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How to Backup Cincinnati Bell Emails to Computer? Complete Guide

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The purpose of this technical write-up is to guide users on how to backup Cincinnati Bell emails to computer. In this article, we will talk about both manual as well automated approaches you can opt for to accomplish this task. Moreover, we will also share what method technical professionals suggest users go for. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with this article and get to know the solutions.

In order to backup Cincinnati bell emails to computer, let’s get a quick description of Cincinnati Bell. It is a web-based email client developed by Zimbra.com. You can access Cincinnati webmail from any web browser with an internet connection. Since it is web-based, it stores your data on the cloud. Thus, you can access Cincinnati Bell email client from any location in the world at any time. Moreover, this email client.

However, despite all these advantages that come with a web-based email client, for instance, being able to access your data from anywhere; it is simultaneously prone to internet attacks that result in data loss. Therefore, it is highly essential to backup your data so you can avoid any kind of cyber and internet attacks. And thus, we have brought you two different solutions today.

Manual Approach to Backup Cincinnati Bell Email Data to Computer

For the manual approach, we are going to use the built-in Import/Export feature of the email client. This method backs up your Cincinnati Bell emails in .tgz file format. Here is how to execute the method.

  1. Log into your Cincinnati account with the help of your credentials
  2. Then, head towards the Preferences tab
  3. Now, choose whether you want to import or export your email data
  4. Then, the tool will divide the screen in two sections; go to the Export section and click Account Type under it
  5. Lastly, choose the email folders you want to export and click the Export button on the right side of the page
  6. Upon executing the steps, your data will be saved in .tgz format.

So, these are the steps to manually backup Cincinnati Bell emails to computer. As stated above, this method saves your data in .tgz format. Furthermore, this method comes with numerous drawbacks that limit this technique from being a reliable method for users. Due to this, technical professionals also suggest users avoid the manual method when backing up Cincinnati Bell emails to computer.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • With this method, you cannot backup selective email folders of your Cincinnati Bell email client.
  • This method only allows you to save and backup your Cincinnati emails in TGZ format and no other option.
  • This method provides no guarantee of saving your emails with 100% preserved data integrity and maintained folder hierarchy.

As you can see, these limitations are why technical experts suggest avoiding this manual method. So what can be done to securely and successfully backup Cincinnati Bell emails to your computer? Well, for that, we have brought an automated solution that you can go for, without worrying about efficiency and reliability of the solution.

Expert Approach to Securely Backup Cincinnati Bell Emails to Computer

If you want a reliable solution to efficiently back up all your Cincinnati Bell emails to computer, then this Corbett IMAP Backup Wizard is the best option for you. This tool is handpicked by technical professionals and that is why we are recommending it here to you. This magnificent software is compatible with all editions of Windows OS. Moreover, it is loaded with plenty of advanced features that make it incomparable to any other tool. In addition, you can download it for free of cost.

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Remarkable Features of this Tool

  • Provides multiple different format options to export or backup your data
  • Is capable of extracting and backing up selective data such as contacts and attachments
  • Has two different search settings to filter through data on a finer level: Quick Search and Advanced Search option
  • Backs up your emails along with the attachment files
  • Enter valid account credentials to add your IMAP account to the tool easily
  • Is compatible with all editions of Windows Operating System

All these features contribute to improving the functionality and capabilities of this incredible software. This in turn makes the entire process extremely easy and quick for the end user. Now, let us check out the steps required to execute the method using this tool.

Steps to use this Utility to Backup Cincinnati Bell Emails to Computer

  1. Install and launch the utility on your computer or laptop and click on the Open tab on the top left corner
    start the tool and click on the open button
  2. Next, in the dropdown menu, select Email Accounts >> Add Account
    in the dropdown menu, select email accounts >> add accounts
  3. Then, enter your Cincinnati Bell username and password to add your account to the software
    enter your Cincinnati credentials
  4. Upon loading the Cincinnati email data, the software will generate a preview of your data folders. Preview your data in any of the given modes provided
    preview your uploaded data
  5. Use either of the various search settings provided to filter through your email folders on a granular level
    use either of the search settings
  6. Now, click on Export tab and choose the PDF option from the dropdown menu to backup Cincinnati Bell emails to computer
    export to PDF
  7. Browse the preferred location to save the resultant PDF files on your system
    browse and select location to save files
  8. Then, use the advanced options provided and at last, hit the Save button to start the process
    lastly click on the save button

So, these are the easy and simple steps you need to execute in order to backup Cincinnati Bell emails to computer in a smooth and secure manner.

Final Words

In this article on “Backup Cincinnati Bell Emails to Computer”, we discussed different ways you can choose to accomplish the task. We shared both manual as well as automated methods in this blog. However, the manual method comes along with certain limitations and drawbacks which affect its efficiency and reliability. Therefore, numerous technical professionals suggest users go for an automated utility to ensure data security.

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