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How to Export cPanel Emails to Gmail / Google Workspace?

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 20th, 2023 ~ Export ~ 4 Minutes Reading


Are you looking for helpful ways to Migrate emails from cPanel to Gmail account in the best and safest manner? You simply have to do some changes in the settings in the cPanel account but generally, users are not having a proper idea about how to do it. This blog is here to give you a comprehensive guide.

Gmail is known for being a reputed email service that has been there in the market due to its upgraded features and enhanced products. Many people have switched from one email service to Gmail because of its extra-ordinary features
Hence, let’s get to understand why and how we can export cPanel emails to Gmail:

Reasons to Transfer Emails from cPanel Mail to Gmail

Well, there is not just one reason why users are generally getting ahead with migrating emails from cPanel to Gmail. The main cause behind it is that people want it for their professional needs and the extraordinary features of Gmail. So, let us get to know why it is so important to get done with cPanel to Gmail migration:

  • Today, Gmail is the most-used email service which is there in the market because of its enhanced features and extraordinary service. Comparing it with cPanel will make you understand the difference
  • You can save a lot of time by using Gmail
  • People are fond of user-friendly interfaces and Gmail meets their expectations
  • Best service to help you manage data efficiently
  • Performing such a daunting task without any reason will be worthless. Hence, these were some great causes why transferring your cPanel emails to Gmail.

How to Move Emails from Cpanel to Gmail?

There are two methods to export cPanel emails to Gmail account. Let’s get to know about them one by one:

Migrate Emails From cPanel to Gmail – Manually for Free

Now, if you want to do the manual approach to move emails from cPanel to Gmail, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, you will have to enter your cPanel email credentials and go to ‘My Settings’ from the dashboard
  • Then, you will be required to click on the ‘Auto Forward’ or ‘Forward your Emails’ option.
  • Thereafter, you will be required to enter your Gmail id in the required space and click on ‘Save Settings.’
  • Eventually, click on ‘Start forwarding my emails.’ Doing this will allow Gmail to get all your cPanel emails saved on it

Export cPanel Emails to Gmail/ Google Workspace – (Recommended)

On the off chance, you are searching for ways to complete the process of cPanel mail migration, Corbett Email Backup and Restore Wizard is a perfect solution for it. We all know that the conversion process is very complex, the Email Migration Tool can help you go through the process without any hassles.

Many tools are available in the market but most of them either support old version or new version of Windows. But when it comes to Corbett Wizard, both the operating systems will be compatible with it. If you are someone who doesn’t know much of technical aspects, then don’t take the stress and go through the process given below:

A Quick Steps to Import Emails from cPanel to Gmail

Lets understand the step by step guide of migrate emails from cPanel to Gmail in the given below:

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Step 1: In the initial step, You have to Download and Install the software from the given above download button and open the tool in your system

download the software on the system
Step 2: Press the ‘Open’ option which you can find there on the top left corner of your screen

click the open button on the top-left corner
Step 3: Now, you have to select ‘Email Accounts’ and then visit the ‘Add Account.’

select email accounts and then add account
Step 4: Thereafter, you need to provide your cPanel mail email credentials and have a look below, you can see the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.

enter your cPanel mail email credentials
Step 5: Press and then provide your IMAP server in a space and Press the ‘Add’ button

fill in your IMAP details
Step 6: The software will help you browse the files and folders from your account you can enable the compact view button to view the important folder for the Migration process

Step 7: Press ‘Export’ finally hit ‘Gmail’ to get done with the procedure.

lastly, export to gmail

Once you are done with implementing the steps, the solution will come. Just make sure you carefully do it. You can also read Migrate Emails from cPanel to Office 365 

Author’s Suggestion

No matter which approach you go for, both of them will give you the desired results. There are certain limitations with the manual approach like you can’t do it in bulk, data loss chances, etc. While using this tool will make sure you do not face any difficulty during or after the process.