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Export Siteground Emails to Office 365 Account – Complete Guide

Jared Young ~ Modified: August 25th, 2023 ~ Export ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you still worried & looking for the solution to export Siteground emails to Office 365? Then, this blog become helpful to your problem read this blog we have disscussed a great procedure to transfer Siteground to Office 365. So, read till the end to move Siteground emails without any hassles.

Transfer Siteground Emails to Office 365 Siteground is a useful online email client course of action that obliges the necessities of individuals and relationships of various sizes. Regardless, understanding the sensibility of Office 365 for enormous business level uses, various affiliations are moving over to it. Regardless1, on the off chance that you are expecting to move your letterboxes and their connected data from Siteground or G Suite to Office 365, you need to follow a couple of stages.

Reasons Why to Export Siteground Emails

Gives a lot of limits, so customers can keep all workspace messages without chronicling. Office 365 has various striking arrangements that make it the supported choice for any customer. Siteground uses names as coordinators. As such, the UI is by and by old and saves a little work to send an email. Office 365 outfits a clear UI with natural limits.

Likewise, it is profitable for customers to use. Office 365 needn’t bother with synchronization. It stores the entire informational collection on the web. Office 365 applications give customers further created parts than Siteground.

Why go for an Automated Philosophy?

Taking help from this software is possibly the most beastly and authentic way to deal with, oversee and manage to finish the improvement cycle. Unequivocally when you use the thing, it will save your time and energy while playing out the endeavor. Curiously, you will get the ideal results without any information issues. Here is a gander at some goliath pieces of the contraption:

  •  Email transformation is secure
  • 100% obvious results
  • Move messages without doing any outings to the central record
  • Gives an email association choice to move unequivocally
  • You can perform dumbfounding new turn of events

Right when you read the entire blog, it might have gotten clear to you how to exchange Siteground messages to Office 365

Alternative Procedure to Move Siteground Emails to Office 365

Expecting you need to move a Squirrelmail mail email to office 365, the main thing which is required is the right contraption to get it rolling. We have introduced a stunning gadget named Corbett IMAP Email Migration Tool, which flawlessly moves the messages. Not simply it makes the advancement cycle less overwhelming, you can do things other than. After a short time, go through the means familiar under with comprehending the whole methodology of getting Siteground emails to Office 365:

Steps to Transfer Siteground Emails to Office 365

Follow the steps to complete the procedure to move Siteground emails to Office 365

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  • First, Run & Install the software on your desktop.

launch the software

  • In this step, open the thing and snap on the open catch.

click on open

  • After that hit email accounts and as necessities are tap on add account.

email accounts > add account

  • Go to the Advanced settings choices under enter your IMAP server at the spot it is inquired.

fill in IMAP details


  • Then, at that point, will in this way evaluate the records and you should simply tap on Office 365 out of the given different choices.

select office 365

  • Tap on export to proceed with the charge cycle


Thinking about everything, when you execute the total progress enough, discover your answer and you will truly have to change in excess of Squirrelmail mail to Office 365. All around don’t present any goofs since it can start an essential difficulty. In this blog, we have concluded the best procedures for the process to move Siteground emails to Office 365.

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