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How to Move Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone? Expert Solution Given

Jared Young ~ Modified: May 20th, 2023 ~ How to ~ 5 Minutes Reading
There are some approaches to move Thunderbird contacts to iPhone and picking one might depend on what works best upon your contraptions, what is the most ideal decision (for instance contemplating the degree of steps and their peculiarity). The goading news (to the level of solace) is that nowadays, various applications and working plans use online fogs for administering huge data. This updates things hugely for the customer, who may from an overall perspective need to change a few plans of preinstalled advanced sync contraptions that would, along these lines, manage the organized exertion in the background (report change and move).

Thunderbird is a splendid email association made for better and to oversee messages, contacts, timetables, endeavors, and journals. It is befuddling such a great deal of that it will by and large be used in various contraptions like Android, iPhone, etc.

Since it isn’t hard to-use soon, moving data beginning with one Step then onto the going with has never been clear for the end-customers. This is the inspiration driving why customers search questions like how is it possible that I would bring Thunderbird Contacts into iPhone or how to give Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone X.

Professional Method to Move Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone

In case you are finding a manual reaction for the exchange, it plainly will not be possible as these two affiliations are thoroughly shift from each other. In like way, you ought to just get Corbett Backup and Restore Wizard on your contraption to finish the exchange cycle immediately. Using this thing will be adequate and you will not have to fight to find any manual method. From being not difficult to use to including less subtleties, it does an extraordinary part in getting Thunderbird contacts to iPhone in the best way. Customers are driving towards this chart contemplating its ability to restrict in light of everything. Considering everything, let us outline how to import Thunderbird contacts to iPhone:

Steps to Move Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone

Lets go through the given steps of process of move Thunderbird contacts to iPhone 

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  • Firstly, you should open the web program and download the thing. At whatever point you are done with downloading, present that.
  • Open the thing and beginning there on hit the ‘Open‘ button open on the upper left of the screen.
  • Now, you need to tap on ‘Email Records‘ out of the open decisions around there.
  • Then you can tap on ‘Add Account.’ Once you do this, you will be drawn closer to enter your Thunderbird email id and mystery key. Enter the right login accreditations and a short period of time later hit ‘Advanced Settings.’ After that, offer it to the IMAP specialist and the instrument will take a gander at your fundamental stories.
  • Tap on Extract from the  upper left corner and some time later, by then hit on contacts.
  • Finally, select iPhone to totally complete the cycle.

The thing is known for its beast flawlessness concerning moving messages beginning with one help, then onto the going with. Grant us to assist you with discernment the most bewildering properties of Corbett Backup and Restore Wizard

Prominent Feature of Third Party Tool  

Taking help from Corbett Backup and Restore Wizard is possibly the most huge and true blue way to deal with oversee and direct the improvement cycle. Unequivocally when you use the thing, it will save your time and energy while playing out the endeavor. Curiously, you will get the ideal results without any information issues. Here is a gander at some goliath pieces of the device:

  • Email change is secure
  • 100% unquestionable results
  • Move messages without doing any risings to the central record
  • Gives an email union choice to move unequivocally
  • You can perform dazzling new turn of events

Right when you read the entire blog, it might have gotten clear to you how to import Thunderbird contacts to iPhone

Manual Method to Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone

  • First thing first, open the Mozilla Thunderbird and after that open it, select Address book option.
  • After this, choose the contacts which you want to export and then click on Tools option and select import.
  • After that, add a file name which you want to save with and after this select CSV format in save as type.

Importing CSV File to iPhone

Using the iCloud platform to sync iPhone contacts with Thunderbird Address Book from CSV file.

Import CSV File into iCloud Account

  • The first step in to log into iCloud website with correct information/ credentials.
  • In the next step, from the iCloud menu, choose Contacts option.
  • Then, From the lower-left corner, click on the Gear button and select the import CSV option.
  • After that, to select the CSV file from your computer, click on the browser button.
  • After selecting the CSV file click open button and add all your contacts to iCloud contacts which will help to sync.

Move Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone

Now, the user has to move the contacts from CSV file to iPhone the whole process is described below.

  • Make sure that a user must log in into iCloud account with a valid password only.
  • Then, Go to the home screen and select contacts to verify them.
  • At last, shift to setting icon and select import contacts so that a user can pick the CSV file that user wants to import from Thunderbird Address book to iPhone.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are some drawbacks of the manual procedure to move Thunderbird contacts to iPhone such that in case if users are planning to export their entire Thunderbird contacts to CSV then, it’s not feasible via using the manual method also, this manual method is a very time taking consuming.   



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