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How to Migrate Gmail to iCloud? Complete Guide

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Looking for a way to migrate Gmail to iCloud Account directly? Then this article will help you to complete this difficult task with the help of the best approach. In this article, we will share the top solution recommended by experts to accomplish this task. So, continue with this article until the end to get the proper guidance and accurate solution to switch from Gmail to iCloud without hassle.

Forwarding Gmail to iCloud is never a dependable solution if you are not going to use the Gmail email address. If you’re looking for a solution to transfer from Gmail to iCloud with complete mailbox data. This article will help you to convert Gmail to iCloud in a hassle-free manner.

Why Should Users Switch from Gmail to iCloud? 

  • Users are provided with an excellent spam filter and archive folder that allows them to identify received emails as spam without overloading their inbox
  • All Apple devices can connect to iCloud without any problems
  • Easy to use iCloud email on any device, including iPhones, iPads, and other device
  • With just a click, unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists
  • The ability to use email aliases with iCloud Mail
  • Enables you to add two-factor authentication for your iCloud email
  • Apple doesn’t examine the emails that you send and receive

That’s why users want to migrate Gmail to iCloud because no other email client can provide you with the same functionality as iCloud. Apple is among the best and #1 companies that never violates users’ trust. Let’s get started with the article. But before diving into the solutions, let’s glance at this user query first.

User Scenarioto Transfer From Gmail to iCloud

User Query: I want to move my Gmail account to iCloud. In addition to updating Lion to 10.7.2, I have set up iCloud preferences. Apple Mail appears to have a new Inbox associated with iCloud, but all of my emails are going to the Gmail inbox. In addition, I have a new @me.com address. To import my Gmail account to iCloud, what should I do?

Response from the user: I switched from Gmail to Outlook.com a few years ago, but I still have some accounts and emails that go to my old Gmail address. I took my daughter to an urgent care clinic when she was a kid when she got sick… The clinic still has my old Gmail account. Whenever you think you’ve gotten everything moved over, you find something else that needs to be changed.

I will mention that Gmail allows you to forward all your emails to another address. All emails sent to my Gmail account will automatically appear in my new mailbox using this feature. Having all your emails in one mailbox makes it easy to forget to switch over any important email. However, it can also make it more difficult to see which emails haven’t been moved over. since you’re still getting all your emails in one mailbox, you might rely on the forwarding and not make any changes. Periodically, I still log into my Gmail account to see if I forgot to transfer anything important.

Changing your email address is a pain. When you change your address, make sure it is one you are happy with and will stay at for years. Your email address is tied to so many things and changing everything will probably take months. It may even take years. Furthermore, if you have the same or similar query to this, then continue with this article to find the proper solution to switch from Gmail to iCloud.

How to Migrate Gmail to iCloud Email With Complete Inbox Data?

Using the Professional Gmail Backup Tool, you can efficiently migrate your Gmail emails with attachments to iCloud. This easy-to-use utility gives users a direct pathway to accomplish this task. Several Gmail accounts can also be transferred using this software.

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You will only need to log into the application with your Gmail account. Users must enter their username and password to use the Gmail to iCloud Mail migration program. Users do not need to connect iCloud devices to the application or computer to transfer from Gmail to iCloud procedure.

Prime Features of Software

  • Gmail data can be moved to iCloud with only Gmail credentials.
  • There is no requirement to migrate emails from Gmail to iCloud for other Apple devices.
  • Use the advanced settings option to migrate Gmail to iCloud with specific data.
  • With corresponding attachments, you can also save and switch Gmail data to iCloud.
  • Additionally, the details of your contacts can be transferred to iCloud mail.

How to Switch from Gmail to iCloud?

Get the automated toolkit installed on your windows operating system.

1. Launch the application in your Windows OS and select the Open option on the software displayed screen.

export Gmail to iCloud
2. Then select the Email Accounts and hit Add Account option in the drop-down list

add gmail to icoud
3. After that Add Email Account window will pop up, enter your Gmail account credentials like Your Email id and password to migrate Gmail to iCloud.

enter Gmail credentials

4. Software will start uploading Gmail account data into the software’s panel. Preview the emails into the right-side preview panel.

preview Gmail emails
5. Then select Export and click IMAP from the drop-down options.

Transfer Gmail to iCloud Account
6. After that select Save to start the live Gmail to the iCloud migration process.

click on save to migrate from Gmail to iCloud

So, these are the simple steps to conduct the procedure to transfer from Gmail to iCloud using this tool. It is easy for any technical or novice user to use this tool and obtain desired results.

Author’s Suggestion

This blog discussed the best approach for users to smoothly migrate Gmail to iCloud mail with just a few simple steps. We shared an expert-recommended automated solution that makes the entire procedure more reliable without any data alteration. Try this ultimate tool to switch from Gmail to iCloud securely.

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