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How to Export Lycos Emails to Outlook Account– Guaranteed Solution

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 25th, 2023 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Many users have been using Lycos email accounts to deal with their mailbox data. If we talk about Lycos mail, this is one of those providers that provide free service and is reputable too. It also provides other services including a web portal as well as an internet search engine. Not only do its features die here, but it also offers users with free email service, and that too with some amazing features.

Lycos offers spam filtering, 500 MB storage, etc to the users. Even after being such perfect, users are moving their emails from Lycos to a better platform named Microsoft Outlook. If you have come here finding a solution to export Lycos emails to Outlook, then congratulations this is your last stop.

Here in the article, we have explained the entire method of export as well as why this export is required. For that, you need to thoroughly go through the blog and understand it. You can also read the related blog How to Export Lycos Emails to Office 365

Why Migrate Emails from Lycos to Outlook With Reasons?

Whenever you go for choosing the top email client for dealing with your internal emailing system, it is highly recommended to understand its benefits and perks associated. It has been found that most business owners ultimately end up choosing Microsoft Outlook for their professional use. They Export Lycos mail to Outlook for a better future.

Let’s understand why is it important to migrate Lycos emails to Outlook:

  • Microsoft Office services are by and large thought to be extremely easy to use by users which is the main consideration to Microsoft’s prosperity. It’s a good idea that the Microsoft Outlook mail user is additionally easy to use and simple to explore for all mailing clients.
  • One of the upsides of utilizing Microsoft Outlook is the inherent inquiry bar that discovers specifics; Tools, Inboxes, Settings, Emails, and other help for mail users.
  • The Microsoft Outlook mail customer gives schedules that permit users to schedule and track errands so that objectives can be accomplished.
  • You can coordinate errands, messages, and contacts proficiently which will emphatically affect efficiency among all mail clients.
  • Outlook lets users log in utilizing various devices from portable to desktop that’s why users export Lycos Emails to Outlook.
  • Microsoft Outlook is known for having all-around mail servers
  • Entrepreneurs that improve email systems likewise further develop their organizations by and large efficiency.

How do I Move Emails from Lycos to Outlook Directly?

Migrating from one email service to the other comes with a very hectic process and needs you to have some flawless tools. When we talk about the word flawlessly, one tool that comes to my mind is this tool that is perfect to start my migration.

Being an Expert Email Migration Tool that can work for all Window’s old and new versions of users, it is making users’ lives uncomplicated. If you are the person having the least knowledge and expertise in technicalities, this tool will still work perfectly for you. So, let us understand how we can properly utilize this tool to export Lycos mail to Outlook.

Perfectly Explain Steps to Transfer Lycos to Outlook

Go through the step by step instructions to complete the Migration process of Lycos Emails to Outlook:

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1: Download the Software from the given above download button. Once it gets downloaded, then install the same on your device. Open the tool

launch the tool to export lycos emails to outlook
2: Tap ‘Open’ which you can find in the upper left corner

click the open button
3: Then, go to the ‘Email Accounts’ and then hit ‘Add Account.’

click email accounts > add account
4: Enter the required credentials of Lycos, both email id and password then go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ option below

enter your login credentials

5: Then you need to provide your IMAP server and IMAP Port or you just press the ‘Find’ option to auto-detect. Then hit ‘Add’

provide required IMAP details
6: After you provide the details, the tool will browse your files. You can also enable the ‘Compact View’ option to see the important folders first

enable compact view
 7: Then, you have to choose ‘Export’ and you will have to click on ‘IMAP’ to Import Lycos emails to Outlook

export to imap to export lycos emails to outlook

8:  Then you can enable the given options and fill in the Outlook email id and Password and then hit the ‘Save’ option to Export Lycos Emails to Outlook Directly

click save to export lycos emails to outlook

Carefully attempt the steps of exporting emails from Lycos mail to Outlook with the help of Corbett Software. You can easily operate this tool on your system because of the simple UI and easy-to-use interface to easily export Lycos emails to Outlook.

Key Features of Lycos Email Backup Tool

  • You can easily download and save Lycos emails to your Pc and Hard drive
  • Save Emails into various email formats such as PST, EML, etc
  • Easily backup emails in the document format: PDF, vCard, CSV, Text, Etc
  • Lycos Email Backup Tool maintains the folders hierarchy and File structure
  • It also auto-detects the server address and port number
  • You can backup unlimited Lycos mails in a one go
  • Download Lycos mails with Attachments on your PC & Laptop
  • Compatible with Windows 10,9,8 and other Lower Versions

Author’s Suggestion

In this blog, you learned the detailed process of migrating emails from Lycos mail to Outlook perfectly. The manual method is very complex and difficult to understand firstly and the technical terms are quite difficult to perform without knowledge. But this tool helps you to understand step by step process of migration.

The automatic tool helps you to work easily when the work is in a bulk situation. You can easily export Lycos emails to Outlook limitlessly in different file formats, document forms, etc. The tool is 100% Secure and safe to use in any form.

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