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How to Save Gmail to Google Drive with Attachments? Let’s Find

Justin Cener ~ Modified: August 21st, 2023 ~ Backup ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Trying to Save Gmail to Google Drive? We got you. In this article, we are going to share various methods on how to move Gmail email to Google Drive in an effective manner. For that, we have shared one manual solution as well as one automated method to complete this process. So, keep reading to get the solutions and guidance on the topic.

On April 1, 2004, Google launched Gmail as a free email service. As we know, Gmail is part of Google Workspace which is a cloud-based collaboration platform. You can store 15 GB worth of emails in Gmail. However, that 15 GB storage space is shared amongst Gmail, Google Photos & Google Drive.

On the other hand, Google Drive is a storage solution by Google to store your files. You can upload your own files in the drive to back them up in the cloud. And since it is also cloud-based, you can access the uploaded data from any device. For instance, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

In addition to that, you can share files from Google Drive, and it keeps your data synchronized in all of the devices. Now, let’s explore why you must save Gmail to Google Drive.

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Reasons to Move Gmail Email to Google Drive

As we know that data backup is crucial, users look for methods and techniques to save email to Google Drive. Not just the importance of backup, but many other reasons one should know how to save multiple Gmail to Google Drive.

  1. To prevent accidental deletion: There is a high chance you may accidentally delete any important email while clearing out your inbox. Therefore, to avoid any chance of that happening, you must save Gmail to Google Drive.
  2. For offline access: Gmail is a cloud-based email service, you can only access your data when connected to the internet. So, to access your vital emails from anywhere, you can save emails to Google Drive.
  3. To access the emails anytime: Over time our inbox tends to fill with necessary or unnecessary messages. This forms clutter and in this clutter, the important emails are not readily available. So, you must move Gmail emails to Google drive to take a backup of important emails.

Now that we are acquainted with the reasons you should save Gmail to Google Drive, let’s move on to the techniques you can apply to accomplish that.

How to Save Email to Google Drive? Free Solution

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Open the email you want to save.
  • Click on the three dots for the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Print option.
  • In the print window, select Save to PDF as the destination.
  • Then, upload that file to google drive.

And those are the steps to save email to google drive manually. However, there are a few limitations that come along with this method.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • If you use this method, you can only save a single email to google drive at a time.
  • You cannot save Gmail to Google Drive in bulk using this method.
  • Before this, there was a direct option to set the destination as “Save to Google Drive”. However, for some reason, Google removed that option.
  • This method does not support saving attachments to Google Drive.

So, you see how if you choose to use this method, you will also have to deal with all this hassle and restrictions. Therefore, if you want to move Gmail email to google drive in bulk, then check out the next segment.

Professional Method to Save Gmail to Google Drive

For the professional approach, experts recommend using an automated tool. Therefore, we have brought you this Corbett Gmail Backup Tool. This tool not just save emails to Google drive in bulk but also backs up your attachments along with the emails. Moreover, this utility has plenty of amazing features that make the whole process secure and reliable for users.

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Fascinating Features of this Software

  • Takes backup of single or multiple emails without any issue.
  • There is No Limitation on the File Size of your data.
  • Efficiently Maintains File structure & Hierarchy.
  • Assures 100% Data Integrity and Ethicality.
  • Not just emails but also backs up other element folders of Gmail. For instance, Contacts, Email Addresses etc.
  • Has the ability to sort emails based on different stipulations.

How to Move Gmail Email to Google Drive? Software Working Explained

  1. Download and Launch the software and click on the Open button in the top left corner.

    Download the software to save gmail to google drive

  2. In the dropdown menu, select Email Accounts >> Add Account.

    add gmail account

  3. Now Enter the Credentials of the account you want to take a backup of.

    Enter credential of your gmail account

  4. If you’re not able to log in, use the advanced settings. Find your IMAP server and Click Add.

    Find IMAP server

  5. Use search settings like Quick search & Advanced Search to search within the emails.

    Use the advanced search

  6. Click on Export and Select the File Format you want to export your Gmail backup in.

    Click on Export to save gmail to google drive

  7. Click on the Browse button to select the location to save the Output files.

    browse location to save data

  8. Check the boxes for Advanced options according to your requirements. For instance, Save attachments in a folder, File Naming option etc.

    data filters

  9. Lastly, click on the Save button to initiate the procedure to save Gmail to Google Drive with attachments in bulk.

    click save

You see how easy to understand this professional method. Use these above-mentioned steps to save Gmail to google drive in bulk. Now, users can open their Google Drive to upload the resultant data file.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) Can You Save Gmail Emails to Google Drive?

  • Download and run the software.
  • Click Open >> Email Account >> Add Gmail Account.
  • Click Export and select the required format.
  • Apply data filters and click Save.
  • Go to drive.google.com and upload the resulting file.
  • That’s it for saving emails to Google Drive.

Q) How can I access saved emails on Google Drive from other devices?

  • Go to drive.google.com and sign in with your account.
  • Next, find the folder where the emails are stored.
  • Select the email message and right-click.
  • Now select Open with >> Preview.

Q) Can I save multiple emails at once to Google Drive?

Yes, with the help of an automated solution, you can save multiple emails to Google Drive with all email data & attributes. The manual solution allows you to import one mail at a time.


So, there you have it. You can save emails to google drive with attachments in two different ways. We have shared a manual procedure and one automated solution to execute the process with the utmost security of your data. Moreover, this automated solution saves the attachments with the emails as well. On the contrary, the manual method has limitations, like one single email conversion at a time. In addition to that, it does not save attachments with emails. Hence, technical experts recommend a professional solution for users to save Gmail to google drive.

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