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How to Export Mac Outlook to PST Format? Easy Solutions

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Maybe you’re switching from Mac to Windows or perhaps it is a work assignment, we are here to help you with the procedure to export Mac Outlook to PST format with all data attributes. This article will describe all the possible solutions & reasons to create PST file in Outlook Mac. So, let’s begin the post.

Outlook for Mac is a top choice among professionals who manage and access their email communications on the Mac system. Microsoft offers a robust email client service for Mac and Windows users. There may be situations where you need to export your data to a Windows Outlook-compatible format, i.e., a PST file.

But here’s the catch: Mac Outlook enables users to import PST files of any edition to its interface. However, it lacks the option to export data in PST format, which means you can import PST files to Outlook for Mac but cannot export them back in the same format.

The following section will show you how to export Outlook for Mac to PST with all data fields. Here are the topics that we are going to discuss throughout the post.

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Note: Here, we have listed two manual solutions to export Mac Outlook to PST format. One can select any of them as required. Also, for safe and secure results, go straight to the automated solution suggested & verified by IT admins.

#1 Manually Export Outlook for Mac to PST

This manual procedure is divided into 4 different segments and requires the creation of a new Gmail. If you already have one, continue with the steps listed below.

1.1) Setup Gmail Account in Outlook Mac

  • Open Mac Outlook on your machine.
  • Go to “Outlook” on the top menu bar and select “Preferences.”
  • Now, go to “Accounts >> + Icon >> Add a new account.”
  • Select “Email” as the account type and enter your email address.
  • Enter the configuration settings, and Outlook will verify it.
  • Close the windows and access your Gmail in Mac Outlook.

1.2) Manually Move Emails to Gmail

  • Open Outlook on your Mac.
  • Make right-click on the mailbox folder list and select Create a new folder.
  • A dialog box will appear, providing the folder name.
  • Choose the type of folder from the “Folder Contains” dropdown menu.
  • Finally, click “OK” to create the folder.

1.3) Configure Same Gmail Account to Outlook Windows

  • Open Outlook for Windows.
  • Go to the ribbon bar & click on File >> Add Account.
  • Enter the email address & click on click on Connect.
  • Provide all the necessary details & click Next.
  • Outlook checks the configuration settings.
  • Click Next to setup the procedure.

1.4)  Export Mac Outlook to PST with Import/Export

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export tab.
  • Select Export to a file >> Next.
  • Next, select the Outlook Data File (PST) format from the list.
  • Click Next to convert Mac Outlook to PST.

#2 Easily Create PST File in Outlook Mac

The second manual approach to accomplishing this task is divided into different segments. First, you must export OLM files from your Mac Outlook. Here’s how to do that.

2.1) Export Mac Outlook Data File  

  • Launch your Outlook application for Mac.
  • Then, from the File menu, select Export.
  • Next, select all the items you want to save from the Export tab.
  • Then, proceed further with the “do not delete items” option.
  • Now, set the preferred destination and name for the resultant file.
  • Select “Save” to export Mac Outlook to PST format.

2.2) Outlook for Mac Export to PST  

Now, you have the Mac Outlook data file, and users have to import OLM file to Outlook to access their email messages in Outlook for Windows. Let’s check the procedure to complete this process.

Download Now

  • Download & Run the Mac Outlook Exporter on Windows.
  • Click on Open >> Email Data Files >> OLM Files.
  • Load and preview your OLM files in 4+ modes.
  • Click “Export” and choose the “PST” format.
  • Lastly, click on “Save” to export Mac Outlook emails.

Convert Mac Outlook to PST with Expert Solution

We have brought the only Corbett OLM to PST Converter for the expert-suggested solution. This utility is, without a doubt, an excellent choice due to the high security and reliability it provides to its users. Moreover, it is well-equipped with the best features for users to experience a smooth and hassle-free export process. Along with that, this software is fully supported by all versions of Windows OS. Thus, you can use it on any Windows machine without any restrictions.

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Steps to Export Mac Outlook to PST

  • Install and launch the professional utility on your Windows machine and click on the “Open” button.
    launch the utility and click the open button
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Email Data Files” and then “Choose File” or “Choose Folder” to upload your source files.
    click email data files to upload Mac Outlook files
  • Load and Preview your selected Mac Outlook files in the dedicated software panel with four different modes.
    preview your uploaded data
  • Next, click on the “Export” tab and select the “PST” format to export and convert your Outlook for Mac files.
    export Outlook for Mac to PST format
  • At last, utilize the provided advanced options and click “Save”to export Mac Outlook to PST format.
    click Save for Outlook for Mac export to PST

And that is all for the process of converting Mac Outlook emails to PST format. Now that you have exported your Mac Outlook files into PST format, you can import PST to Outlook for Windows and access the data easily.

Advantages of Choosing the Professional Utility

Undoubtedly, there are reasons why this above-mentioned utility is an expert favorite. Here, we will share some of the most prominent benefits of using this software to export Mac Outlook to PST format.

  • It efficiently bulk convert Mac Outlook to PST format.
  • Offers two search modes, Quick and Advance, to filter through data on a finer level.
  • Maintains 100% data integrity of user data as original throughout the process.
  • Fully compatible with all Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) OS versions.
  • Preserves original folder structure and hierarchy even after completing the process.
  • Offers dedicated technical support for customers available 24/7.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) Why would I need to convert Mac Outlook to PST?

There are multiple reasons to export Outlook for Mac to PST format. Some of them are listed below:

  • Data Backup: Transferring your data to a PST format allows you to create an additional data backup to overcome unforeseen loss and damage.
  • Sharing & Collaboration: When you create PST file in Outlook for Mac, you can easily share and collaborate using Windows Outlook or other applications.
  • Legal Compliance: Many organizations must export data into PST format to meet compliance requirements. Additionally, PST files are suitable to organize and store your emails.

Q) Can Mac Outlook directly export to PST format?

Outlook for Mac does not offer any option to export data in PST format. However, it offers an option to import the PST file into Mac Outlook.

Q) How to Create PST File in Outlook for Mac?

  • Run Mac Outlook
  • Go to File & Click on Export.
  • Select the required data & click Next.
  • Now, Convert the Mac Data File to PST format.
  • Use Import/Export & Convert OLM to PST.

Q) Can I Export Outlook for Mac to PST format with selective data?

Yes, with the help of the Import/Export wizard in Outlook, you can Convert the selected Mac Outlook data to PST format.

So There You Have It

This article on “Outlook for Mac Export to PST” discussed various methods one can use to convert Mac Outlook files into Windows Outlook format. We shared a manual method, a workaround method, and an expert-recommended professional utility. Unfortunately, the manual solution doesn’t turn out to be much feasible for most users. Therefore, technical experts suggest going for the above-mentioned professional utility to create PST file in Outlook Mac without any error.

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