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How to Convert AOL Email to PDF? The Expert Way

Justin Cener ~ Published: June 20th, 2023 ~ Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Want to convert AOL email to PDF but don’t know the right approach? Don’t worry, we got you. Throughout this blog, we will guide you on how you can save AOL email as PDF. And for that, we will share two methods i.e., manual and automated.

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Launched in 1993, AOL Mail is a web-based email service bu AOL, a division of Yahoo Inc. For about $4.4 Billion, Verizon acquired AOL Mail in the year 2015. Being cloud-based, one can access their AOL Mail data from any device with an internet connection. Similarly, cloud-based email clients are prone to getting hacked and data on the cloud is easily corrupted. Therefore, it is expertly advised that users must save their AOL email as PDF.

Manually Convert AOL Email to PDF Format

  • Log into your AOL account with login credentials (username & password).
  • Then, select the desired email you want to convert to PDF.
  • Inside the message window, click More and choose the Print Message option.
  • The message will display in PDF format. Click Save.
  • Lastly, choose the preferred location to save the resultant file and click Save.

So, this was the manual method to accomplish the task, however, there is a huge limitation that restricts this method from becoming an expert choice. Unfortunately, you can only convert one AOL email to PDF at a time using this method. Thus, if you have a large number of emails that you want to convert, you can not accomplish that with this method. Hence, in the following segment, we have brought you an expert choice to accomplish the task successfully and in a secure manner as well.

Expert Recommended Way to Convert AOL Email to PDF

For the automated approach, we bright you the one and only Corbett AOL Backup Tool. This splendid utility is a rare gem to find these days. It provides users with a plethora of features and benefits that make it the preferred choice. This software supports bulk conversion, thus, unlike the manual method, you can convert a large number of AOL emails to PDF format. Moreover, this utility is fully supported by all versions of Windows OS, so you can use it on any Windows machine without any issues. Now, let us further and see how you can use this tool to accomplish the task.

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Steps to Proficiently Save AOL Email as PDF Format

  • Download and install the above-mention expert utility on your Windows PC. Click on the Open button.
    click on the open button
  • Select Email Accounts >> Add Accounts from the dropdown menu to add your AOL Mail account to the software.
    click email accounts > add account
  • Preview your loaded AOL mailbox data in the dedicated preview panel of the software in four different view modes.
    preview your loaded AOL mail data
  • Use the Quick Search and Advance Search settings to filter through AOL data as per your preference.
    use the search filters
  • Now, in order to convert AOL email to PDF, select the Export tab and choose the PDF option from the provided dropdown menu.
    click export and select PDF format to save AOL email as PDF
  • Utilize the provided advanced options at the end and lastly, click Save to initiate the conversion process.
    click save to convert AOL email to PDF

So, this was a simple to execute and hassle-free tutorial on how to save AOL email as PDF. Moreover, this utility has some astounding benefits to offer to its users, let us know more about them.

Advantages of Using the Utility

  • Proficiently backs up AOL data: This splendid utility is an absolute gem. Not only does it smoothly converts AOL email to PDF format but also executes the whole process in a secure and hassle-free manner.
  • Dual Search Settings: The expert tool provides you with two different search settings i.e., Quick and Advance. You can use either of the settings to filter through your data on the basis of a keyword, date range, and different email fields such as CC, BCC, etc.
  • Selectively Save AOL email as PDF: With this utility, you can also convert selective AOL folders of your choice. Simply enable the checkbox for the folders you wish to convert and proceed to save them in PDF format.
  • Preserves Original Data Integrity: This amazing tool ensures preserving and maintaining 100% data integrity of the user’s AOL Mail data. It maintains the original folder structure and hierarchy of the user’s AOL data as well.
  • Fully Supported by Windows OS: You can use this software on any Windows machine without any restrictions as it is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating system.

So There You Have It

In this blog on “Convert AOL email to PDF”, we discussed the ways to save AOL email as PDF; both manual and automated. Although the manual solution is safe and secure in all regards, however, it can only save one email to PDF at a time. Thus, for bulk conversion, one must go for the professionally recommended utility.

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