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How to Restore Google Takeout Data? Easy & Quick Ways!

Justin Cener ~ Modified: January 23rd, 2024 ~ Import ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to restore your Google Takeout Data? Look no further! This blog contains the top solutions for restoring the Takeout ZIP file. We share both manual and automated solutions to approach the task. However, you can choose whichever method best caters to your requirements. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

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Google Takeout is a handy service provided by Google that allows users to take their data out of various Google products. While Takeout has been recognized for its backup capabilities, at the same time there is an option available for data restoration. There are multiple reasons why a user would want to restore Google Takeout data, some of them are listed below:

  • You have accidentally deleted important files & emails.
  • Whether you want to migrate your Gmail account to another.
  • Many users create a Takeout archive for future reference or investigation.

In this complete guide, we will explore all the possible ways to restore your Takeout ZIP file with all emails and attachments. In addition, we will address the most frequent user queries. So, let’s start the post, and these are the topics that we will cover throughout the post…

Steps to Restore Takeout Zip File Manually

Takeout services export the data in a ZIP file, and when you unzip Google Takeout file, you’ll get a bunch of files. These files do not contain any file extensions but are associated with MBOX files.

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4 Steps to Restore Takeout Backup

  • Install Thunderbird Mail Client.
  • Add the Takeout Zip File using the file menu.
  • Setup & Configure Gmail account to Mail Client.
  • Drag & Drop emails to restore Google Takeout Data.

Expert Suggestion to Restore Takeout Backup

The manual solution to restore the Takeout ZIP file is quite lengthy & takes more effort. Also, it does not retain the email formatting & hierarchy of messages. Thus, to deal with it we have come up with an advanced solution, i.e. Corbett Google Takeout Converter.

This solution gives you the power to restore Google Takeout data to multiple platforms with all data in a reliable & secure manner. Moreover, the toolkit allows you to directly add your Takeout ZIP files to the software panel.

In addition to that, the toolkit offers multiple advanced features, that let users restore selective or complete data from Google Takeout to the required platform. The compatibility of the application is with all editions of Windows OS. So, click on the download button & install the software for free.

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Steps to Restore Google Takeout Data

  • First and foremost, download & Run Software on your Machine.
  • Click on Open >> Email Data Files >> Google Takeout.
    add google takeout files
  • Browse & upload ZIP to the software panel to view data in 4+ modes.
    Preview emails
  • Next, click on the “Export” button & select the required option from the list.
    restore google takeout data
  • Enter Credentials & Apply Data Filters to Restore Google Takeout Data.
    click save to restore takeout backup

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) How can I restore my Google Takeout data?

  • Download & Install Corbett Software.
  • Then, Run the toolkit & upload Takeout files.
  • Preview the data in 4+ Modes & Select Export type.
  • Click Save to Restore Google Takeout Data to any account.

Q) Can I restore specific data or do I have to restore the entire ZIP file?

Yes, users can restore specific data from Takeout Zip File using the smart solution, which offers you multiple data filters such as date range or category-based filters.

Q) Will restoring Google Takeout data overwrite my existing data in my Google account?

With a manual solution, it will create duplicate emails in your destination account, use the automated software to restore Takeout data into a separate folder to avoid confusion.

Q) How long does it take to restore Takeout backup?

The restore process duration depends on the size of the data you want to add to the destination account. However, the software quickly transfers complete data within a few minutes.

So There You Have It

Throughout the post, we have discussed different solutions to restore Google Takeout data using a manual and automated program. The manual procedure is time-consuming and disrupts email messages. Also, there is a high probability of email duplication with a manual solution. Therefore, our recommendation for users is to opt for an automated program that offers safe and accurate results.

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