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How to Convert iCloud File to PDF Format? – Read This Guide

Justin Cener ~ Modified: July 6th, 2023 ~ Backup, How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you are someone who is looking to convert an iCloud file to PDF format then you’re at the right post. We have specially crafted this article to provide a reliable solution on how to convert iCloud file to PDF on Windows. So, read this article till the end to get the accurate guidance and solution regarding the topic.

iCloud, as the name suggests, is cloud storage from Apple. Be it photos, contacts, emails or documents, iCloud securely stores all your data in the Apple cloud server. Since your information is stored on the cloud, you can access that data on any iOS device. Now, saving your data on the cloud comes in handy if your device ever gets lost. This helps you backup and restore your data without any problem.

Despite iCloud being a secure platform to store your data, users must have their data backed up on a local drive as well. Thus, the need to convert iCloud file to PDF. And for that, we have brought you an impeccable solution, that not only is smooth but does the job more efficiently than any other. But before diving straight into that, let’s first know the benefits of converting to PDF format.

Advantages of Converting iCloud File to PDF format

As we all are aware the PDF file format is highly versatile and well-known, naturally there are numerous benefits of converting iCloud file to PDF; we have mentioned some below.

  • PDF is a platform-independent format; you can access it on any device without any platform.
  • Unlike documents like a Word File, this file format retains the formatting of your data and keeps it intact.
  • PDF files can be opened and accessed on various devices. There is no boundation whatsoever.
  • You can compress a PDF file to save space. Moreover, even after compressing, there will be no significant change in the image quality.
  • PDFs come with a password-protection feature which you can use to protect your files from unauthorized viewing and editing.
  • PDF file format is the only acceptable format to present any evidence in court.

So, you see that there are countless perks of converting iCloud to PDF. Now that we have cleared that up, let’s move on to how to execute the task.

Expert Solution to Convert iCloud to PDF

Whether it is the conversion, migration and archiving process of any amount of data, choosing an automated solution is the best option according to technical experts. And thus, we have brought you the Corbett iCloud Backup Tool for a trustworthy and fuss-free iCloud to PDF migration. Not only this tool conveniently saves your iCloud files in PDF format but also offers various other formats as well. In addition to that, it has several other innovative features as well.

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Remarkable Features of the Software

  • Is capable of archiving your iCloud files in bulk without any issues.
  • Maintains the folder structure and hierarchy throughout the process.
  • There is no limitation on the file size whatsoever.
  • You can save individual as well as batch iCloud files.
  • It conveniently works on all Windows OS.

This ultimate tool is an all-in-one solution to convert iCloud file to PDF. And now, let’s move on to the steps to conduct the process.

Steps to Convert iCloud File to PDF using the Software

  1. Download and install the tool in your computer or laptop. Upon doing that, click on the Open button in the top left corner for the menu.

    start the software and click on the open button to convert iCloud to PDF

  2. In the dropdown menu, click on Email Accounts and then Add Account.

    start the software and click on the open button to convert iCloud to PDF

  3. Add your iCloud account by entering your account credentials. enter iCloud email credentials
  4. Select the required files and folders you want to convert to PDF. preview the iCloud emails
  5. Click on Export and select the PDF file format. backup iCloud emails to Computer
  6. Browse and select the desired location to save the restaurant files. enter iCloud email credentials
  7. Make use of the advanced options before proceeding. enter iCloud email credentials
  8. Lastly, click on Save to initiate the conversion process. enter iCloud email credentials

And that’s it for the steps. All of these steps are easy to follow and conduct. Go through them to effortlessly convert iCloud file to PDF.


In this above article, we shared an ultimate solution for you to convert iCloud file to PDF. There are innumerable benefits of converting iCloud file to PDF. Various technical experts recommend using an automated tool for that.