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How to Migrate Hostinger to Gmail Account?

Justin Cener ~ Modified: March 12th, 2024 ~ Migration ~ 7 Minutes Reading

This article explores the top solutions on how to transfer Hostinger email data to a Gmail account. In this blog post, we will cover both manual as well as automated approaches to accomplish the task. So, sit tight and go through the article to see which method best fits your requirements to successfully migrate Hostinger to Gmail.

Hostinger International Ltd. is an internet domain registrar and a web hosting provider Launched in Kaunas, Lithuania in the year 2004, it was first named Hosting Media. Hostinger Web Hosting Package provides Hostinger Webmail, a web hosting service that allows users to send and receive email messages without using an email client application. All the email messages are sent via email and are encrypted.

Gmail, on the other hand, is one of the most popular email services worldwide, hence, users are drawn towards moving their email data into a Gmail account. In the following section, we discuss why experts also suggest this migration is beneficial for users.

Why Transfer Your Hostinger Email Data to a Gmail Account?

  • In comparison to Hostinger, Gmail offers a much more advanced feature set. Including features like quick search options and seamless integration with other Google services, Gmail is a far more versatile and powerful email service.
  • Gmail also provides impeccable spam filters that are deemed some of the best in the industry. These filters help you be free and safe from unwanted spam emails.
  • Integrating other services like Google Drive and Google Calendar with Gmail is much easier and helps users manage all their tasks in one place. Hostinger, on the contrary, doesn’t provide such integrations.
  • In addition to that, Gmail comes with an easy-to-navigate user interface that is appreciated by both technically sound and novice users. With easy navigation, managing and organizing emails in Gmail also gets much easier.

All these reasons are why technical professionals suggest users migrate their Hostnger email data to Gmail. Now that we are clear on that, let’s move further and take a look at the solutions.

Manually Connect Hostinger to Gmail Account

Before you add Hostinger email data to your Gmail account, first find out the SMTP, POP3, or IMAP details of your Hostinger mail account as these details will help you in connecting your Hostinger account to the destination account. Once done with that, follow the instructions given below to configure your Gmail account to accept messages from your Hostinger email account.

  • Simply log into your Gmail account, then, click on the “Settings Gear” icon and select the “See All Settings” option.
  • Next, navigate to the “Accounts and Import” tab and select the “Add a Mail Account” option.
  • Then, in the popup window, enter your Hostinger email address and click on “Next”.
  • Afterward, select the “Import Emails from My Other Account (POP3)” option and click “Next”.
  • Next, enter the server details for Hostiger webmail in the required fields, for instance, “pop.hostinger.com” in the POP Server blank and “993” in the Port Number blank.
  • Upon doing so, check the boxes for the provided options according to preference. The first two boxes are a must to check as they ensure storing a copy of messages and always using a secure connection (SSL). In addition to that, label incoming messages from the provided dropdown options.
  • Finally, click on the “Add Account” button to complete the process.

And you are done! Furthermore, if you do not know how you can get the POP3 and SMTP details for your Hostinger account, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open and log into your Hostinger webmail account.
  • Click Emails >> Configuration Settings >> Manual Configuration.
  • Upon doing so, all the information will appear on your screen.

This manual solution, unfortunately, comes with certain limitations that make users avoid this method and look for a reliable alternative. Let’s have a look at the hindrances in the following segment.

Drawbacks Associated With The Manual Approach

  • The manual solution is free of cost, however, involves numerous steps which make it time-consuming and cumbersome for users to execute.
  • Moreover, to execute the solution, one must have appropriate technical insights as one single error could lead to data corruption, or worse, data loss.
  • This solution is a manual workaround as it only adds your Hostinger account to the Gmail account rather than migrating your entire Hostinger mail data to the destination account.

These limitations make this manual solution a tiresome and risky solution for users. Therefore, experts suggest users opt for an automated utility to ensure secure and reliable results.

Expert Solution on Exporting Hostinger Mail Data to Gmail

Migrating email data from one platform to another is not a task to be taken lightly. Therefore, technical professionals recommend their trusted favorite Corbett IMAP Migration Tool. The utility is deemed as the best solution available in the market by experts as it provides impeccable reliability. It provides users with astonishing features such as dual search settings which help in the selective migration of data. The expert favorite tool also comes with a dedicated preview panel that contains four different view modes displaying different attributes of user-uploaded data. In addition to that, the software is also fully compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System.

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Important Note

Before you execute the software steps, fulfill the required prerequisites. First, enable IMAP access in your Gmail account and generate an App Password in order to avoid facing any errors or issues with the migration process. Here’s how to do it:
prerequisites to add hostinger to gmail

Steps to Migrate Hostinger to Gmail Account

  • Download and launch the expert-recommended utility on your Windows computer.
  • Upon starting the software, click on Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.
    add hostinger to gmail
  • Add your Hostinger account credentials in the required fields to add your Hostinger account mailbox to the tool.
    enter hostinger account credentials
  • Once done with that, you can preview your Hostinger data in the dedicated preview panel of the utility.
    preview uploaded data
  • Use the Quick and Advanced Search Settings to easily filter out preferred data or perform selective migration.
    use search settings for selective hostinger to gmail migration
  • Click on the “Export” tab and select the “Gmail” option from the dropdown list.
    click export and select gmail
  • Provide a preferred name for the migrated data and enter the destination email address and password.
  • Apply the provided advanced options according to preference and at last, click on the “Save” button.
    enter destination account credentials

And you’re done! These are all the steps to successfully migrate Hostinger email to a Gmail account using the expert-recommended solution. Now, let’s move further and look at the prominent features that make this utility an attractive and efficient solution for users.

Astonishing Features of The Utility

  • The utility supports both selective migration and bulk migration of Hostinger email data to a Gmail account.
  • It comes with a dedicated preview panel containing four different view modes displaying different attributes of user data.
  • In addition to that, this expert-favorite tool is also fully compatible with all Windows OS versions, whether the latest or older.
  • It also provides users with Quick and Advanced Search settings for selective migration. The dual search settings help users filter email data based on date range and different email fields such as Subject, CC, BCC, etc.
  • Along with migrating Hostinger to a Gmail account, you also get the option to convert your Hostinger mail data into popular file and document formats according to your preference. Moreover, you can also export your data directly to email services like Office 365 or other IMAP-compliant accounts.

As you see these features make this utility an appealing choice for users for successfully migrating Hostinger email data to a Gmail account.

So There You Have It

In this article, we discussed how to migrate Hostinger to Gmail in a smooth and reliable manner. To accomplish the task, we discussed both manual and automated solutions. Unfortunately, the manual solution comes with certain drawbacks that make it a burdensome and risky choice for users. Hence, numerous technical professionals recommend users go for the above-mentioned automated utility to migrate Hostinger email to Gmail in a secure and hassle-free manner.

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