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How to Backup Gmail to OneDrive? Complete Guide

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This article will discuss how to backup Gmail to OneDrive. To accomplish the task, we have brought four different methods. Where the first three methods are manual, the last solution is recommended by numerous technical professionals. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the article and see which one turns out to be the best suited for you.

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Reasons Users Download from Gmail to OneDrive

  • Backup and Security: The automatic backup and reliable cloud storage of OneDrive protects your valuable data and attachments from potential data loss caused by accidental deletion or device failures.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: By saving Gmail attachments to OneDrive, sharing documents with others, controlling access levels, and collaborating in real-time using tools like MS Office Online gets easier. This is because OneDrive allows seamless collaboration with clients, colleagues, or friends.
  • Accessibility and Organization: OneDrive also allows accessibility from any internet-connected device. This helps in making sure that your important files are within reach even when you’re on the go. Along with that, OneDrive’s folder organization feature makes it incredibly easy for users to locate any specific item/attachment when needed.
  • Gmail account getting a lot of spam: It may be you are receiving a lot of spam emails on your Gmail account. In that case, one of the best solutions is to back up your Gmail emails to OneDrive, or any other platform of your preference. This saves your important and crucial data from getting deleted among the spam emails.

How to Backup Gmail to OneDrive?

  • Backup directly from Google Takeout to OneDrive,
  • Use the Download and Upload method,
  • Utilize the Drag & Drop approach, or
  • Use the Automated Solution recommended by technical experts.

So, these are the four methods to accomplish the task. As you can see these solutions help you download your Gmail data and then upload it to your OneDrive account. We are going to explain these methods further in the following segments of the blog. So, without stretching it any further, let us start.

Backup Directly from Google Takeout

  • Head to the Google Takeout page.
  • Click on “Drive” and then select “Next Step”.
  • Select the “Add to OneDrive” option from the “Delivery Method” dropdown menu.
  • Now, select the “Export Once” Frequency and the preferred Export file type and size.
  • Proceed to click “Create Export”.

So, this was the first manual approach you can try if you want to backup Gmail to OneDrive in bulk. Now, let us move on to the next segment and see the method to choose if you only have a few emails to back up.

The Download and Upload Feature

  • Log into your Gmail account. Double-click and open the email message you want.
  • Click More >> Download Message.
  • To backup more than one email i.e., multiple emails, repeat the above-mentioned steps.
  • Next, open the Local Downloads folder. Select the recently downloaded emails and save them to a new folder.
  • Now, open onedrive.com.
  • Click Upload >> Folder. Browse and upload the folder containing all the downloaded Gmail emails.

These were the steps to accomplish the task using the download and upload method. One can use this approach if they have a few emails they want to back up to OneDrive. Now, let us move ahead and see the steps to use the second manual solution to accomplish the task.

Use the Drag & Drop Approach

  • Open the OneDrive Folder.
  • Add a Gmail account to the Outlook email client.
    • Open Outlook. Click File >> Add Account.
    • Type your email address in the required fields, and hit Connect.
    • Enter your Gmail account password and add your account.
  • Open the inbox folder in Outlook and select the email message you wish to back up.
  • Proceed to drag and drop the selected email into the OneDrive Folder.
  • Press and Hold the Ctrl key to backup multiple Gmail emails to OneDrive.

This is another method you can opt for if you have a few Gmail emails to backup to OneDrive. Unfortunately, all the above-mentioned manual methods have some limitations, making them an unappealing choice for users. Let us move to the next segment and have a look at the self-evident drawbacks of these methods.

Limitations Associated With the Manual Approaches

  • The first two manual solutions are only feasible if you have a few emails to backup to OneDrive as you can only backup one email at a time using those methods. This makes the techniques time-consuming and burdensome.
  • The second manual method is entirely Outlook-dependent. Moreover, it also includes a sub-process in it, i.e., adding your Gmail account to the Outlook email client which makes the process even more complicated.
  • The Google Takeout method may take up to several days depending on the size of the data you’re trying to backup to OneDrive. Due to this, users often report the “Google Data Migration stuck at 99%” issue.

Expert Solution on Saving Gmail Emails to OneDrive

For the automated approach, we have brought you none other than the Corbett Gmail Backup Tool. This splendid utility is equipped with the best features needed to execute the task successfully. Along with that, one can use the tool without worrying about the version compatibility as it is highly compatible with all versions of Windows OS. Now, let us move ahead further and see how to execute the procedure using the tool.

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Steps to Backup Gmail to OneDrive Using the Tool

  • Download and install the expert-suggested tool on your Windows system and upon launching, click on the Open button.
    click open
  • Then, proceed to select Email Accounts >> Add Account from the dropdown menu.
    click email accounts > add account
  • Next, enter the Gmail account credentials in the blank fields to add your Gmail account to the software.
    enter your gmail account credentials
  • Preview your uploaded mailbox data in the dedicated panel of the software.
    preview gmail mailbox data
  • Next, click on the Export tab and select the PDF format from the dropdown menu.
    now click export and select pdf
  • At last, apply the preferred advanced options and hit the Save button.
    click save

And that is all for the quick and hassle-free tutorial on how to backup Gmail emails to OneDrive. Furthermore, this tool is also fully capable of saving Gmail attachments to save them to OneDrive. Here are the steps to accomplish that using this tool.

Steps to Save Gmail Attachments to OneDrive Using the Utility

  • Download and install the expert-suggested tool on your Windows system and upon launching, click on the Open button.
  • Then, proceed to select Email Accounts >> Add Account from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, enter the Gmail account credentials in the blank fields to add your Gmail account to the software.
  • Preview your uploaded mailbox data in the dedicated panel of the software.
  • Now, click on the Extract tab and select the Attachments option from the dropdown menu.
    click extract > attachments
  • Upon completing all the steps, click Save.
    select Save

Advantages of Opting for the Expert Tool

As mentioned above, there is a vast number of benefits that are associated with using this utility. We have mentioned the most prominent ones below.

  • It backs up the entire Gmail mailbox to OneDrive in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • The expert tool is proficient in saving Gmail attachments to OneDrive separately as well.
  • It provides a dedicated preview panel consisting of four different view modes displaying different attributes of the uploaded data.
  • This tool also provides an extract tab that allows users to extract and save specific data items, for instance, extract phone number from Gmail.
  • The incredibly easy-to-navigate graphical interface of the utility is a favorite of all users, including technically sound and novice ones.
  • This utility has two search settings: Quick and Advanced that help sort out Gmail data based on keywords, date range, or email fields like BCC, CC, From, To, Subject, etc.
  • The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, thus, users will have no problem launching the software on any Windows system, regardless of the version.

So There You Have It

In this article, we shared four top-rated solutions to backup Gmail to OneDrive. We shared three manual methods as well as an expert-suggested automated utility. Unfortunately, the manual solutions come with certain limitations whereas the automated approach provides utmost reliability. Hence, the experts recommend using professional utility to accomplish the task.

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