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How to Import MBOX to Gmail? Complete Guide

Shaks George ~ Modified: August 9th, 2023 ~ Import ~ 8 Minutes Reading

This article guides you on the entire procedure of how to import MBOX to Gmail. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best ways that you can opt to upload MBOX to Gmail. We are going to share both manual and automated methods to accomplish the task. So, without wasting any further time, let us dive straight into the article.

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MBOX file (short for Mailbox) is a standard file format used to store email messages with attachments in a hierarchical order. This file format is compatible with numerous email clients including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Postbox. These email clients also save and store their data in MBOX files with a .mbox file extension. Now, let’s get a quick glance at the Gmail description and move on to How to Import MBOX into Gmail.

On the other hand, Gmail is one of the most popular email clients across the globe. It has over 1.5 billion users. It comes with a whopping 15 GB of storage space along with various collaborative features. A Gmail account is highly versatile as it can be used to access all google applications and many more. Moreover, it is a cloud-based email client.

Furthermore, there are numerous reasons and causes why one might want to import MBOX file to Gmail account. Here are some of the advantages of uploading your MBOX files to Gmail.

Why Should You Load MBOX into Gmail?

  • Gmail is a web-based email client which means you can access your data from anywhere or any device with an internet connection
  • It is loaded with smart filters and labels that make navigating the email client easier than ever
  • Gmail also has POP and IMAP protocols that allow you to add other email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, and others.
  • A Gmail account is available for free of cost for users which comes with 15 GB of storage space and access to all Google applications.

So as you see, there are more than enough reasons why you should transfer the MBOX file to your Gmail account. Now the question is how to import MBOX to Gmail. Well, for that, we have brought two different solutions that you can opt for. One of them is a manual solution while the other one uses an automated tool to accomplish the task. So, let’s move on to explaining both of these methods.

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Import MBOX to Gmail with Manual Approach

In this manual approach, we will add a Thunderbird account to Gmail. Follow these given instructions to execute the procedure.

  • Open Gmail and log in with the appropriate account credentials
  • Navigate to Settings and select the Accounts & Import option
  • Then, click on the Import Mail & Contacts option
  • Next, enter your Thunderbird email address in the required field and click continue
  • Then, enter the respective account password and click on continue
  • Now, select the Import option and the data you want to import and click the Start button
  • At last, your MBOX file will start importing into your Gmail account

So this is the manual approach you can take when you want to import MBOX file into Gmail. However, this manual approach comes with certain drawbacks such as this method being dependent on the Thunderbird email client. Moreover, this technique is quite lengthy to perform. Thus, to overcome that and to import MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird, check the steps to use an automated tool.

The automatic solution helps you to work effortlessly and to complete in less time and effort. If you want to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail you can read the interlinked post.

How to Import MBOX into Gmail Account Directly? The Expert Way

Importing MBOX files to Gmail has never been easier and that is because of the Corbett IMAP Migration Software. A versatile utility that allows uploading MBOX files to Gmail Account with meta properties. Moreover, the advanced mechanism of this tool ensures a safe and secure migration process.

The best part of this software is that it doesn’t affect the data integrity of even a single mail file during the whole process. In addition, the graphical interface of the tool is designed to be simple so that it can be used even by non-technical users without the assistance of technical users. Along with that, this amazing software packs in numerous great features that improve its overall functionality.

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Steps to Import MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird

The automated approach is fully bug-free and error-free. Thus, you can use the automatic tool without any fear. Complete the given steps to import MBOX into Gmail directly.

  • Download the tool into your Windows OS computer from the above-mentioned button
    launch tool to import mbox to gmail
  • In the menu bar, click on the “Open” tab. Then select “Email Data Files” >> “MBOX Files”. Then, select either ‘Choose Folders’ & ‘Choose Files’ to upload data to the software
    upload mbox file
  • Upon loading your data, the software will generate a preview of it. Switch between the various modes provided according to your requirements
    preview data
  • Now, click on the Export Button and select the Gmail option from the dropdown menu.
    import mbox file into gmail
  • Last, utilize the advanced options and click Save to start the process to import MBOX to Gmail
    click on save

Why Is Using Professional Software Advised to Upload MBOX to Gmail?

  • With the help of the tool you can easily upload MBOX files to Gmail in a single go.
  • Is capable of directly importing data from one IMAP account to another.
  • Exports data in popular file formats such as PST, MBOX and EML.
  • Gives an option to also include message headers along with the email messages.
  • It significantly reduces and saves time & efforts in comparison to a manual approach.
  • It provides utmost data security along with preserving 100% data integrity.
  • Moreover, it imposes no restriction on the file size and file count limit while importing MBOX into Gmail.
  • The professional utility helps in easy bulk import MBOX files to Gmail directly.
  • Along with that, it also provides the option to export data in multiple document formats i.e. PDF, HTML, TEXT etc.
  • No advanced technical knowledge is required to complete the import process as this tool comes with an interactive and easy GUI.

So, these were the incredible features that this tool comes along with. As you see, these features are a rare find in an automated solution nowadays. Due to this, this utility is also deemed a personal favorite of numerous technical professionals.

Download Free Demo Edition

You can also download the software’s demo edition to understand the graphical interface and simple UI of the tool. In the demo edition, you can only migrate 10 MBOX files & folders to Gmail directly. After using the software you can easily purchase the full edition to import bulk MBOX to Gmail directly.

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Questions? We Have Answers

Q) Can you import MBOX files into Gmail?

Yes, you can easily import MBOX to Gmail in bulk by using the Corbett MBOX Migrator Wizard. This software has the ability to batch import MBOX file into Gmail account without any failure.

Q) How to use GBD to import MBOX file to Gmail?

GDB (GNU Debugger) is used for debugging programs, and it’s not a tool to import .mbox files to Gmail account. However, you can use the automated solution by Corbett to complete this process in a reliable way.

Q) Does Gmail Support MBOX Files?

By, default Gmail stores its data in encrypted form, and allows users to download their data in MBOX format with the help of Google Takeout.

Q) After downloading the MBOX file how to import it back into Gmail?

Once you download the MBOX file from Gmail, and you wish to restore the data back to your Gmail account, then you use the email migration tool by Corbett that allows batching import MBOX file to Gmail account.

So There You Have It

In this blog, we shared the top methods to upload MBOX to Gmail manually as well as using automated software. As you read, the manual method is quite lengthy and involves a lot of technicalities. Moreover, the manual procedure is dependent on the Thunderbird email client. So, if you want a safe & secure procedure to import MBOX to Gmail account, then go with the automated solution mentioned above.