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How to Convert PST to ICS? Complete Guide to Successful Conversion

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This article discusses the top solution for converting Outlook PST files to ICS format. In this blog post, we will discuss a manual solution as well as an automated solution to accomplish the task. Moreover, we will also check out some of the prime reasons why users execute the conversion. So, let us have a look at both methods on how to convert PST to ICS and see which method is a better fit for you.

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Manual Approach to Converting PST to ICS Format

Microsoft provides a manual solution for users to convert and export their PST calendars into ICS format. However, this method comes with unavoidable limitations that we will discuss further in the blog. If you still want to proceed with this manual approach then follow the steps given below.

This manual method is divided into two parts. First and foremost, you need to import PST file into Outlook. Once that is done, proceed to the next part i.e., exporting PST calendar into ICS format. Here is how to execute the process.

  • Restart the MS Outlook email client in your system.
  • Next, head to the mailbox folder of the imported file and select “Calendar” from the list.
  • Now, choose which calendar you would like to convert to ICS format from the provided options.
  • Then, click on “File” and from the dropdown menu, select the “Save Calendar” option.
  • Afterward, browse and select the preferred destination to save the resultant ICS files.
  • Upon doing so, select the preferred “Date Range” from the provided options and then, click on “OK”.
  • After you choose all the details you want, click on the “Save” button to complete the process.

So, this is how you manually convert PST to ICS format. As discussed above, there are certain unavoidable limitations and hindrances attached to this method. Let us have a look at them. If you do not want to deal with the limitations, feel free to jump ahead to the expert-recommended solution.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  • This method is Outlook-dependent i.e., you must have the email client application installed on your system in order to use this solution.
  • The method involves two different parts which make it extremely lengthy and tiresome. Due to this, this solution is not recommended for users in a time crunch.
  • You must have appropriate technical insights to execute this method, if not, then there is a high chance of multiple errors which may even result in data corruption or data loss.

As you see, these hindrances make this manual solution an unappealing choice for users. Thus, to save time and increase efficiency, technical professionals recommend an automated utility that we have discussed in the following segment.

Expert Suggestion on Converting PST Calendar to ICS Format

For a hassle-free and reliable solution, experts claim that nothing better than the Cobrett PST File Converter. The utility is loaded with the best features that make it the best option for the users to execute the PST to ICS conversion. Not only does it support selective conversion, but also provides multiple feature settings such as Quick Search mode, Advanced Search mode, and Date Range filter to accomplish that. This utility is also fully supported by all versions of the Windows Operating System and thus, you can install and launch it on any Windows machine without worrying about version compatibility.

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Steps to Convert PST to ICS Using the Utility

  • Download and launch the expert tool on your Windows OS system. Then, click on the “Open” tab.
    click on open
  • Next, select Email Data Files >> Outlook PST Files >> Choose from a Folder from the appeared dropdown menu.
    email data files > pst files
  • Browse and select your PST file/s and click on OK to load them in the software.
    browse and load pst files to convert to ics
  • Upon doing so, the software will load your data in the dedicated preview panel with four different modes.
    preview pst data
  • Now, from the left panel, select the calendar folder and deselect the rest.
  • Proceed further and click on the “Export” tab, then select the “ICS” format option from the dropdown menu.
    convert pst to ics
  • Next, click on “Browse” to select a preferred location to save your resultant ICS files.
    browse and select destination for saving resultant ics
  • Afterward, apply the provided options and click on the Save button to save your resultant ICS files.
    click save to convert pst calendar to ics

So this is how you can use the tool to successfully convert PST to ICS. As you see, the entire process becomes extremely easy to execute with the tool. Further, in the following segment, we have also shared some of the prominent fascinating features of the tool.

Advantages of the Automated Solution

  • This utility is a standalone application i.e., independent of Outlook installation.
  • Proficiently converts PST calendar into ICS format in a smooth and secure manner.
  • Along with that, you can export your PST data items into popular file and document formats.
  • Comes with a dedicated preview panel with four different view modes that display different attributes of user-uploaded files.
  • The tool supports selective conversion of PST file items, and that too, in an efficient manner.
  • The software is compatible with all Windows OS versions, and thus, can be used on any Windows machine without the worry of version compatibility.

As you see, these features are one of a kind and they add to the overall functionality of the tool to make it an attractive choice for users.

So There You Have It

In this article, we shared two different solutions you can use to convert PST to ICS format. We shared one manual solution provided by Microsoft itself. Along with that, we also discussed an automated solution recommended by countless technical professionals. Unfortunately, the manual solution comes with certain unavoidable limitations and drawbacks. Therefore, technical professionals suggest users use the above-mentioned expert tool to ensure a smooth-sailing and reliable process to convert PST calendar to ICS format.

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