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How to Migrate Email from cPanel to Office 365 Account?

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 22nd, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Have you been using cPanel to access your mailbox data? Many times, people try searching for solutions for exporting their emails from one place to another. If you are also finding solutions for some great methods to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account, then you have reached your destination.

In this article, you will get a stress-free solution that will help you get ahead with how to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account. Many organizations have already made a switch from cPanel to Office 365 accounts due to its extraordinary features and enhanced security policies.

So, let’s dive into this blog where you will understand the reasons & get an expert-suggested way to perform cPanel to Office 365 migration with all data attributes. Here are the topics, that we will address throughout the post…

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Why Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365?

Office 365 is a recognized suite developed by Microsoft in the market and it offers multi-cloud services for both business and enterprise users. Its cloud-based feature has allowed users to access files irrespective of place and time. Only a strong and reliable internet connection is needed. Many people are willing to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account because of the upgraded and enhanced features it provides.

However, there are multiple benefits as well, that a user will get, along with accessing accounts and checking mailboxes. Microsoft 365 provides a wide range of other services as well. That enables users to be more functioning and connected to their work environment.

  • Enhanced Features: One of the strongest reasons why people migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account. Microsoft provides some great features and benefits to their users along with timely updation.
  • No risk of data: Being a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Office 365 provides users with the ability that they do not lose their data even if their device is lost. That means users can easily assess the data from the MS Office 365 cloud whenever they needed.
  • Secure Storage: Office 365 is the best when it comes to securely storing data. As it would not let any unauthorized person get access to your device. Users have complete security over their account data.
  • Access Anywhere: Having a reliable and error-free internet connection is enough to make sure that you can access your emails from anywhere.

Now that we have understood how efficient it is to migrate cPanel to Microsoft Office 365, you have to begin the process. Let us understand the steps you need to implement to get done with the process to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account.

Best Ways to Migrate cPanel to Office 365 

There are two ways to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 migration directly. Both methods are perfect for users with technical knowledge and without any technical knowledge. Let’s go through the reading to know what’s the best fit for you.

In the first method, users have to export the data from cPanel and once you have successfully exported your data from your cPanel account, then import it back to your Microsoft 365 account using network upload or drive shipping. Also, if you want a fast and secure solution, then go with Corbett Email Migration Tool.

Users can select the required method as per the requirement. Perhaps, with the help of an automated solution, you will get some additional features and security. In the manual method, there is no guarantee of your data.

Transfer cPanel Email to Microsoft Office 365 Manually for Free

  • log in to the cPanel login screen and log in to your cPanel account.
    enter cpanel credentials
  • Select the ‘Email Account’ option.
    select email account
  • Search the email account whose data you want to transfer to Office 365 and select the ‘Check Email’ option.
    check cpanel email
  • Hit on the ‘Horde’ photo and Hit the ‘Open’ option
    select webmail account
  • Once the Webmail opens, Right-click on the ‘Mailbox’ folders and choose the ‘Export’ option
    mail view
  • Select an option and Hit ‘OK’
  • Save the files at any location in your Windows operating system.
    migrate cpanel email to office 365

With this method you can save the cPanel emails to MBOX file format then you have to follow these three stages

However, by using the Corbett Software automated solution, one can easily migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 without any error or failure.

Securely Perform cPanel to Office 365 Migration

To migrate cPanel to Office 365 account. you need to have the correct tools to have an error-free process. So, if you are planning to get done with this process, then go with the Corbett IMAP Migration Tool should be the first tool coming into your head. It makes the migration process less daunting and you can have a smooth process. No matter if you are not well-versed with technicalities because this software is designed in a way that is very user-friendly and one can use it simply:

Steps to Migrate cPanel to Office 365 Account

Follow these steps for the first phase of cPanel to Microsoft Office 365 migration:

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  1. Download & install the Software on your system. download software
  2. Opening the software will take you to a page. where you can see the ‘Open’ option available on the top left. Click on thatclick on open
  3. Thereafter, tap on ‘Email accounts’ from all the options available popping up in front of you. Click on ‘Add Accountadd cPanel account to software account
  4. After that, you need to enter all the required details of your cPanel account to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account.
  5. Go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and fill in the box with your IMAP server. Hit ‘Add’
  6. After that, the tool starts browsing your cPanel files and folders into the tool.
    Preview emails
  7. Tap on the ‘Export’ button which is there on the screen and select ‘Office 365’migrate cPanel to office 365
Executing every step properly will make sure that you are done with the procedure to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account process. Just ensure that you do not confuse the steps and make mistakes.

Benefits of cPanel to Office 365 Migration Tool?

  • This software is one of the best tools that allow you to get done with IMAP to IMAP Migration
  • Supports selective and Bulk migration from cPanel to O365 account
  • Not just that, it also supports file format conversion
  • You will be given the option to import depending on the size, name, type, date, etc
  • Easily migrate email from cPanel to Microsoft 365 account without any hassle
  • No data loss during the cPanel to Office 365 migration process
  • Maintains complete data security throughout the migrate cPanel to Office 365 account

Author’s Suggestion

This blog involves how to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account with all data attributes. In the past, years a majority of users have switched from cPanel to Office 365 account due to its advanced features and task management capabilities. Thus, to complete the migration process in a reliable manner, we have listed best practices to migrate cPanel email to Office 365. It is a simple yet efficient solution with no risks involved.

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