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How to Create Clone Gmail Account in 2024? Complete Guide

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Want to create clone Gmail account but don’t know how to? Worry not! We are here with the best way to accomplish the task. We will discuss methods suggested by numerous technical experts. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight into the article.

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A lot of information, personal or professional is exchanged and shared through email messages. Even a small technical disruption that locks us out of our accounts could lead users into a frenzy. This is where cloning comes in. As emails are an important mode of communication, they were never invented with security in mind. Nowadays, it is not unnatural to forget your account credentials. This could lead to losing important emails and more. Therefore, users tend to clone their data i.e. create clone Gmail account to avoid disruptions and turbulence like this in their day-to-day Gmail use. So, what is cloning exactly?

Cloning refers to making a copy of existing data, for instance, email messages, newsletters, flyers, etc. This technique helps recover from conditions like forgetting credentials, being locked out of your Gmail account, and having trouble accessing data. These and more are the reasons why users tend to clone their Gmail account data. But how does one clone a Gmail account? Proceed further for detailed explanations on how to create clone Gmail account.

How to Clone a Gmail Account? – Quick Steps

  • Download and install the Gmail Account Cloner on your system.
  • Click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.
  • Enter the credentials of the Gmail Account you want to clone.
  • Click Export and select Gmail from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the credentials of the destination account and hit Save.

So, these are the quick and hassle-free steps to creating a clone Gmail account. As you can see, this above-mentioned method includes an automated utility. We will explain the mentioned expert utility further in the article. For now, let us discuss if there is a manual procedure to accomplish the task.

Can One Clone Their Gmail Account Manually?

The answer is yes, however, the process is extremely time-consuming and requires technical insight. There are two different manual methods that users can opt for. The first method involves using Google’s Manual Service to download Gmail account data in MBOX format and then proceed to import MBOX into Gmail account where you want to save your cloned data.

On the other hand, the second method requires you to create a new Gmail account and retrieve email messages from the old one to the new one. One can execute this manual procedure but it involves a lot of steps which makes it a long and tedious process. Furthermore, this manual procedure does not apply to users looking to clone Gmail account to other email clients such as Office 365 or Yahoo.com.

Cloning Gmail data to other email clients can be done through a manual workaround method. However, using this manual workaround, users can only clone and save the Inbox folder of their Gmail accounts. This is a huge limitation according to experts and thus, they suggest users steer clear of this method. So what is the alternative to this haphazard? Continue to the next segment.

Expert Solution to Create Clone Gmail Account

To overcome the gaps in the manual solution, experts suggest going for a professional tool. Thus, we are here with the Corbett Gmail Backup Tool, the perfect solution for the “How to clone a Gmail account?” question. This remarkable utility provides the utmost security to user data and is highly reliable in comparison to other solutions which is why it’s a favorite of numerous technical professionals. Moreover, with this software, you get the option to selectively clone your data as well. And unlike the manual workaround method, this tool clones and saves all folders of Gmail account data.

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Step-by-Step Procedure to Create Gmail Clone Account

  • Download and install the above-recommended software on your Windows PC. Then, click on the Open button in the top-left corner.
    start the tool and click open
  • In the drop-down list, select Email Accounts >> Add Account.
    then click on Email Account >> Add Account
  • Then, enter the credentials of the Gmail account you want to want to clone to create clone Gmail account.
    enter the credentials of Gmail account you want to clone
  • Preview your Gmail account data in the dedicated preview panel with four different modes.
    preview your Gmail mailbox data for cloning
  • Proceed to click on the Export tab and select Gmail from the provided list to create clone Gmail account.
    click on export and select Gmail
  • Name the resultant folder as per your choice and enter the credentials of the destination account.
    name the resultant cloned data and enter destination account credentials
  • Utilize the provided advanced options as per requirements and click the Save button.
    lastly, use the advanced options and click save button to clone Gmail account

Follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully create clone Gmail account. This is a failproof method with a high-reliability factor which is why it’s a favorite of numerous technical professionals. This method is efficient and easy to navigate compared to the manual solution.

Furthermore, if you want to clone your Gmail account to other email clients then you can do so with this tool as well. Since the above-given steps only show to clone your account to another Gmail account, here are the steps to follow to clone Gmail account to other email clients:

  • Repeat steps 1 to step 4 same as above.
  • Then, click on Export and select any destination email client of your preference.
  • Proceed to name the resultant folder as per your choice and enter the credentials of the chosen destination account.
  • Lastly, utilize the advanced options and hit the Save button.

Using this procedure, you can clone your Gmail account to any web-based or desktop-based email client of your choice.

How Does Using an Automated Solution Benefit in Gmail Cloning?

  • Multiple Destination Options: This utility provides users with multiple destinations where they can save their resultant cloned data after they create clone Gmail account. For example, file & document formats, web & desktop-based clients. Users can choose any one of the provided options to their requirements and the tool will proceed according to that.
  • Data Filtration for Selective Cloning: The several data filters of this software help users selectively process their data as per their needs. Users can simply check or uncheck the box for the folders they would like to clone & save. Along with that, the search settings help users filter out data based on Date, To, From, CC, specific keywords, etc.
  • Clones All Gmail Folders: Unlike the manual workaround method, this automated utility not only clones the inbox folder but create clone Gmail account including all the other Gmail folders as well. For instance, inbox, sent, draft, starred, etc. It clones and saves all Gmail folders proficiently without any issues.
  • Simple Graphical User Interface: This expert-favorite solution has an interactive and easy-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI). This helps users in accomplishing the task easily without any unnecessary confusion. This user interface caters to all categories of users and is appreciated by both technically sound and novice users.

So There You Have It

In this article on “Create Clone Gmail Account”, we discussed what exactly cloning is, why users want to clone their data, and how you can clone a Gmail account. We discussed both the manual method and also an expert-suggested solution to accomplish the task. However, the manual method comes with certain limitations that hinder it from performing efficiently for users. In that case, the exert utility overcomes the gaps and provides users with a smooth and hassle-free process to clone Gmail account.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q1: Can one manually create a clone Gmail account?

A1: As stated above, there are two manual approaches you can take to clone your Gmail account. One involves using Google Takeout, and the other one involves creating a new Gmail account. You can use either of the methods according to your requirements, however, the manual procedures are quite lengthy and tiresome to perform.

Q2: Would using the automated utility affect the meta properties of my Gmail data?

A2: Absolutely not. The above-mentioned expert utility preserves the meta properties and the original structure of user Gmail data throughout the process.

Q3: Can I clone my Gmail account to a desktop-based client using the expert solution?

A3: Yes, you can. The expert solution provides users with the option to clone and save their Gmail data in popular file formats, web-based email clients as well as desktop-based email clients.

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