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How to Migrate ProtonMail Emails to Gmail Account Directly?

Shaks George ~ Modified: February 23rd, 2022 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Is it precise to say that you will transfer Protonmail emails to Gmail? Exactly when you go through the whole blog, it will wind up being obvious to you that the course toward relocating isn’t so hazardous.

Protonmail was once known to be perhaps the most presumed email association accessible keeping watch. Notwithstanding, because of different reasons, clients are anticipating approaches to manage migrate Protonmail emails to Gmail.

Gmail is perhaps the most rising email association among the entirety of the open ones as it gives some amazing highlights like Google Drive, Google Docs, and so forth Consequently, individuals are at present expecting to change over from Protonmail email to Gmail. So in case you are one of those clients who is discovering approaches to manage transfer Protonmail email to Gmail, then, at that point go through the blog carefully and follow everything:

Why ProtonMail Users Migrate Emails to Gmail Account?

Notwithstanding how Protonmail was possibly the most seen email association open keeping watch, different individuals are now proceeding with Gmail. There will be clear purposes for it and that is the clarification we ought to see the value in the possible reasons why it is fundamental to move Protonmail email to Gmail:

  • The utilization of Gmail is expanding little by little due to its first-rate highlights and associations. Right when an email association offers such an incredible arrangement, clearly individuals will drive towards it.
  • Gmail can save time when wandered from other email associations
  • More clients go for help which is even easier to use. The equivalent is the condition with Gmail
  • The essential worry about any email association is its capacity to direct information. With Gmail, you essentially ought to be tranquil as it offers good information the pioneers to its clients
  • The security features mail make it stand isolated from the social event
Changing beginning with one email association then onto the following is certainly not a direct assignment and likewise, this choice ought to be made precisely when you have an appropriate ‘Why.’ You can also read read a how to Export ProntonMail Emails to Outlook.

How to Move from Emails to Gmail?

There are various choices in the market to do the example of Protonmail mail development. Which surprisingly appeared differently to another programming that you can go for is Corbett Email Backup and Restore Wizard. Considering everything, development is a puzzling cycle.

Despite the way that there are different devices and programming accessible for development, some of them don’t keep one gadget or the other. Regardless, this IMAP Migration Tool acknowledges a staggering part for Windows 8, 9, 10 & All below Versions clients. Expecting you are a particular client, that is awesome. On the off chance that you are not, also, you can proceed with utilizing this thing.

Quick Steps to ProtonMail Complete Move Emails to Gmail

Carefully understand the step-by-step guide to complete the migration process of ProtonMail Emails to Gmail perfectly with Corbett Wizard.

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Step1: The basic development beginnings when you press the Download Now button and download Corbett Software. Then, at that point, present something practically indistinguishable on your gadget


Step2: Thereafter, open the device and tap on the ‘Open’ button from the upper left


Step3: Then, you will be relied upon to tap on ‘Email Accounts’ in the going with the ‘Add Account’ choice which is there on the screen

add account

Step4: Provide your email ID correspondingly to the strange articulation of Protonmail email and go down to ‘Advanced Settings.’

advance settings

Step5: There, you should give your IMAP server in the space required or hit ‘Find’ to auto-fill and hit ‘Add’ to go further


Step6: All the records that you wish to fare will be examined


Step7: Finally, you need to hit ‘Export’ beginning there and a brief time frame later finally snap-on ‘Gmail’ for completing the cycle
gmail export

Applying the entirety of the techniques alluded to under can be a truly obliging approach to import Protonmail emails to Gmail. You can also read a How to transfer ProntaonMails Emails to Thunderbird.

Why ProtonMail Users Choose the Tool to Migrate Emails to Gmail?

  • Fundamental and Simple to utilize: The most discernible part about Corbett Wizard is that its UI is extremely clear and amazingly a novice can utilize it.
  • Unequivocal development of information: If paying little mind to all that you are requiring to relocate emails with a particular goal in mind. The software can manage to transfer ProtonMail emails to Gmail.
  • Essential and Quick Conversion: The device is sufficient to assist you with completing the development cycle effectively and rapidly.
  • Ensured secure and safe outcomes: Whenever you accomplish something, the solitary thing which matters is results. The tool outfit us with true and 100% ensured results

Author’s Suggestion

With the blog given over, the intricacies probably become more direct for you. You need to execute them carefully to move Protonmail emails to Gmail. The tool offers the users to migrate, transfer, move, import protonMail emails to Gmail directly without any hassle.