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How to Extract Phone Number from Gmail? Complete Guide

Justin Cener ~ Modified: July 28th, 2023 ~ Tips ~ 4 Minutes Reading

The procedure to extract contacts from Gmail emails is an excruciating task until one knows the correct procedure. Users often feel overwhelmed finding the best-suited solution in the vast sea called the internet. Well, worry not because we are here with this technical guide that explains how to extract phone number from Gmail. Read until the end to find the best-suited solution for you.

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Gmail is a popularly known email client worldwide. Launched in 2004 by Google Inc., Gmail now has over 1.5 Billion active users. Since every other person is a Gmail user, most of us have it as our personal or professional email client. Consequently, we share a lot of information through the application. Be it job resumes or bank statements, we use Gmail for that. Keeping that in mind, it is not unnatural to share contacts i.e. phone numbers within emails as well. Although Google provides Google Contacts to store user contacts, however, it is not an easy task to extract contacts that arrive along with Gmail emails in inbox.

Furthermore, there is no direct manual approach to accomplishing this task i.e. to extract email contacts from Gmail . Therefore, we have come here today with a solution recommended by technical experts. Check the next segment for further details on the solution.

How to Extract Contacts from Gmail Inbox?

Since there is no direct manual approach to accomplish this task, technical professionals recommend using automated software. Thus, we have brought you the ultimate Corbett Gmail Backup Tool, the perfect solution to extract phone number from Gmail account in a secure and hassle-free manner. This utility is simply amazing for accomplishing the task. Moreover, it provides users with incredible features that help improve the functionality and efficacy of the tool.

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Steps to Extract Email Contacts from Gmail

  • Download and run the above-mentioned utility on your Windows system.
  • Next, select Email Accounts >> Add Account from the appeared dropdown menu.
    click email accounts > add account
  • Enter the credentials of your Gmail account to extract phone number from Gmail.
    enter your Gmail credentials
  • Preview your data in four different preview modes in the dedicated panel.
  • Click on Extract >> Phone Numbers.
    click extract >> Phone numbers
  • Browse a preferred location, utilize the advanced filters, and proceed to hit Save.
    hit save

Follow these given steps to use the utility and extract phone number from Gmail account. Along with that, it also provides users with the option to extract other attributes of their account data as well, for instance, attachments, email addresses, and associated emails & phone numbers. Furthermore, you can also use this utility for backing up your Gmail account data, as its name suggests that it is a backup tool. It provides you with a variety of popular file and document formats to export your data in.

Benefits of Using Professional Utility

  • It efficiently extracts contacts from Gmail inbox in batch mode without any issues.
  • The utility lets you set a preferred location on your system to save the resultant files.
  • Provides users with a dedicated preview panel and four different preview modes.
  • Offers multiple file and document formats to save Gmail data in.
  • Bulk extract contacts from Gmail inbox with 100% data integrity.
  • Along with phone numbers, one can extract attachments, email addresses, and associated emails & phone numbers as well.

All these benefits and more are available when users go for a utility and that is also the main reason why technical professionals recommend it.

Wrapping Up

In this blog on “How to Extract Phone Number from Gmail”, we discussed the best-voted solution by experts to accomplish this task. There is no direct approach to completing this manually hence, technical professionals suggest users opt for a professional utility. Correspondingly, the above-recommended tool is a favorite of numerous experts to extract email contacts from Gmail Inbox. Go and install the software for free to evaluate its performance.

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