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Learn How to Export Rediffmail to Office 365- Step by Step Instruction

Jared Young ~ Modified: May 25th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to export Rediffmail to Office 365? If such questions are arising in your mind, then you have come to the right platform! Before we learn about the process to export Rediifmail to Office 365. Let us understand a brief about Rediffmail, Office 365, and the reasons why users are looking to switch from Rediffmail to Office 365.

Rediffmail is one of the oldest email applications which was once known as popular due to its services. However, with the changing times, the productivity of the email services. Many users who were loyal to the Rediffmail email application have now thought to transfer Rediffmail to Office 365.

Some of the reasons that have compelled users to switch to Office 365 were due to the poor functioning of Rediffmail. Most of the time the site of Rediffmail is found under maintenance which stops the users to send/receiving their emails. Mails stored in the mailbox do not get opened easily and it keeps pushing its users to upgrade to Rediffmail pro for better features.

On the other hand, Office 365 is a cloud-based web email application that provides a user-friendly interface. It allows the smooth process of sending/receive of email without any obstruction. It has imminent features like exchange online, Share point, and skype for business online. Due to varied features and an uninterrupted flow of work, the users prefer to use Office 365 over the Rediffmail email application.

Best Solution to Transfer Rediffmail to Office 365

The Corbett Software provides you the IMAP Migration Tool in order to move Rediffmail to Office 365. Migration takes place hassle-free and time saver, the most trusted and reliable tool for exporting Rediffmail to Office 365 purposes. This tool also maintains 100% data integrity during and after the process of migration.

This email backup tool has a feature of email files through numerous parameters including things such as email fields like From/Ton Name, CC, Property Name, Property Name, Property ID, Property Value, Content, Has Attachment, Date From/ To, File Size, etc.

Steps to Move Rediffmail to Office 365

Follow the steps to complete the process to transfer Rediffmail to Office 365

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  • Install & Launch migration software.

launch the software to move rediffmail to office 365

  • Go to the Open tab located on top of the software Window page.


  • On clicking the Open tab, a drop-down appears where you need to select Email Accounts and click on Add Account.

click open > email accounts > add account

  • In the opened Add Email Account window, enter the credentials of the Rediffmail email application like email ID and password.

enter your login credentials

  • In the Advanced Settings, you can find the IMAP server and IMAP Port¬†and then click on Add button.

click add button

  • Go to the Export tab and select Email Services as Office 365.

click export and select office 365


  • In the Office 365 Export Options, enter the email address and password.

put login credentials of destination account

  • At last, click on Save button.click save

There is no direct manual method for the transfer of Rediffmail to Office 365. Rediffmail does not provide any in-built function to export the emails into PST format. However, it has been seen that manual methods do not give any desirable results as they are restricted to certain limitations. The data integrity remains affected by distorted results. Preferably, the automated tool is always taken into account as it is professional and is tested and verified many times to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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Advantages of Using this Migration Tool

  • It allows exporting multiple email files from Rediffmail to Office 365 without any hassles.
  • There is no limitation on the file size and the number of email files to be exported.
  • There are No Chances of data loss during the export process.
  • Chosen emails or folders can be exported to Office 365 without any loss of data.
  • The email properties and the folders hierarchy remain intact.
  • The files structure is in the same order as in the case of the original format.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we perfectly describe the step-by-step procedure of Rediffmail emails to the Office 365 accounts without any hassle. Users can easily operate this tool without any technical knowledge. because we designed this tool for users who are unable to handle technical projects due to a lack of technical skills. This tool removes all your technicalities barriers. So, we recommend you go with the automated method to transfer Rediffmail to Office 365.

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