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How to Convert OFT File into Multiple Formats? Easy Solution!

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Summary: This post will explore the OFT Converter Tool by CorbettSoftware. Also, users will learn about the reasons and safe ways to export OFT files in multiple formats with all data files. So, let’s get started with the post.

OFT is an Outlook Template File that is used by Microsoft Outlook. It is a pre-designed template that contains the theme, content, body, font, signature, and other formatting options. The primary need for OFT files is to save effort and time when composing multiple emails with similar content.

With OFT files, you can easily create a standardized email template that can be reused multiple times. These templates can include the same subject line, body content, and formatting, which can be useful for businesses that regularly send out newsletters, sales offers, or other types of emails.

Well, there are certain situations, where you might need to convert the OFT file to another format, because the OFT file is dependent on Outlook, and you need Microsoft Outlook to open & read OFT file content. Here, we will explore the best OFT file Converter to export data into a universal format. So, let’s begin the post, without further delay.

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Why Corbett OFT File Converter Tool?

Corbett Software has provided a wide range of solutions in Email Backup & Restore, and their OFT Converter Tool is an expert-recommended solution, which comes with multiple advanced functionalities.

The software supports batch conversion of Outlook Template File to Multiple formats with all data fields. In addition, the wizard offers the dual option to browse & upload OFT data files to the software panel using the Add File & Add Folder option.

Not only this, the OFT File Converter provides you with multiple advanced data filters that let users sort & convert specific Outlook OFT data to the preferred format. A demo edition of the software is also available for users to evaluate the toolkit performance without any investment.

So, click on the download button listed below, and understand the software’s working steps to convert OFT into multiple formats.

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Steps to Convert OFT to Multiple Format

  1. Download & Install OFT Converter Tool on Windows OS.
  2. Click on Open >> Email Data Files >> OFT Files >> Upload Data.
    upload oft file
  3. Next, the software will scan & display all the data in the preview panel.
    Preview emails
  4. Afterward, click the Export button, and select the required option from the list.
    oft converter export options
  5. Last, apply the data filters, and click on the “Save” button to convert the OFT file.
    apply filters to convert OFT File

Prime Features of OFT Converter Tool

  • Convert OFT to Multiple Formats: The OFT File Converter allows users to convert (Outlook File Template) to the preferred format. The toolkit allows exporting of data in Email File Formats, Document Formats, Desktop Clients, and Web & Cloud Clients.
  • File Naming Option: This feature is useful for users when they Convert OFT to PDF or EML format. The file naming convention makes it easy to manage converted files and identify them based on their content. The toolkit gives you 7+ naming options with the option of custom file names.
  • Advanced-Data Filters to Sort Data: The OFT Converter Tool allows users to export selective data from OFT files on the basis of date, subject, sender, and recipient. One can easily apply the data filters before the conversion process to ensure that only selected data will be exported.
  • Dedicated Preview Panel: The OFT File Converter Software offers you a dedicated preview panel, that allows users to view their data without the dependency on Microsoft Outlook. In addition, users can view the OFT file data in 4 preview modes including the Content View, Properties, Message Header, HEX View & Raw Message View.

These are just an overview of the features, the toolkit is capable of more. Go ahead and download the OFT Converter Tool to check all the functionalities of the software.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) How to use Corbett OFT File Converter?

  • Download & Run OFT Converter Tool on Windows.
  • Go to Open > Email Data Files >> Outlook OFT
  • Now, Preview the OFT file content in 4+ Modes.
  • Select the required export type & click the Save button.

Q) Can I use an OFT File Converter to convert individual email messages?

Yes, the software allows you to convert individual email messages to the required format.

Q) What components of the OFT file are preserved by the OFT file converter?

The OFT Converter Tool preserves all components of the OFT file including the Message Body, Subject Line, File Attachment, Meeting Information, etc.

Q) Does the software keep the attachments during the conversion of the OFT file?

Yes, users can convert OFT files to the required format with their associated attachments & attributes.

Concluding Words

This post describes the entire procedure on how to convert OFT to multiple formats. Users can make use of the OFT file converter by Corbett. The software is capable of converting OFT to over 20 platforms and formats with all data fields. Additionally, the Outlook OFT Converter Tool is tested and admired by IT professionals for its smooth and accurate results. Go ahead and download the software for free to learn more.

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