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How to Import MBOX to Gmail Account With Perfect Steps – Solved

Shaks George ~ Modified: February 24th, 2022 ~ Import ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Why are Users searching for the solution to import MBOX files to Gmail account directly? The main reason is that many users have the query “I have MBOX files” and “I want to import MBOX files to Gmail” but there is no manual way to move MBOX data to a Gmail account directly. So we know the queries of the users and provide the best automatic solution to solve all the user’s queries.

In this blog, you will find out all the relevant solutions related to the queries. If you are a Technical user you can directly read Steps to Transfer MBOX files into Gmail. But if you are not a technical user you have to know a little bit of information before proceeding with the process to transfer MBOX Files to Gmail.


Google doesn’t have a native backup feature inside Gmail, however, it lets the user download the emails in an MBOX format. Google provides a free tool Google Takeout to save your Gmail account data to the desired location on PC. You will see the downloaded email(s) saved locally within the MBOX (MailBOX) format. But, interestingly enough, Gmail doesn’t support the MBOX format. Therefore, to import MBOX files into Gmail, you may need to essentially accept a third-party tool.

In this weblog post, you’ll see bit-by-bit directions to import MBOX to Gmail automatically and with the help of a third-party tool. You can easily import MBOX to Gmail with the best method ways.

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How to Import MBOX Files to Gmail Manually?

There is no manual method to import MBOX files to Gmail directly. If you have MBOX files and want to import them into Gmail you have to use the best professional tool. Which is known for its best performance, to import MBOX data files to Gmail directly. The best approach is to migrate MBOX to Gmail directly.

Why Use Third-Party Software for Migration?

The third-party tool helps you to import MBOX to Gmail directly without any issues with the help of the tool you can easily export MBOX files to Gmail in a single go.

  • The tool helps you to save your time & efforts
  • It offers you 100% data security and secure migration
  • No restriction in file size and File limit
  • Export & Import Bulk MBOX Files to Gmail directly
  • No Technical Knowledge required to complete the migration process

The automatic solution helps you to work effortlessly and to complete in less time and effort. If you want to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail you can read related blog.

How to Transfer MBOX Files to Gmail Account Directly?

Exporting MBOX files to Gmail account directly with the help of the professional tool i.e. Corbett IMAP Migration Software. A versatile utility that allows exporting MBOX files to Gmail Account with meta properties. Also, the advanced mechanism of this tool ensures a safe and secure migration process. The best of the software it doesn’t change a single mail file during the whole migration process.

The graphical interface of the tool is designed to be simple so that it can be used by non-technical users without the assistance of technical users. So let’s go through the step-by-step guide to import MBOX to Gmail account directly.

Steps to Import MBOX to Gmail Account Directly

The automated approach is fully bug-free and error-free. So that you can use the automatic tool without any fear. Complete the given steps to import MBOX to Gmail directly.

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Step 1: Download the tool into your Windows OS from the above mentioned button.

Step 2: In menu bar, click on ‘Open’ tab.

Step 3: Then select ‘Email Data Files’

Step 4: After selecting email files select ‘MBOX Files’

Step 5: The software provides two options ‘Choose Folders’ & ‘Choose Files’ you can select as per your requirement

Step 6: Select MBOX folders/files from your Windows OS and hit ‘Open’

Step 7: Now click on Export Button and select Gmail option from the dropdown menu.

Export to Gmail

Carefully complete the steps to import MBOX to your Gmail account directly.

Key Features of the Automatic Tool

The third-party software has unbeatable qualities to import MBOX to Gmail directly without breaking the folder hierarchy and file structure. It offers you to import MBOX files with complete attachments.

Direct Migration to Email Providers:  This tool provides the advantage of exporting and migrating mailboxes from one IMAP Account to another.

Move Mail Client to Email Format: The Tool permits migrating mailboxes between web apps to Multiple Email information files like PST, MBOX & EML Files.

Include Email Headers: The automated toolkit allows the addition of an Email Header together with all the info.

Export Email Data to Document Files: This IMAP Account Migration permits to move mailboxes to several document-based files like , HTML, Text, vCard (2.1, 3.0, 4.0), etc.

Download Free Demo Edition

You can also download the software’s demo edition to understand the graphical interface and simple UI of the tool. In the demo edition, you can only migrate 10 MBOX files & folders to Gmail directly. After using the software you can easily purchase the full edition to import bulk MBOX to Gmail directly.

Author’s Suggestion

In this blog, you learned the best methods to import MBOX to Gmail manually and automatically. We highly recommend you approach an automatic solution because it helps you a lot rather than using the manual method. There is no manual solution to import bulk MBOX to Gmail migration directly. You have to approach a third-party tool to complete the migration process.