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How to Export Contacts From WhatsApp to Excel?

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This blog discusses the top solutions on how to export contacts from WhatsApp to Excel. In this technical write-up, we will explain both manual as well as automated solutions for accomplishing the task. Along with that, we will also share the top reasons for exporting your WhatsApp contacts to Excel.

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WhatsApp is a renowned social messaging platform that allows users to share messages (text and voice), documents and other multimedia and converse through audio and video calling facilities. It has become the go-to communication medium for everyone due to features like end-to-end encryption, group chats, and status updates, accessing their conversations on the desktop and mobile app, and a web browser. We will discuss the reasons and solutions to export contacts from WhatsApp to Excel in this blog, so keep reading it till the end!

Reasons for Exporting WhatsApp Contacts to Excel

There are numerous reasons that necessitate the urgent export of WhatsApp contacts to Excel, we have mentioned the top ones in this segment.

  • Creating a Backup – The first reason for exporting contacts from WhatsApp to Excel is to create a backup of your contacts. You can store your WhatsApp contacts securely in an Excel file in case you lose the account access or your phone gets lost or stolen.
  • Easy Deduplication – Another reason to export WhatsApp contacts to CSV (Excel) is easy contact deduplication. You can remove duplicate contacts and edit others in an Excel sheet since manually editing and removing contacts on WhatsApp is time-consuming.
  • Data Security – Many people wish to export contacts from WhatsApp to Excel due to security factors. Excel has security benefits like file encryption, worksheets, and workbook-level protection that help secure your WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp has end-to-end chat encryption and two-step account verification as major contact security features, but these features don’t guarantee contact protection. Therefore, exporting WhatsApp contacts to Excel becomes vital.

These reasons show how crucial it is to export WhatsApp contacts to Excel, and the following section explores the solutions for the export process. Keep reading the blog and know them all!

How To Export Contacts From WhatsApp To Excel?

  • Use the WhatsApp mobile application to create vCard files.
  • Use the WhatsApp Web Services to copy contact details.
  • Use the expert-suggested automated solution for a hassle-free process.

These are the top-rated solutions for exporting WhatsApp contacts into CSV files. Further in the blog, let us explain each of these solutions in detail and see which method is the best fit for you to accomplish the task.

First up we will see how to Manually export WhatsApp contacts to Excel. The manual procedure involves exporting contacts from the mobile and the website. We will explore both options one by one and then move on to the expert suggestion.

Create a vCard Using WhatsApp Mobile Application

You can export your WhatsApp contacts as a vCard file on your mobile. The following steps highlight the process to export WhatsApp contacts in vCard:

  • Open your mobile’s default Contacts app.
  • Click the Settings icon and select Export to Storage (the settings may vary according to your phone).
  • Select the OK button to begin the contact export process.
  • Your exported vCard file gets saved in the Downloads folder in the File Manager app.

If you find this method complicated or hard to execute, check out the next manual method in the following section.

Copy Contact Details Using WhatsApp Web Service

Another way to export contacts from WhatsApp to Excel is using the web version. This method becomes lengthy due to the time taken to export the contacts. The following points highlight the steps to export WhatsApp contacts to an Excel document:

  • Open your WhatsApp account on the web browser and one Excel sheet simultaneously.
  • Open a contact and select the name and contact number.
  • Paste the details in the Excel sheet and repeat the steps for all WhatsApp users on your phone.
  • Save this Excel file in CSV (.csv) format.

These manual solutions for exporting WhatsApp contacts to CSV are time-consuming and lengthy. Therefore, in the next segment, we will discuss the professional method as suggested by countless technical experts to export the contacts from your WhatsApp account to Excel CSVs without taking any time.

Export WhatsApp Contacts to Excel – The Expert Way

The manual methods for exporting WhatsApp contacts to Excel are time-consuming and lengthy, restricting their usage. Therefore, we will explore automated software to export your WhatsApp account contacts to an Excel sheet. This software exports your WhatsApp contacts to Excel format without data loss and with complete data integrity. This tool is the Corbett vCard Converter Tool.

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Steps to Export Contacts from WhatsApp to CSV Using the Tool

  • Download and run the Whatsapp Contacts to Excel CSV Converter on your Windows computer.
    Download and run the software
  • Next, click Open >> Email Data Files >> vCard Files >> Choose Files…/Choose Folders…
    Add vCard file to the software
  • Click the Export button and select CSV format from the list. Select the Save button to begin the export process.
    export WhatsApp contacts to CSV
  • Open the exported Whatsapp contacts in Excel.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on using the tool to export your WhatsApp contacts to MS Excel. Furthermore, we have also shared some of the highlighted features of this astonishing utility in the following segment.

Advanced Features of the Software

This software has many highlights, some of which are mentioned in this segment. Let’s have a look at them and learn why technical experts recommend this tool.

  • vCard Upgradation – This tool upgrades your older vCard file(s) to new versions – 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0. It also lets you create a single vCard file for all the contacts.
  • Unchanged Contact Details – The software ensures complete data security and intactness during the conversion process. The contact details stay unaltered and get converted without issues.
  • Batch Conversion – The tool can convert multiple vCard files into a single file without difficulties with the Choose Folders feature.

These are some of the top features of this astonishing software that make it an exceptional solution for users. These are advantages users get when they opt for this amazing utility.


WhatsApp is a leading platform for instant messaging and media sharing. This blog explores the reasons and methods to export contacts from WhatsApp to Excel. It highlights the need to export WhatsApp contacts to CSV and details the manual steps through the mobile app and web version, though they can be time-consuming. The automated software mentioned here exports your WhatsApp contacts to Excel (CSV) with total data intactness and no data loss issues.

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