution.

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