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How to Transfer Virgin Email to Gmail Account? Expert Guide

Justin Cener ~ Modified: March 20th, 2024 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Since there are countless email clients on the internet, it is common for users to migrate their data to an email client offering better services. It is the same case with moving virgin mail data to Gmail. Many users want to do it but not everyone knows how to execute. Therefore, we are here with this blog post to guide you on how to transfer Virgin Email to Gmail. So, read the article to the end to get the expert solution.

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VirginMedia.com offers Virgin Mail Service that lets users create and manage their email accounts associated with their ISP subscription. Unfortunately, there are some limitations that are associated with a Virgin email account and these drawbacks make users switch data to other platforms.

  • It provides only limited storage capacity to store emails and attachments.
  • It offers a paid subscription plan whereas Gmail is available for free of cost.
  • Virgin Mail lacks advanced and up-to-date features as seen in Gmail.

Gmail, on the other hand, provides its users with countless benefits, thus, there is no doubt that users want to migrate their data to it. Let us have a look at why is it a better choice to move your emails to Gmail.

Advantages of Opting for Gmail Over Virgin Email

  • It has the most simple to navigate user interface to manage user data.
  • Being a cloud-based email client, you can access Gmail from anywhere with the internet.
  • You get 15 GB worth of storage space for your data with a Gmail account.
  • Gmail provides high security for filtering spam emails in user accounts.
  • With a single Gmail account, one can access all the Google services such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.

All these features and more encourage and attract users to move their Virgin Email data to Gmail. Now that we know the advantages you’ll get with the transfer, let us move further and see the steps.

Expert Solution to Transfer Virgin Email to Gmail

Since there is no direct manual approach to accomplish this task, experts suggest users go for an automatic utility. Therefore, we have brought you the best software from the internet i.e. Corbett IMAP Migration Tool. This incredible utility is power-packed with the best features needed for a successful migration. It offers users a dedicated panel to preview their uploaded data. Along with that, it offers two search modes to help you sort and filter your data on a finer level. This utility is fully supported by all versions of Windows and thus, can be used on any Windows system without any issues.

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Detailed Steps to Transfer Emails from Virgin to Gmail

  • Install and Run the Software on your Windows device.
    click the open button
  • Now, click on Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.
    click on email accounts then add account
  • Next, enter your Virgin email credentials, and preview data in 4+ Modes.
    preview your data before transferring virgin email to gmail
  • Next, click on Export & select the Gmail from list.
    click export to transfer email from virgin to gmail
  • Hit Save to transfer Virgin Email to Gmail successfully.
    hit save

As you can see, all these steps are extremely quick and hassle-free to execute. That is why this software is listed as the best solution to execute the transfer.

Advantages of Using the Professional Utility

There are numerous advantages that users get when opting for this utility to transfer Virgin Media to Gmail. Let us know its prominent features.

  • Smooth Transfer: This tool is voted the most reliable utility to execute a smooth and successful migration. It is equipped with extensive features that help in transferring user data with complete security.
  • Dual Search Settings: The tool offers you two different search modes i.e. Quick and Advance that you can use to filter your data on a granular level.
  • Maintains 100% Data Integrity: This tool ensures that your data integrity will stay intact during the whole transfer process. So, you can easily use this tool without having to worry about altered data integrity.
  • Compatibility with Windows OS: The above-mentioned expert utility can be used on any Windows machine as it is compatible with all versions, whether the latest or older.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) Can you keep a Virgin Media email address?

No, you cannot keep a Virgin Media email address after cancelling your Virgin Media subscription. The email account ties in with your active subscription.

Q) Is Virgin email free?

Virgin Media email accounts are included with your paid subscription and are not available as a free standalone service.

Q) How to forward Virgin Media Emails to Gmail?

  • Log in to your Virgin Media account
  • Click on the “Settings” or “Options” button.
  • Look for the “Mail Forwarding” section and click on it.
  • Enter your Gmail email address in the forwarding field.
  • Now, select the forwarding settings & save changes to redirect emails.

Q) What happens to my email when I leave Virgin?

When you leave Virgin Media, you typically lose access to your Virgin Media email address after a grace period of 90 Days. It’s recommended to set up email forwarding or migrate to a new email service before cancelling your account.

So There You Have It

In this blog on transferring Virgin Email to Gmail, we discussed the best method to execute the task. We brought you the top-rated method by numerous technical experts. Since there is no direct manual method provided by Virgin Email, the automated utility is the most preferred method among users as well as experts.

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