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2 Easy Ways to Export Eudora Mail to Thunderbird Account

Shaks George ~ Modified: December 11th, 2023 ~ Export ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In terms of features and functionality, Eudora Mail and Thunderbird are great email applications. Many users prefer Thunderbird over Eudora Mail for a variety of reasons.  The Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source platform with a user-friendly interface.

Users who want to switch from Eudora Mail to Thunderbird can accomplish the process using the manual & the automated solution.  In the coming section of the blog, we’ll go explore all the solutions with step-by-step assistance to complete the process. Here, are the topics that, we will discuss throughout the post…

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Manual Solution to Change Eudora to Outlook

Step 1: To begin, you must locate the MBX file for Eudora Mail on your computer.

The default location of the source database file (MBX) for Eudora 8 operating on Windows 10 and 8 computers is:

“C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora”

If you manually specify the mailbox directory after installing Eudora on your PC, finding the precise location of the MBX file is simple. If you’re still having trouble finding the source database file, run Eudora and go to Tools >> Account Settings>> Message Storage section.

Eudora Mailbox default location

Note: Eudora Mail saves its data in the MBX file format, which is a variant of the MBOX file format. Now, let’s check out the procedure to import MBOX to Thunderbird account.

Step 2) Add Eudora Mail File to Thunderbird

To accomplish the process, install the ImportExportNG a Thunderbird add-on. Once done, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch Thunderbird.
  2. Go to the three vertical dots & select the Add-ons option.
    Thunderbird add-on
  3. Look for the ImportExport add-on in the Add-ons Manager box. Then click the Add to Thunderbird button after selecting ImportExportTools NG.add ImportExprtToolsNG
  4. A notification will appear asking you to install the ImportExportTools NG add-on in your Thunderbird client. To save the changes, click the Add button and restart the application.add extension
  5. Return to the Thunderbird mailbox window, right-click on the base of the Local Folders hierarchy, and choose ImportExportTools NG >> Import mbox file from the drop-down menu.
    import Eudora to Thunderbird
  6. Click OK after selecting Import directly one or more MBOX files.
  7. Browse to the location where Eudora’s source database file (MBOX) is kept.f
    select data files
  8. To read the email contents of the imported file, return to the Thunderbird mailbox window and click on it.
    Access Eudora Emails in Thunderbird

That’s all for the manual solution to complete to complete. The manual solution is time time-consuming, and way long process. Thus, if you want to complete the process in a direct & quick way, then continue with the automated solution mentioned below.

Expert Way to Convert Eudora Mail to Thunderbird

Corbett MBOX Converter Wizard is the best application, that allows direct import from Eudora mail client to Thunderbird profile location with any failure & data loss. The software allows you to directly add Eudora Mailbox emails from a configured location to your Thunderbird profile with items remaining intact.

The software also offers you numerous benefits & data filters to migrate selected data from Eudora Mail to Thunderbird. Download the demo edition of the software from the listed buttons, and follow the steps for good.

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Steps to Direct Import Eudora to Outlook

  1. Run software.
    click on the open button
  2. Now, go to Desktop Email Client >> Eudora Account >> Configured profile.
    Select Eudora account
  3. After that click Export and select Thunderbird from the given options.
    Export Eudora Mail to Thunderbird
  4. Finally, select the Save button to start the process.
    Select Save to start

Final Thoughts

This article describes ways to export Eudora Mail to Thunderbird using manual & automated solutions. The software solution allows you to transfer Eudora Mailbox to Thunderbird with complete data in the original format. Users can download the demo edition of the software to evaluate the performance of the toolkit.

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