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How to Add BT internet Email to Outlook?

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Throughout this article, we will guide you on How to Add BT internet Email to Outlook. We will discuss the solutions recommended by experts. Moreover, we will go through the prerequisites that one must fulfill before executing the task. So, read this article until the end to find out how to set up BT email on Outlook in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

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BT Internet Mail is an email service provided by BT (British Telecommunications), a telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom. It provides the “@btinternet.com” domain name for users to create and manage email accounts. This internet service provides various features such as virus protection, spam filtering, and access to email through webmail or email clients like MS Outlook. Users can manage their contacts, calendars, and tasks through BTinternet Mail as well.

MS Outlook, on the other hand, is one of the popular email clients. Not only it is equipped with enhanced and upgraded security and features but is also seamlessly integrated with other productivity applications of the Microsoft Suite. With all these advantages and more, it is not unnatural for users to add BT Internet email to Outlook. However, people are not aware of the correct procedure to conduct the migration. In the following segments, we have shared both a manual as well as a professionally-chosen solution.

How to Set up BT Email on Outlook Manually?

The manual method involves using MS Outlook’s inbuilt settings and features to help add BT Internet email to the Outlook application. Below, we have provided the steps to execute this method. Please keep in mind that in order to set up BT Internet email on Outlook, you require the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP settings for the BT email account. Now, let’s proceed to the step-by-step procedure; here is how to execute it.

  • Start and run your MS Outlook on your device.
  • Now, go to File >> Add Account.
  • Then, specify your BT email ID and email name.
  • Next, click the “Let me set up my account manually” option and upon doing that, click Connect.
  • Then, fill up the details of the “Incoming Server” and the “Port Number”. Afterward, specify the “SMTP Server” and the “Port Number” and click “Next”.
  • Lastly, enter your password and connect BT Mail account.

These are the steps to execute the manual procedure. Following are the IMAP Settings for BT Mail which are required throughout the procedure. Use them as needed.

IMAP Settings for BT Mail:-

  • Incoming Mail – mail.BTinternet.com
  • Incoming port – 993
  • Outgoing email – mail.BTinternet.com
  • Outgoing Port No. – 587

POP Settings for BT Mail:-

  • Incoming POP3 Server – mail.BTinternet.com
  • Port No. for POP3 – 110
  • Outgoing Server – mail.BTinternet.com
  • SMTP Port No. – 587

How to Add BT Internet Email to Outlook?

Since the manual method is quite complicated for users to execute, experts recommend a splendid solution that makes the entire task smooth sailing. The Corbett IMAP Migration tool offers numerous astonishing features that make it an expert favorite. This utility is equipped with a myriad of great features that make the whole process secure for users and their data. Its impressive features include quick & advanced search settings, a dedicated preview panel with four different view modes, etc. Along with that, it ensures to preserve and maintain user data integrity throughout the procedure.

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Furthermore, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill before using this solution to add BT internet email to Outlook.

Professional Solution Prerequisites – BT Internet Mail Outlook Settings

  • Enable IMAP of BT Mail
  • Set an App Password

You must fulfill these requisites in order to proceed towards using the professional solution to accomplish the task.

Steps to Add BT Internet Email to Outlook

  • Download and run the recommended software on your Windows device.
    run the IMAP migration tool on your device
  • Click on the Open button in the top-left corner of the software screen.
    click the open button on the top left corner
  • Afterward, select Email Accounts >> Add Account from the dropdown list.
    click Email Accounts >> Add Account
  • Proceed to enter your BT internet credentials in the required fields. Upon doing so the utility will automatically generate a preview of your BT internet mailbox.
    enter your BT internet email credentials
  • Preview your BT internet mailbox in four different modes in the dedicated preview panel of the software.
    preview your BT internet mailbox
  • Next, click Export and select the PST option from the dropdown list.
    click Export >> PST
  • Lastly, browse and set a preferred location to save the resultant files. Utilize the advanced options provided at the end and click Save.
    click Save

And that is all for the steps you need to follow to execute this task. Follow them cautiously to ensure a smooth sailing process. Upon saving your BT internet email files in PST format, the next step is to import PST files into Outlook. Moreover, using an automated solution comes with certain benefits and upsides compared to the manual solution.

Advantages of Using the Utility to Add BT internet Email to Outlook

  • Preserves Original Data Hierarchy: Using the utility, you can be certain that the original folder structure and hierarchy of your data are going to be preserved intact throughout the procedure. This software does not alter your data even one bit ensuring you a safe and secure process.
  • Dual Search Modes: The Quick Search & Advanced Search settings of this tool help users in filtering through their data on a finer, granular level. Using these settings, one can search through their data on the basis of Date, specific keywords, To, From, and other email fields.
  • Dedicated Preview Panel: With this software, you get a dedicated preview panel containing four different view modes. The different modes are Content, Message Header, Hex View, and Raw Message. In these modes, you can easily view different attributes of your BT Internet data.
  • Compatible with all Versions of Windows OS: This tool is supported by all versions of the Windows Operating System. So, no matter which version of the Windows OS you use, you can download and use this utility without any issues.

To Wrap It Up

This blog on “Add BT Internet Email to Outlook” discussed the various solutions to accomplish the task. We discussed both a manual solution as well as an automated one. However, the manual solution turns out to be quite complicated to understand and execute for users. Hence, technical professionals urge users to stay on the safe side and use the above-recommended utility in order to set up BT email on Outlook in a safe and secure manner.

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