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How to Convert MSG to CSV File (Emails & Contacts) in 2024?

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An MSG file is mainly an email message file in Outlook that contains various types of information such as email, task, appointment, contacts, etc. These MSG files contain relevant information such as sender and recipient, time and date, subject, body, etc. and all this information is easily accessible with all the versions of MS Outlook. However, many users want to convert MSG to CSV file format as it represents data in a structured way that is easy for data analysis and sharing. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the quick and verified solutions ideal for users to export MSG files to CSV format.

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Difference Between MSG and CSV File Formats

MSG is simply an email message format primarily used in MS Outlook for storing individual emails with all metadata, attachments, formatting, and other relevant information. Mainly used for archiving emails in the MS Outlook versions, this file format allows the retrieval of complete emails with all its components intact. MSG files can be directly opened in any version of MS Outlook but are slightly complex to manipulate or analyze the data.

On the other hand, CSV files (also known as Comma Separated Values) represent data in tabular form where each data represented by commas is represented in the form of rows and columns. These files are commonly used to store, exchange, and analyze data. In addition to that, CSV files are highly compatible with multiple software applications and are easier in structure and content as compared to MSG files.

As you see, both MSG and CSV file formats offer multiple benefits to users and they can use any of them depending entirely on their requirements. Let us understand each of them individually with the help of the following difference table.

Reasons Why MSG to CSV Conversion is Beneficial

  • Unlike MSG files that can only be opened in Outlook, CSV format is accepted by a huge number of email platforms and digital devices.
  • Since MSG is one of the proprietary formats of Outlook, one cannot access it without the email client. Thus, in order to access their old MSG files, users are often found looking for solutions like MSG to CSV Converters.
  • In comparison to MSG files, CSV files are smaller in size and thus, can be easily shared and stored across different platforms.
  • In addition to that, it is also comparatively easier to sort, filter, and calculate data in CSV files rather than in MSG files.

So these are the top reasons by several users for converting their MSG files into CSV format. Now that we are aware of the reasons, let’s move ahead and see how to accomplish the MSG to CSV conversion.

Manual Method to Export MSG Files to CSV

Users can convert MSG to CSV format manually by moving their MS Outlook emails into Excel for easy handling of data, with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the Outlook application on your system and then log in with your credentials.
  • Create a new folder of the emails that you want to convert and import them in the MSG format.
  • Next, move to the location where you saved your MSG files and drag and drop them into the newly created folder in Outlook.
  • Go to the “File” tab, select “Open and Import” and then choose the “Import and Export” tool option.
  • Click on “Export File”, select the file format as CSV, and search for the folder that you want to export.
  • Now, click on the “Next” button and save the resultant file by selecting the location.

Limitations of the Manual Implementation

  • MS Outlook installation is necessary to conduct the manual procedure.
  • Usually while executing the manual solution, users report losing their header information.
  • Being manual in nature, the solution is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome for users.
  • Similarly, this manual solution may get hefty and complicated for users to execute, especially the ones who are not very technically sound.
  • Since manual solutions require maximum user interaction, it is also prone to user errors and there is no guarantee that your crucial data will stay safe during the process.
  • The manual method to export MSG files to CSV may seem very easy but it requires good technical knowledge to execute it properly without any data loss.
  • Also, this method works well only if you have a limited number of MSG files as users have to convert each file individually.

These drawbacks hinder the capability of this solution from becoming an efficient and reliable option for users. But you don’t have to worry as we also have an alternate solution that will be ideal for users who want to batch-export MSG files into the CSV format easily and securely. So, now let’s see an expert-recommended solution for a hassle-free and secure process.

Expert Solution to Export MSG Files to CSV (Emails & Contacts)

As discussed in the previous segment, the manual solution renders useless and inefficient for batch-converting MSG files into the CSV format as it can work only with a limited number of MSG files. Therefore, technical professionals only recommend their personal favorite Corbett MSG Converter Tool for a smooth MSG to CSV conversion, and that too, with full accuracy and data security.

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The utility not only proficiently performs the conversion, but also provides users with an incredible amount of features and advantages that add to its overall functionality. Along with that, the software is also compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System. Thus, you can launch it on any Windows machine without facing version compatibility issues.

Step-By-Step Guide to Convert MSG to CSV Format

Now, let us move on to the step-by-step method that users can follow to convert MSG to CSV effortlessly with complete accuracy.

  • Launch the tool on your system and from the top left menu bar click on the “Open” button.
    launch the tool to convert msg to csv
  • Click on “Email Data Files”, select the “MSG Files” option, and then select the files you want to convert.
    select msg files
  • Next, click on the individual messages to view their contents in the right panel with different preview modes.
    preview msg file
  • Now, click on the “Export” button at the top, and in the “Document Files” section select the “CSV” option.
    click on Export and select CSV option
  • Use the “Advance Search” option if you want to convert only selected emails and then click on the “Save” button.
    click Save to initiate msg to csv conversion

After this, you will get all your MSG files into the CSV format at the chosen file location with all the content in its emails like subject, sender, contacts, attachments, etc.

Remarkable Features of the Professional Tool

Multiple advanced features of this professional tool make it an ideal choice for users to convert MSG to CSV with complete accuracy and data security, let us discuss a few of them here.

  • This tool is an independent application, which means that it can convert MSG files into any file or document format without the need to install Outlook or any additional software on your system.
  • Users can convert their MSG files without any limitation on the number or size of files on all editions of Windows with minimal system requirements.
  • During the conversion process, users can take the help of the Advance Search option to export only selected files and view them in different preview modes.
  • The tool can also export your MSG files into various IMAP-enabled email clients such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Office 365, etc. while maintaining its data integrity throughout the conversion process.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Q: How do I convert a .msg file to .csv format without Outlook?

A: Here are the quick steps to MSG to CSV conversion:

  • Download and launch the MSG to CSV Converter by Corbett on your Windows machine.
  • To add MSG files, click “Open” >> “Email Data Files” >> “MSG Files” >> “Choose File” or “Choose Folder”.
  • Once your MSG data is uploaded, preview it in the dedicated preview panel of the tool with four different preview modes.
  • Select and apply either “Quick Search” or “Advance Search” settings according to your preference.
  • Lastly, click the “Export” button and select the “CSV” format from the dropdown menu to export MSG to CSV files.

Q: Does the above-mentioned automated tool support bulk MSG conversion?

A: Yes, it does. You can easily convert multiple MSG files to CSV format using the expert-suggested MSG to CSV converter, and that too, without any hassle.

Q: Can I run this software on a Windows 11 system?

A: Absolutely! This utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions including Windows 11. Thus, whether you’re using the latest or an older Windows OS version, you can install and launch this software without any compatibility issues.

Q: Would this software be able to convert Outlook 2019 MSG files to CSV format?

A: Yes, this expert-favorite tool supports MSG files from Outlook versions 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and so on. Therefore, regardless of the Outlook version of your MSG files, you can convert them to CSV or any other popular format.

So There You Have It

This article provides users with verified and quick solutions to convert MSG to CSV, however, the manual solution is not preferable due to its ineffectiveness in batch converting the MSG files. Hence, an ideal solution for users will be to take the help of the expert-recommended professional software to export MSG files (with emails and contacts) with complete accuracy and data security.

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