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Best Method to Backup Google Vault Emails to Hard Drive Directly

Jared Young ~ Modified: September 27th, 2021 ~ Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you searching about “How to Backup Google Vault Emails to Hard Drive”. Read this article, till the end we discussed the best method to backup Google vault emails to a hard drive by approaching an automatic solution.

Google vault enables the user to retain, archive, search and export the organization’s emails and chat messages with an intent to fulfill the requirement for e-discovery and compliance. With an effort to set legal holds and search items in G Suite, Google Vault plays a key role in protecting your Saas data.

However, there is always a need to secure the data which is kept in the Google Vault. It is likely to get prone to malware, viruses, or any unsolicited action by an unknown user.

The Major Drawbacks of Using Google Vault

  • Cost of Google Vault

The cost of using the Google Vault is very high. The cost per month per user is $5 and the cost per year comes to be $120 per user per year. If in an organization, there are 500 employees then, the total cost comes out to be $60,000 per year. This becomes quite difficult for the organization every time.

  • Does not Restore all Messages to Inbox

The Google Vault cannot restore all the messages into the Inbox folder. It creates problems for the user when they need to get back their data from the inbox folder.

  • Incomplete Data Archiving

Google Vault only archives the data present in the Inbox folder. However, the emails in the Spam folder are not archived. This becomes a major drawback for the users as in most cases the emails are present in the Spam folder.

The given above are some of the reasons due to which it becomes necessary to backup Google Vault Emails into Hard Drive.

Professional Method to Backup Google Vault Emails to Hard Drive

The tool provides Email backup & restore wizard software to save the emails from the Google Vault on the local hard drive. This software gives you an option to save your emails files into multiple documents formats like PDF, vCard, HTML, and CSV. This tool makes sure that your files are unaffected by such an email backup procedure and specifically designed to give 100% data integrity.

Steps to Back up the Emails from Google Vault to Local Hard Drive:

  • Install and Launch the Software.
  • Then, open the software window.
  • In the tool window, go to the ‘Open’ tab which is located on top of the page.
  • While clicking on the ‘Open’ tab, select ‘Email Accounts’ from the drop-down menu and then, click on the ‘Add Account’ option.
  • In the opened ‘Add Email Account’ window, enter the credentials of the Google Vault account. The credentials include the email id and the password.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’, enter the IMAP server and IMAP Port, if not mentioned by default. Then, click on the ‘Add’ button.
  • Then, clicking the ‘Add’ button, the Google Vault email account gets configured in the software window.
  • Go to the ‘Export’ tab and select ‘Document Files’ as ‘PDF’.
  • By doing so, the ‘PDF Export Options’ window, will get opened. You can browse the location where the PDF files can be stored.
  • Once, the fields have been filled then, click on the ‘Save’ button which is located on the top right corner of the software window.
  • By doing this, all the emails from Google Vault would get converted into PDF files and then saved in the destination folder as chosen.
  • You can open and check the folder where the PST files have been exported.
  • In the ‘File naming option’, you can give a name to the PDF file as per different means:

Prominent Features of the Professional Method

  • Save Data in Different File Formats: By using this tool you will get the most prominent features by converting Emails files into multiple file formats such as EML, MBOX, PST, etc.
  • Export/Save Bulk Emails: This tool is the best choice in terms of saving bulk data into your hard drive locally. You can easily download Google vault emails to a hard drive directly without any hassle.
  • No Limitation on File Size: The tool offers you to save and export data without restrictions in the File Size and file data.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchies: You don’t have to be fear losing Folder Hierarchies or File Structure. because this tool is specialized to maintain folder hierarchies and file structure during the export process after completing the Backup google vault emails to the Hard drive.
  • Backup Google Vault Emails to Hard Drive – Manually

    There is no direct manual method to export Google Vault emails to the hard drive directly. You have to choose the one any only option which is the automatic approach.


    In the above blog, a brief on Google Vault, its drawbacks, and the best method to export emails from Google Vault to Hard Drive have been explained. The automated method ‘Email backup and restore tool’ ensures the migration of complete data with consistency and integrity without any data loss.
    The manual method and automated method both have been discussed. However, the automated method is the most preferred solution as it is trusted, reliable, ensure complete data integrity, and backup Google vault emails to the hard drive directly.

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