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“Cannot Download Gmail Attachments” – Query Solved

Justin Cener ~ Modified: March 27th, 2024 ~ Tips ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Throughout this article, we will share with you several approaches to try when you can’t download attachments from Gmail. We have brought several manual troubleshooting solutions as well as an expert-handpicked automated utility. So, read this blog until the end to find out which solution will best fit your preferences.

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Since emails are one of the primary modes of communication, we execute several of our tasks through emails. Be it applying for a job or getting a bank account statement, it can be done through emails. And with emails, come attachments. Whether it’s an image or a document file, it could be sent as an attachment with an email. Attachments are an important asset. However, sometimes, users cannot download Gmail attachments. This could be due to various reasons. So diving straight to the solutions, let us quickly know the prominent reasons why you failed to get attachments from Gmail account.

Reasons Why You’re Unable to Download Attachments from Gmail

  • Confidential Mode ON: If the sender of the attachment has sent it with Confidential Mode ON, the receiver cannot download, print or save the attachments of the email. To tackle this issue, you will have to ask the sender to remove the Confidential Mode.
  • Low Storage Space: If you are struggling with low storage space in your Gmail account, then it will automatically deny receiving any new emails and attachments.
  • Attachment File Size is Too Big: If the file size of the attachment you’re trying to download is too big then, you will have to ask the sender to compress the size of the file and resend it.
  • Attachment File Contains a Virus: The attachments file you’re trying to download could contain a virus and thus, you cannot download Gmail attachments.

What To Do When “Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail”?

If Gmail attachments are not downloading, make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space. Clear your browser cache and update it to the latest version. If the issue continues, try using a different browser or device.

Google itself provides these troubleshooting solutions for when users are unable to download attachments from Gmail. As per Google, follow the given steps in the given order if you face such a problem. We are going to further explain these solutions in detail. Furthermore, we are also going to share an expert-recommended utility by Corbett Software to help you download your Gmail attachments securely.

cannot download gmail attachments

Note: This above-mentioned segment is cited from the Support Google Page. To provide you the exact source of information, we have also pinned a screenshot of the page itself.

1. Update Your Browser if Gmail Not Downloading Attachments

The very first solution is to update your browser. Make sure that you’re using a browser that is compatible with Gmail and update your browser to the latest version if you haven’t already. Here’s the tutorial for two of the popular browsers.

If you use Google Chrome then, click on the three-dot menu icon >> Help >> About Google Chrome. If there are any updates available for your browser, Chrome will automatically start installing them.

On the other hand, if you use Microsoft Edge, then to update it, click on the three-dot menu icon >> Help and feedback >> About Microsoft Edge. Once again, if there are any updates, Microsoft Edge will automatically start installing them.

After you update your browser, restart it and see if Gmail not downloading attachments still.

2. Turn Off The Extensions of your Browser

If you still cannot download Gmail attachments, the second solution is to test the extensions if they’re causing any problems with the attachments download. Simply, turn ON and turn OFF your browser extensions one by one to see if any one of them is causing any problems. If there turns out to be any problem, tackle it by removing the problematic extension from your browser.

3. Clear the Cache & Cookies of Your Browser

The third solution for when you’re unable to download attachments from Gmail is to clear the unnecessary cache and cookies of your browser. You can do so by heading to Clear Browsing Data Panel and Clearing the Cache images and files & Cookies and other sites data from there. This helps in clearing out unnecessary occupied storage from your Google account and consequently tackles the issue.

Bonus: Expert Solution to Use If You Cannot Download Gmail Attachments

The bonus tip is an automated utility that is recommended by numerous technical experts. The Corbett Gmail Backup Tool is a splendid utility if you are unable to download attachments from Gmail. It has a plethora of advanced features that help in executing the whole task in a smooth-sailing way. Moreover, you can use this utility on any Windows OS version as it is compatible with all of them.

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Steps to Use the Professional Tool When Gmail Not Downloading Attachments

  • Download and install the expert tool on your Windows system and click on the open button.
    click the open button
  • Click on Email Accounts >> Add Account and add your Gmail account to the software.
    click email accounts > add account
  • Enter your account credentials in the respective fields.
    enter account credentials
  • Preview your mailbox data and use the search settings to filter out emails based on different email fields, for instance, CC, To, and Attachments.
    preview and filter your data
  • Then, click on the Extract tab and choose the Attachments option from the list.
    click extract > attachments
  • At last, browse a preferred destination to save the resultant files and hit the Save button.
    click save

Concluding Words

This blog on “Cannot Download Gmail Attachments” discussed the various reasons that could be causing the problem. Thus, to tackle the issue, we brought you various solutions. We shared three manual troubleshooting solutions shared by Google itself. Along with that, we brought you an automated utility suggested by technical experts to use when you can’t download attachments from Gmail smoothly.