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3 Best Way to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp – Verified Solution

Shaks George ~ Modified: November 18th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you wondering how to send Gmail messages to WhatsApp in the most effective way? Well, if we talk about these days, WhatsApp is one of the most used communication channels around the world. Launched in 2009, this service has boomed in the market with around 2 billion downloads so far. With the help of this application, users can communicate over messages as well as over calls on all devices.

Over time, with the growing user base of WhatsApp, the platform has undergone major updates and added functionality for user convenience. In 2018, WhatsApp launched its business edition named WhatsApp Business. It was developed by Meta to facilitate communication activities for small businesses.

WhatsApp provides you with a robust messaging service, after its acquisition by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2014. One issue that persists with the platform is its limitation in cross-platform communication. In this article, we will explore how to share Gmail to WhatsApp with all messages, attachments, and documents.

So, let’s begin the post, and here are the topics that we are going to discuss throughout the post…

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Why Share Gmail to WhatsApp?

There are many reasons to send Gmail messages to WhatsApp. Here are some of the primary ones.

  • Promote Group Discussion: If a Gmail topic needs to be discussed among multiple people, sharing it in a WhatsApp group can foster collective discussion in real time.
  • Fast & Effective Communication: WhatsApp has the most active user base compared to email. Sharing documents or Gmail messages ensures faster response.
  • Support for Multimedia Platform: WhatsApp facilitates easy sharing of photos, voice messages, text, and video calls. It enables collaboration and enhances communication through multimedia.

There are some prominent reasons, why users want to send email to WhatsApp with all attachments, documents & other data. Now, let’s check out the solutions to accomplish this task.

Top Ways to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp

There are multiple solutions available on the web to accomplish this task. However, we have filtered out the free solutions and included an automated solution to share Gmail to WhatsApp with all meta properties intact. Here are the best methods you can use to share Gmail messages on WhatsApp:

  • Forward Gmail Emails to WhatsApp via Desktop
  • Share Gmail Attachments to WhatsApp via Phone
  • Manually Print and Share Gmail Messages to WhatsApp
  • Automated Method to Batch Share Emails from Gmail to WhatsApp

Now, let’s explore each method to enable cross-platform communication between Gmail and WhatsApp.

How to Forward Gmail Emails to WhatsApp via Desktop?

  • Open Gmail.
  • Go to the folder, where email messages are stored.
  • Now, open the Mail & click on the Print icon.
  • At last, select the designation location & save the file.
  • Open WhatsApp & successfully drop an email message.
Note: Users can Convert Gmail email to HTML and share the file with WhatsApp. Now, let’s check out the method to send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp using the mobile phone.

Share Gmail Attachments to WhatsApp via Phone

  • Run Gmail on the Phone.
  • Now, open the Gmail message that you want to export.
  • Click on the attachment icon & preview the attached file.
  • Afterwards, click on Three Dots >> Send File >> WhatsApp.
  • Last, select the desired contact and share Gmail to WhatsApp successfully.
Note: This method only transfers Gmail attachments to WhatsApp. If you wish to batch share emails to WhatsApp, it’s advisable to use the expert-recommended solution by Corbett Software.

Expert Way to Batch Share Emails from Gmail to WhatsApp

The manual solution is recommended when you have a limited number of messages. Additionally, with the manual solution, the user will not be able to save Gmail emails and attachments together.

Thus, to avoid any error, one can go with the Corbett Gmail Backup Tool. It is an advanced software that allows you to download Gmail emails to multiple documents, and email file formats, that you can easily share with others via WhatsApp & other platforms.

The software has the functionality to save Gmail attachments, email addresses, contact photos, and phone numbers separately. The compatibility of the application is with all editions of Windows OS. Download the free edition of the software to share Gmail to WhatsApp with emails, attachments & other documents.

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Steps to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp

  • Download and run the software.
  • Click on Open >> Add Account >> Gmail Account.
  • Now, preview the Gmail emails in 4+ preview modes.
  • Afterwards, click Export and select the required document format.
  • Last, apply filter & click save to export Gmail with all documents.

Now, open your WhatsApp on the desktop and simply send Gmail messages to WhatsApp using drag and drop or browse and upload.

Note: Users have to Enable IMAP & use the Application Password to login their Gmail account in the software panel. Visit the link to – Enable IMAP & Generate APP Password.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) How to Send Documents from Gmail to WhatsApp?

  • Download the document from Gmail.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp Web Application.
  • Search for the desired contact to share documents or files.
  • Next, select the attachment icon & choose the document.
  • At last, click Send to share documents from Gmail to WhatsApp.

Q) Can I send a Gmail Phone Number in WhatsApp?

Yes, you can manually copy the phone number from Gmail and paste it into a WhatsApp chat window to share it.

Q) How do I send an email from my computer to WhatsApp?

You can’t directly email to WhatsApp. However, you can copy the email content or take a screenshot and then share it via WhatsApp. Additionally, you can print the email message and send it as an attachment to WhatsApp.

Q) How to share Gmail Attachments on WhatsApp?

Download the attachment from Gmail to your device, then open WhatsApp >> Attachment Icon >> Browse File >> Share the file with the desired contact.

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Concluding Words

This post outlines the optimal methods to send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp, both manually and via automated software. Manual methods are recommended only if you have a limited number of files. Moreover, manual solutions do not allow users to export emails and attachments simultaneously. Our recommendation is to go with the automated software, which facilitates batch exporting from Gmail to multiple email file and document formats.

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