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How to Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail? Expert Guide

Justin Cener ~ Modified: June 2nd, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Throughout this blog, we will discuss how to transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail. For that, we will share one manual solution as well as an automated utility. We will discuss and explain both methods in detail, so stay tuned till the end of the blog to know the solutions to migrate CenturyLink Emails to Gmail successfully.

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CenturyLink is a global innovation organization that offers a myriad of services to users. It provides business network solutions, cloud solutions, phone, email, security, managed services, and so on. Along with that, it provides webmail email services to private individuals, private ventures, public spaces, enterprises, etc.

Gmail, on the other hand, is a similar email service as CenturyLink, however, it provides multiple up-to-date features to its users. Moreover, it is available free of cost and provides 15 GB worth of storage space. There are so many reasons why users want to transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail. So, let us see how you can do so. We have shared two methods in the following segments. Read them to see which one better fits your requirements.

How to Transfer Emails from CenturyLink to Gmail Manually?

  • Login to your Gmail account with valid login credentials.
  • On the top-right corner, click on the “Gear” icon and select the “Settings” option from the dropdown list.
  • Now head to “Accounts & Import” and select “Add a Mail Account”.
  • Then, in the appeared window enter your CenturyLink email address and click “Next”.
  • Afterward, select the “Import Emails from my Other Account (POP3)” option and click “Next”.
  • Then, proceed to enter your CenturyLink username and password in the required fields. Also, make sure to check the option “Leave a Copy of Retrieved Message on the Server”.
  • Now, type and enter “pop.centurylink.net” in the “POP Server” field. Then, proceed to click the “Add Account” button.
  • Afterward, select the “No” option and at last, click the “Finish” button.

So, that’s the manual solution to accomplish this transfer process from CenturyLink to Gmail account. Unfortunately, this method comes with certain drawbacks that make it an undesirable option for users.

Limitations Associated with the Manual Process

  • Due to backend or network issues, the procedure could dissipate in between and users will have to start it all over.
  • This is a time consuming and tedious method that makes users look for quick and efficient alternatives.
  • This method requires users to have technical insights. For a novice user, this process might get overly complicated to execute.

As we can witness, the manual solution for this task turns out to the non-feasible due to the surplus of limitations it comes with. So, what is the alternative? Or is there even an alternative good enough for a secure and hassle-free CenturyLink email to Gmail migration process? The answer to that is Yes! We have brought you an exceptional utility handpicked by various technical professionals to provide users with a stress-free migration process. Let us know more about it in the following segment.

How to Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail with an Expert Solution?

Since migrating data from one platform to another is a time-consuming and overwhelming chore, we have brought a splendid utility to ease it out. The Corbett IMAP Migration Tool is undoubtedly the best in the market as it’s a favorite pick of countless technical professionals. It provides users with an incredibly uncomplicated and efficient CenturyLink to Gmail migration process. Along with that, it is loaded with a plethora of well-designed features that cater to every category of users. Moreover, this utility is compatible with all the editions and versions of Windows servers and Windows OS.

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Steps to Use the Utility

  • Install and run the expert utility on your Windows system (computer or laptop). Then, click on the Open button on the top-left corner.
    install the tool and click Open
  • Next, select Email Accounts >> Add Accounts to add your CenturyLink Account to the software.
    then click on email accounts >> add account
  • Proceed to fill in your CenturyLink account login credentials for software to load your mailbox data and generate a preview.
    enter your email credentials to transfer CenturyLink email to Gmail
  • View your CenturyLink mailbox data in the dedicated preview panel of the software with four different modes.
    preview your data before transferring CenturyLink email to Gmail
  • Proceed to click on the Export button and select Gmail from the drop-down list.
    click on Export and choose Gmail as destination
  • Utilize the advanced options provided and at last, hit the Save button to initiate the transfer process.
    lastly click Save

And that is all for the steps to use this utility to transfer CenturyLink emails to Gmail. Follow the above-mentioned simple and effortless steps to successfully migrate your CenturyLink data to Gmail. Now let’s proceed to what benefits you get when you opt for this utility. In the following section, we have mentioned the prime advantage that this utility provides to its users.

Advantages of Using the Professional Tool

  • Transfer Selective Folders: This expert tool provides you the option to include or exclude custom folders during the transfer process. One can do so by simply checking/unchecking the box beside the folders.
  • Dual Search Modes: Using the Quick and Advance Search settings of this utility, one can easily filter their mailbox data on the basis of a specific keyword or any email fields such as CC, To, From, Sent, etc.
  • Transfers Email Headers: While using this expert tool, you can be sure that it will also migrate your email headers along with their email messages. So, if you want that feature then, using this tool to transfer CenturyLink email to Gmail is the best option.
  • Advance Date Filter: This software also comes with an amazing Date Filter that helps users filter their data by proving specific time stamps. This filter especially helps when you want to only transfer data from a specific time period.
  • Include/Exclude Empty Folders: With this feature, you can choose to include or exclude the empty folders of your mailbox while transferring CenturyLink email to Gmail. You can do so by simply checking or unchecking the boxes for the empty folders.

Wrapping It Up

This blog on “Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail” discussed two different ways one can use to accomplish the task. We have shared a manual solution as well as an automated one. However, the manual process comes with some limitations associated with it. Therefore, technical professionals suggest users opt for the above-mentioned expert software in order to ensure a smooth and secure transfer process.

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