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Import MBOX File to Thunderbird Account – MBOX to Thunderbird Converter

Shaks George ~ Modified: April 20th, 2022 ~ Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Looking for the best way to import MBOX into Thunderbird? Need to learn how to import MBOX into Thunderbird? We will show you some of the easiest methods of importing MBOX files into Mozilla Thunderbird in this blog.

An MBOX file is an archive of emails. As an example, if you download your Google Takeout archive, you’ll get an MBOX file with all your email.

Why do Users Want to Import MBOX to Thunderbird Email Account?

Thunderbird is an open-source email client. Mozilla Thunderbird is a great deal for many individual and group users. Its free-of-cost email services attract most users to use Thunderbird in their day-to-day life. Its upgraded features fascinated users to use Thunderbird as their default email client.

Some of the basic reasons Why do users want to convert MBOX files to Thunderbird account:

  • In case of users want to change their email client.
  • Switch from Gmail to Thunderbird account, and with the Google Takeout, they have MBOX files.
  • Want to merge Multiple Thunderbird accounts into a single account.

There are plenty of reasons why do users need to import MBOX files to the Thunderbird account with complete mail account data.

How to Import MBOX File to Thunderbird Using Manual Method

Follow the below steps to import MBOX to the Thunderbird account using the manual solution:

Method 1: Import Mailbox to Thunderbird Using Copy/Paste

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your system
2. Select the “Local Folders” option and right-click on the folder and select “Account Settings”
3. In account settings browse the “Local Directory”
4. Copy your mbox file folders in the Local directory location
5. And restart Thunderbird

Method 2: Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird Using ImportExportTools NG

1. Start Thunderbird
2. Right-click on the “Local Folders” option and select ImportExportTools NG
3. After that select “Import mbox file”
4. Next Files mbox import window will open and select the option as per your requirement and hit OK
5. In the next step, browse the save mbox file to import into Thunderbird

Limitations of Manual Method

  • In the manual method, you need to install add-ons in your Thunderbird account.
  • New Thunderbird versions didn’t support Add-ons.
  • The manual method is not safe and secure
  • Due to open-sourcing your emails and MBOX data can be permanently lost and hacked

Import MBOX to Thunderbird Using Expert Recommended Tool

To import mbox files to Thunderbird with complete data security. You need to install MBOX Converter Tool to convert MBOX files to Thunderbird directly with attachments.

This MBOX to Thunderbird Converter tool enables you to work with multiple options like Export, Extract, and so on. Only this tool enables you to import Multiple file formats and email clients, and email servers without any hassle.

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The best part of this utility is, that it works well with all windows operating systems. Also, it supports 100+ IMAP Supported email clients and servers. Start the Import MBOX to Thunderbird process by following the below steps.

Steps to Export MBOX Files and Folders to Thunderbird

1. Start the software after installation. Then, select Open

import mbox to thunderbird by selecting open option
2. Then select “Email Data Files” and “MBOX Files”

select email data files
3. Choose MBOX files or Folders as per your requirements and preview them in the software’s panel.

select MBOX files
4. After that, select “Export” > “Thunderbird” from the drop-down choice.

select Export and Thunderbird
5. In the next step, The Thunderbird Export Options window will open. Then select “Save” to start the Mbox to Thunderbird process.

select Save to import MBOX to thunderbird

As soon as you select the Save option your data will start importing into Mozilla Thunderbird. After that, the MBOX to Thunderbird Converter application shows you the Open Thunderbird option to view the resultant files.

What are the Reasons for Not Using Manual Methods?

Because the manual method didn’t work for you. In the end, you are searching for the best automatic solution to import MBOX to Thunderbird and then you didn’t find any expert tool.

Let’s see why we strongly advise you to not use the manual method.

mbox to thunderbird user query

In the above, user query you can see that the manual method didn’t work well. And in the end, the user needs an automatic solution to import MBOX to Thunderbird with complete safety.

Benefits of Using an Advance Application?

This MBOX to Thunderbird Converter provides you with complete security and safety of your data. Your data is fully protected from harmful attacks and viruses. It also didn’t store your information and didn’t share your information with any other third party.

  • Complete safety and security of your data in this MBOX to Thunderbird Converter.
  • Maintains complete file structure and folder hierarchy.
  • Provides quick and advanced search options to find MBOX email.
  • Multiple email preview modes with data forensic modes.
  • Extract options for Mbox to extract Mbox attachments and email addresses.
  • Save MBOX contacts, and calendars, into ICS and CSV files.
  • Import MBOX files with complete Email Attachments.
  • Directly export MBOX into Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, and more than 100+ IMAP Accounts.

Author’s Suggestion

In this guide, we guide you on the best methods in manual and automatic solutions. You can choose any of the methods based on your requirements because we are aware of all the benefits and disbenefits of using both methods. In case, you have some questions you can chat with us.