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How to Backup BTinternet Emails on Computer – Complete Guide

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How do you back up BTinternet emails on your computer? Could you be concerned about information theft and planning to move your BTinternet messages locally or to another webmail system? This is unmistakably the place to stop.

This blog will provide you with a solid understanding of BTinternet Emails Backups. To backup, up your BTinternet account emails into any desired or preferred file format can easily be done by using a fully automatic third-party tool.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with a direct solution to back up your BTinternet mail account emails into your local system. Back up your BTinternet emails by following the below step-by-step procedure.

Reason for BTinternet Emails Backup?

Since 26th October 2022, you cannot create a BT email address if you don’t already have one. BT allows you to create 11 email addresses total if you already have a BT email address*

*Excluding basic email.

Many users have recently experienced issues with emails from BTinternet disappearing or not arriving in their inboxes. Many users are searching for a way to save their old or all of their BTinternet emails backup into their local system now that they are aware of all the user-related queries. so that they won’t have these kinds of issues.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a backup of the email messages you now use. Since, after seeing that multiple users are having significant issues with email messages You must be ready for potential issues in the future.

It will no longer be possible to manually back up BTinternet emails in bulk with the full mailbox contents, including emails, contacts, calendars, and other data.

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So get rid of your manual process to save time. We are here to come up with a fully automatic BTinternet backup tool in this instance.

How to Perform BTinternet Emails Backup Process?

Backing up BTinternet emails is an easy task with the right tool. It requires a little bit of technical expertise and knowledge, but even users with minimal computer experience can easily accomplish it in just a few minutes.

Backing up BTinternet emails is a straightforward and essential task to undertake if you want to preserve your crucial digital correspondence. Using the Corbett Software Email Backup Tool, you can effortlessly archive BTinternet emails into any desired file format and internal and external hard disk. However, the process of archiving emails from BTinternet is not that complex and time-taking.

To do the procedure of backing up the BTinternet emails into your local computer system needed to follow the below steps.

Steps to Backup Emails from BTinternet Mail Account

1. You need to download and install the BTinternet Emails Backup Tool in your current Windows operating system.

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2. Then, to access the add account option, click on the Open button that will show you in the first tool’s opening window.

select open option
3. Now, go to the Email Account and click on the Add Account option.

select email account and add account
4. In the Add Account window, enter your BTinternet account credentials.

enter BTinternet credentials
5. Now, the tool will start uploading all your Btinternet mailbox data into the tool’s preview panel. You can preview the emails before backing them into your system.

preview the emails
6. Then, click the Export Button and select your desired file format to store your archived BTinternet emails.

backup BTinternet emails
7. In the end, click the Save button to begin the backup procedure of your BTinternet emails.

save BTinternet emails into any desired file formats

You now have a safe backup of all of your messages from BTinternet in case anything happens to them online.

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Why Backup of your BTinternet Emails is Important?

All IT experts and MVPs users always said that archive emails from your email account regularly or in a monthly duration is very crucial work, with occasional needs, and printing out some received emails is sometimes required. This way, even if any untoward incident does occur, you can still rest assured knowing that you won’t lose out on precious email and vital communication.

And the BTinternet Emails Backup can easily be done by reading this article, so that means users don’t have to be worried about the procedure of backup emails from BTinternet account.

Manual Way to Backup BTinternet Emails on Computer?

Firstly, you will need to download an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook, both of which are free to use and are equipped with necessary backup features.

Once installed, you simply have to configure your account settings on the chosen program by entering your email address, password, and server details.

With that complete, you should be able to back up all incoming messages from BTinternet.

This process may vary slightly depending on what email client you choose to go for, so make sure to peruse the email clients and imap settings earlier.

You can then opt to store these backups locally or remotely on cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Regardless, it is always wise to keep multiple copies of essential data in order to guard against any loss or accidental deletion.

Author’s Suggestion

To backup, your emails from your BTinternet mail account can easily and effortlessly be done by using the above-mentioned BTinternet Emails Backup software solution. The process of using the tool is very simple and can be used by any user without requiring any technical skills. The GUI of the tool made the process itself very simple and easy. However, the tool comes up with a free demo version to understand the functionality of the utility.

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