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How to Protect Gmail Account From Hackers? – Solved

Justin Cener ~ Modified: April 20th, 2023 ~ How to, Tips ~ 4 Minutes Reading

This technical write-up to guide you on how to protect Gmail account from hackers. We have shared various security measures you can implement and one expert recommendation to secure Gmail account from hackers. So keep reading and find out the best solutions and recommendations out there.

Over the years, Gmail has formed an important place in our lives. Whether it is bank statements or job confirmations or be it account verification, we use Gmail for various deeds. Thus, undoubtedly, a lot of our personal and sensitive information is stored there. As we know, Gmail is a cloud-based email client which means it stores all our data on its server. So, let’s know how to protect Gmail account from hackers.

Without a doubt, Google itself follows numerous security measures to keep its customers and their data secure. However, you never know when an adversity might occur. In today’s age, where cyber attacks are growing common with each passing day, one must take appropriate measures to ensure security of their personal sensitive data. So, let’s get started with the actions to implement in order to assure the safety of Gmail account from hackers.

Safety Measures to Take to Protect Gmail Account from Hackers

There are numerous approaches you can apply. Although in this article, we are going to share the top most discussed ones.

  • Use a strong password
  • Enable Two factor authentication
  • Check account activities
  • Backup your data – expert recommended solution

Let us expand further on each of these above-mentioned methods.

Use a Strong Password

Would you believe it if we told you that 23 million account users have 123456 as their password? Moreover, 51% of people use the same password for their work and personal accounts. These types of accounts can be easily hacked with an SQL injection or a Brute Force attack. So, to save yourself and your account from getting hacked, you must use a strong password.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Although Gmail practices numerous security guidelines to keep its users safe from any sort of cyber attack. However, it is essential that users also take steps to safeguard themselves from any data or identity harm. For that, Gmail provides the Two Factor Authentication feature. It is like adding an extra layer of protection for your Gmail account. You can enable two factor authentication for your Gmail account in your security settings.

Check Your Account Activities

Regularly checking your account activities is a good internet hygiene practice. Do make sure to check if there is any suspicious activity going on in your account i.e. your account being logged in overseas. You can do so in your security settings.

Expert Recommendation to Protect Gmail Account from Hackers

No one is waiting around for the worst to happen. Thus, take the step to backup your precious data right this instant. Moreover, it is a highly beneficial practice to maintain cybersecurity hygiene. And for that, we have brought this expert-recommended Corbett Gmail Email Backup Software. Let’s checkout some extraordinary features of this software.

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Fascinating Features of this Software

  • Takes backup of emails without any difficulty; whether single or multiple.
  • There is No Limitation on the Size of your data files.
  • Efficiently Maintains File structure & Hierarchy.
  • Assures 100% Data Integrity and Ethicality.
  • Not just emails but it also backs up other Gmail element folders. For instance, Contacts, Email Addresses etc.
  • Is capable of sorting emails based on multiple stipulations.


Every other person is a Gmail user. Since Gmail is a cloud-based email client, it is essential to take security measures in order to protect Gmail account from hackers. With cyberattacks on the rise, every user must take initiative to safeguard their data. Therefore, we have brought you a smart and professional solution to accomplish the task.

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