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Best Methods to Import EML to Zoho Mail With Complete Folders

Shaks George ~ Modified: April 20th, 2022 ~ Import ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution that can help you to import EML to Zoho Mail in bulk? Then, don’t worry, because in this guide. You will get the best solution to import EML files to Zoho effortlessly.

An EML file is a saved email message from a program like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Most importantly, It includes the message’s content, as well as the message’s subject, sender, recipient(s), and date. One or more email attachments, which are files delivered with the message, can be stored in EML files.

Why Import EML to Zoho mail?

A web-based email client, Zoho Mail allows users to send and receive emails. Moreover, The program also offers Zoho Docs. You and your team will work together on creating, collaborating on, and editing text, presentation, and spreadsheet documents using online editors. In short, Working in your online office will make your work more quick and efficient.

  • There are a lot of features, a user-friendly interface, and mobile support in Zoho mail.
  • Zoho Mail allows you to add multiple accounts.
  • You can access your account from anywhere at any time.

Let’s find out how to move EML to a Zoho Mail account using an expert solution without needing any more technical skills.

Export EML Files to Zoho Mail With Complete Attachments

Use this Best EML File Converter Software to export EML to Zoho Mail account. In addition, The user easily downloads and runs this tool in their windows operating system. This tool is specially designed for you to convert EML files into multi formats and export .eml files to various email clients directly.

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Download the free demo version of this converter tool. And import the first 10 EML files and folders to Zoho mail directly. This free demo edition enables you to understand the tool’s features and work. Start the process by following the given steps.

Instructions to Import EML to Zoho Mail

1. Firstly, Start the process by selecting the Open button in the tool’s first window.

select open
2. Secondly, Then click the Email Data Files option and select EML Files

select EML Files
3. Thirdly, After selecting the eml files browse the location where you saved the eml files.

browse eml files
4. Fourthly, Preview eml content, attachments, and links, in the tool’s preview modes.

preview eml
5. Next, select the Export option and click IMAP
6. Finally, In the IMAP Export Options Window, select Save to start the process.

Features of this Expert Application

  • Advance and Quick Email Search: This option help you to search eml files by adding filters. In the Advanced search you can add filters like Cc, To, From, Subject, and so on to specify the eml that you want to import.
  • Multi Preview Options: You can preview emails into a variety of modes like content, Hex View, Raw messages, and Message Header. All these modes help you to preview eml messages body into multiple modes.
  • Extract EML Items Option: You can easily extract email attributes by using this tool. Such email items as attachments, email addresses, contacts, associated email addresses, and phone numbers can easily takeout from eml files.
  • Rename Export Folder Name: This tool enables you to change the imported eml file folder name. You can rename the folder name as per your requirement.
  • Enable Append into Default Folders: This option enables you to import EML files into default Zono mail folders. These options help you a lot in the Import EML to Zoho Mail process.
  • Skip Greyed Out Folders: This option helps you to remove unwanted or empty old folders from the EML to Zoho Mail export process.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. How many eml files I can import with this tool?
Ans. You can import unlimited EML files to Zoho mail with this tool.

Ques 2. Is this EML Converter software free or paid?
Ans. This expert utility is paid but it also provides a free demo version that can only import the first 10 eml files and folder to Zoho mail.

Ques 3. How many times I can use this tool after purchasing the full version?
Ans. This tool is a one-time purchase tool. However, After purchasing the tool you can import unlimited EML files to Zoho, Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, and many more email clients.

Ques 4. Is there any other powerful feature available except converting data files?
Ans. Yes, this toolkit enables you to extract Multiple EML Files Attachments, All Email Addresses from EML files, Contacts, and associated email ids and phone numbers.

Ques 5. Is there any option to specify particular eml messages?
Ans. Yes, this tool provides you advanced email search option. In addition, You can add multiple filters to specify an eml file such as Cc, To, From, Name, Subject, Has Attachments, and so on email filters.

Ques 6. Can I import Bulk EML files and folders in this tool at the same time?
Ans: Yes, this tool provides you a double option to upload eml messages from your system. In other words, You can choose files or can choose folders as per your requirements.

Ques 7. Does this Software provide any free demo version?
Ans. Yes, this tool offers you a free demo edition to understand the tool’s working. And after downloading you can follow oper step by step import EML to the Zoho mail process.

Ques 8. Is this tool can remove all my EML messages headers and export them into Zoho mail?
Ans: Yes, in the IMAP Export Window you will see an “Include Email Headers” option. There, You can enable or disable this option to remove all your EML messages header.

Ques 9: Can I change the imported folder name?
Ans. Yes, in the IMAP Export Options Window, you will see a “Backup Folder Name” option. Where you can rename your folder name.

Ques 10. What if I encounter some unwanted challenges while using the toolkit?
Ans. You can directly chat with our expert support team. We provide 24/7 customer support.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, Use this automatic solution to import EML to Zoho mail. In addition, This tool exports your bulk EML Files into Zoho mail without any worry. You can manage multiple Zoho accounts in a single application. In short, this tool is the best choice for you to export bulk EML files to multiple email clients after purchasing the full edition.