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How to Export Emails from Rediffmail to Outlook – Quickly Explained

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 22nd, 2023 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Rediff.com is one of the most popular email platforms which was used by most people around the globe. Many small and medium businesses go for this email service to enjoy its features and functionalities. Also, various people and companies are switching to Outlook for managing their Gmail accounts.

However, Outlook does not just support Gmail, but also other email services like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. But sometimes, users look for some actual ways using which they can import their data from Rediff mail to Outlook. Well, not always everybody wants to transfer the entire data. So, if you wish to know how to import Rediffmail emails to Outlook first, this blog is written for you. Let’s discuss how you can export Rediff.com to Outlook

Why Transfer Emails from Rediff.com to Outlook?

If you are planning to export emails from Rediffmail to Outlook, there must be some valid reasons behind it. Isn’t it? So, let’s get ahead to understand the reasons why people are choosing Microsoft Outlook for exporting their Rediffmail:

  • Today, we all are aware of the popularity of Microsoft Outlook and most users are going for this service. If compared with Rediff.com, Outlook has become more famous.
  • No matter if you are wondering how to import mails from Rediffmail to Outlook, it is always a wonderful choice
  • Having a lot of upgraded and exclusive features, Outlook has taken a new turn

Well, these are some most common reasons why users are continuously exporting their data from Rediffmail to Outlook. The reasons are not limited to these there are others as well and hence we need to get ahead with the solution part now.

How to Migrate Emails from Rediffmail to Outlook Step by Step?

Migration of Rediffmail to Outlook can be a time-taking and tedious process but if you are having the right tools, everything becomes easy. which is there in the market to make this process less difficult. Are you thinking that whether it will support your operating system or not?

Well, don’t worry as this Email Migration Tool is compatible with both, old and new versions of Windows. One of the reasons why you should go for the tool is that it has a simple user interface, making it easier for less technical users to operate. So, forget all your worries and stop thinking about the technicalities involved. With a range of effective features, the software can do wonders in giving you optimum solutions.

Simple Steps to Convert Rediff.com to MS Outlook

Here are the steps involved to migrate Rediffmail to Outlook

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1: In the very first step, you need to download and install and open your system

install the utility
2: Go on the top left of the screen and hit the ‘Open’ button over there

click open button

3: Then you need to go for the ‘Email Accounts’ option and then ‘Add Account

email accounts > add account
4: Once you click on the ‘Add Account, you will be asked to provide your Rediff email id and password

enter account details
5: Then enter your IMAP server and click on ‘Add’

fill in IMAP details
6: The tool will browse the files and then you simply have to select ‘Compact View’ to view the important folder for the backup process.

enable compact view
7: Click on ‘Export’ to migrate Rediffmail to ‘IMAP’ 

export to IMAP

After going through the steps given above, you must have understood that the process is not difficult at all, and the right tool can play a great role.

Why Choose Corbett Software for Moving Rediffmail Email to Outlook?

When we avail of any service, we generally choose it because of its perks and benefits. Hence, have a look at some of the best features of this tool

  • Data Security: One of the most important factors, when it is to migrating your emails from Rediffmail to Outlook, is security. With the Corbett software tool, you have to be stress-free about security
  • Selective Migration: If you are one of those finding different ways to transfer just emails from Rediffmail to Outlook, go for this tool.
  • Quick and Simple: Usually, people are more worried about whether they will be able to use the tool or not. In case a tool is having a very tough user interface, nobody will choose it. But when it comes to Corbett Wizard, it is very easy to use.
  • Do not make any changes: When you transfer Rediffmail to outlook, there are lots of risks involved, such as the alterations in the original data. But the tool does not make any such changes at all
How to Export Emails from Rediffmail to Outlook process completed. You can also read Convert Rediffmail to Gmail

Author’s Suggestion

After reading the entire blog, it must be clear to you how to export all emails from Rediffmail to Outlook in the best possible way. This tool will give you 100% results without any data loss or security. Easily Migrate, Transfer, Import, and Export your Emails from Rediff.com to Outlook with Step by Step quick guide.

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