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How to Import OLM File to Outlook? Top 2 Solutions

Justin Cener ~ Modified: April 3rd, 2023 ~ Import ~ 6 Minutes Reading

We understand the neverending struggle of trying to import OLM file to Outlook 2019, 2016 etc. Therefore, we have drafted this technical write-up for you. In this article, we have brought you all the information and solutions that you would need to open OLM file on Windows Outlook. We have discussed one manual and one automated method for you to execute the task.

Furthermore, there could be a lot of reasons to import OLM to Outlook Windows. Perhaps you are

  • migrating from iOS to Windows
  • and have OLM files with important data on your Windows system.
  • trying to share/transfer files from mac to Windows.
  • collaborating with Windows users for work purposes.

Regardless of the reason, this article contains the solution to import OLM file to Windows Outlook.

Now, we all know that email clients have different file formats to store their data. In Outlook’s case, it depends on the operating system. Where Outlook for Mac uses the OLM file format, on the other hand, Windows Outlook stores its data in PST and OST format.

Out of which, only files in the PST format can be directly imported into Outlook for Windows. Moreover, neither Outlook for Windows nor Outlook for Mac support each other’s file formats. So, if you have to import OLM file to Outlook, you must convert it into the supported format first. So, let’s begin the post…

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Manual Approach to Import OLM File to Windows Outlook

As stated above, both Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows store their data in different formats and do not support any other file format. So, there is no direct way to import OLM to Outlook Windows. And therefore, we have shared this manual workaround which involves using the IMAP server as a mediator between Mac and Windows.

It can receive remote files between clients. With all this, there are five major steps in this manual procedure. Moreover, there are further substeps of a few of these steps. However, we are not going to cover those substeps here today as it is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Here’s how to execute; follow the given instructions to import OLM file to Outlook Windows.

  1. Create an IMAP-compliant email account. You can choose Gmail for easy understanding. Make sure you have the IMAP enabled for the account. Moreover, you can even use an old account for this.
    enable IMAP in Gmail
  2. Configure this IMAP account into your Mac Outlook.
    add gmail account in outlook for mac
  3. Now, import your OLM files into this IMAP account that you configured.
  4. Then, configure the same IMAP account to your Outlook for Windows.
    configure account in Outlook for Windows
  5. Lastly, users can easily import OLM to Outlook Windows.

Since you configured the IMAP account in your Outlook for windows in the previous step 4. It is possible to open OLM file on Windows Outlook in the last step. And that’s it for the manual procedure.

However, you may have seen that this method requires two separate configuration processes in two different operating systems. This makes this whole method extremely technical. Not just this but it has many more drawbacks like this.

And that is why experts suggest staying away from these types of hectic methods to import OLM file to Outlook Windows. Let’s check out the challenges user might face while opening Mac OLM files in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016 & below.

Why Should Users Stay Away from the Manual Method?

  • The manual method is a tedious process that requires users to have time to elaborately understand and execute each step.
  • This is a detailed method that involves technicalities. So, if you are looking to avoid that, you should skip this method.
  • Since this method is highly technical, there’s no room for human error. In fact, one single error may lead to data corruption or worse data loss.
  • This method requires users to have two separate systems (Mac and Windows) to import OLM file to Windows Outlook.
  • Simply put, this method is lengthy and complex to understand and execute and thus is a tiresome method.

To save you from all this stress and hassle that comes along with this manual method, we have also shared an automated method to import OLM file to Outlook.

Professional Approach to Import OLM to Outlook Windows

Want to get your precious OLM data safely imported to Windows Outlook? Well, worry not because we have come prepared. We have brought the topmost secure and reliable solution to import OLM file to Windows Outlook. Believe us when we say we have brought you the tool that numerous technical experts recommend. Yes, you guessed it right! We brought you the one and only Corbett OLM to PST Converter.

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Astonishing Features of this Software

  • Capable of Directly open OLM file on Windows Outlook
  • It directly uploads OLM files into the software panel without some sort of configuration process.
  • The software allows to import OLM file to Outlook Windows with all data fields & attributes.
  • It does not need an IMAP-compliant account for the process.
  • This tool makes sure that your OLM file structure and hierarchy stay intact.

Now that we know the capabilities of this tool, let’s move to the execution process to import .OLM to Outlook.

Steps to Import OLM File to Outlook Windows

  1. Download the software on your system.

    download and install the software

  2. Click Open, and select Email Data File >> OLM >> Upload File

    Select OLM Files

  3. Next, the software will generate a preview of OLM.
    Preview emails
  4. Use the Quick Search & Advanced search options to filter emails.

    data filters

  5. Click on Export and select PST to import OLM file to Outlook.

    export options

  6. At last, click on save to import OLM to Outlook Windows.

    click save to import OLM to Outlook Windows

And you’re done with the steps. Follow these steps to successfully import OLM file to Windows Outlook all editions.

Now that you have got your OLM files exported in Windows Outlook-supported format, you can check out how to Import PST to Windows Outlook here.

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed different ways you can import OLM file to Outlook 2021, 2016, 2013, and below. We shared a manual workaround method and one automated solution for a reliable job. However, as we saw, the manual method comes with a lot of restrictions that make the whole process unsatisfactory. Hence, to steer clear of all that, technical experts recommend using a professional solution to import OLM to Outlook Windows.