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How Do I Transfer Optimum Email to Gmail? Complete Guide

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Summary: This article will explore ways to transfer Optimum email to Gmail accounts. We’ll provide you with two different techniques you can implement to import email from Optimum to Gmail with all data attributes. So, let’s begin the post.

Optimum.net is an ISP provider that offers a wide range of services including Internet, phone service, television, and email in the United States. However, The FYI: Email Creations is no longer working for Optimum as of May 2021, and this comes with major downsides.

  • Optimum no longer offers the ability to create a new email account.
  • Existing and new customers will not be able to create mail accounts.
  • There is no technical support for the majority of email issues.

All these reasons lead users to transfer Optimum.net to Gmail account. There are only a limited number of solutions available that can help you to forward Optimum mail to Gmail. In the next section, users will get the benefits and two different solutions to complete this process. Here are the topics that we will cover throughout the post.

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Why Should You Move Emails from Optimum to Gmail?

There are several reasons & benefits that users will get while making a switch from Optimum to Gmail account as follows:

On Basis Of Optimum Mail Gmail
Reliability Not Reliable, users reported slow loading time & email delivery issue Reliable platform, and has a large users base of 1.5 billion users
Storage Space 1 GB Storage Space 15 GB Free Cloud Storage
Spam Filters Not able to detect Spam Emails Advanced Spam Filtering Options
Accessibility Limited to Optimum Customers Free Available for Everyone
Customer Support Available – Forum, Chat, Video Available – Forum, Chat, Video, Call

Manually Move Optimum Inbox and Folders to Gmail

  • Open Gmail Account
  • Click on Gear Icon >> See all Settings.
  • Now, Move to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Select Check mail from other accounts.
  • Add Optimum email address & click Next.

Detailed Working: The manual solution is not recommended as it cannot provide accurate migration results. If you still want to proceed with the manual procedure, here are the detailed working steps to manually transfer Optimum to Gmail account.

  • Step 1) Open your default browser & sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Step 2) Now, click on the settings or gear icon to view all Gmail settings.
  • Step 3) In the next window click on the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  • Step 4) Now, move to the “Check mail from other accounts” section, and click on “Add a mail account.”
  • Step 5) Enter your Optimum email address, and click on the “Next” button.
  • Step 6) Next, you have to select the required option to “link account with Gmailfly” or “Import Emails from my other account (POP3)”
  • Step 7) Select the required option, and click the “Next” button.
  • Step 8) Now, enter your password, and click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Once you complete the steps mentioned above, Gmail will start importing email messages from your Optimum account. This process can take up to a few days, depending on the size of the data.

Expert Solution to Import Optimum Email to Gmail

Quickly transfer your emails from Optimum to your Gmail account using the Cobett IMAP Migration Tool. It is an expert-recommended solution that allows you to move emails from your Optimum account to your Gmail account with all attributes.

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The software is capable of batch processing Optimum account data and allows it to be stored in more than 20 platforms and file formats. Also, the software is compatible with all editions of Windows.

A trial edition of the software is also available, which allows users to evaluate the performance of the toolkit without any investment. So, click on the download button, and follow the below-mentioned steps to import Optimum.net to your Gmail account.

Steps to Transfer Optimum Email to Gmail Account

  • Step 1) Install & Run the Optimum Migration Software on your PC.
  • Step 2) Click on Open >> Add Email Account >> Add Optimum Account.
    add Optimum Email account
  • Step 3) Next, the software will generate a preview of Optimum Mailbox data.
    Preview emails
  • Step 4) Afterward, click on the “Export” button & select “Gmail” from the list.
    Transfer Optimum email to Gmail
  • Step 5) Fill out the necessary details & click on “Save” to start the process.
    click save

Note: The software requires the use of an app password while transferring Optimum mailbox data to a Gmail account. Visit this page to create app password.

So There You Have It

This guide explains the entire procedure for transferring Optimum email to Gmail account. We have discussed both manual and automated solutions to import Optimum.net to Gmail account. However, the manual solution is recommended due to its limitations. Our recommendations go with an automated solution, which offers safe and accurate results.

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