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Backup SquirrelMail Email to the Computer – Solved Query

Shaks George ~ Modified: May 20th, 2023 ~ Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Backup is the first word that comes to mind when discussing data security for Webmail emails. Creating a data backup makes it easier for users to manage their data in the case of a mistake or accident.

However, the topic of how to backup SquirrelMail emails arises. The question appears to be a bit complicated because downloading all emails from SquirrelMail Webmail is not easy. Isn’t that so? Executing the SquirrelMail export process was both informative and tough for you.

Many users had a huge number of emails saved in SquirrelMail, the majority of which were organized into various folders. However, many were concerned that they might lose all of the SquirrelMail emails. As a result, they decided to back up their SquirrelMail account and export all of their emails for usage in other apps.

How to Backup SquirrelMail Webmail Emails Directly?

To take backup Squirrelmail Webmail emails along with attachments is a tedious process. And there is no direct manual way to backup a full Squirrelmail account along with attachments, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, and so on. Many users started looking for a reliable solution but they didn’t find any.

They began searching frequently for a direct method to backup all of their SquirrelMail mail folders. Many of them were reading the various forums sites to get the easiest solution. Luckily, they found the Corbett Email  Backup Wizard. It gave them a sound of relief to fulfill all their needs and requirements.

Then, They directly contacted our support team, to understand the detail of the solution. They found one more advance on this tool that it also gives an option to save all data directly to cloud applications. To start the process there are just 6 steps that they can export all their SquirrelMail emails to a desired email data file.

Automatic Way to Backup SquirrelMail Emails in Batch

In this article, we’ll walk you through the 5 step process to backup your SquirrelMail emails in detail

1. Install and run the tool
2. Select Email Accounts and Add Account
3. View the Tool’s Options
4. Select the Export and choose any file format as per your requirement
5. Hit Save to start the backup process

Steps to Backup Emails from SquirrelMail Webmail

To start the backup process download and run the tool in your Windows operating system and follow the detailed step-by-step guide along with tool screenshots.

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1: Hit the Open option in the Tool’s window after opening the utility

click on open
2: Click on the Email Account option in the Open section and hit Add Account to enter your Squirrelmail email credentials

add squirrelmail in gmail
3: After that enter, the Email credentials in the appeared dialog box and hit Advanced Settings to manually configure your Squirrelmail account

enter credentials
4: Then view the tool’s interface where you can view your emails into various options and can use advance search and Quick search option to find your email

preview emails
5: Hit the Export Option to view the other options. You can select any option as per your requirements.

select saving option

6: In the end, hit the Save option to start the process. After selecting the save option users can view the live process of backup

successfully backup Squirrelmail emails

Complete the steps of backup Squirrelmail emails along with attachments without any data loss. The tool ensures your complete data security and safety without any hassle.

Understand Some Key Features of the Utility

The Webmail Backup Tool provides you with bulk features along with backup options. Save Squirrelmail emails into various file formats, extract options, and so many:

  • Save Squirrelmail Emails into Email Files: The tool enables you to backup Squirrelmail emails into various email files such as MBOX, PST, EML, and many more. You can save the emails into the Email files and can be exported into any other email client.
    Backup Emails from Squirrelmail to Document Files: User can easily save their Squirrelmail emails into multiple Document files such as HTML, TEXT, CSV, PDF, and so on. Save emails on your computer or hard drive in any file format. The backup data will be secure in the following document formats.
  • Select the Destination Location: The Email backup tool offers you to browse the destination place where you want to store your Squirrrelmail emails. You can copy-paste the location directly or can browse.
  • Backup Squirelmail Emails along With Attachments: Save Squirrelmail emails with attachments in a PDF format is very easy. You can easily save your emails in pdf format without any hassle with attached items such as images, documents, and so on.

End Conclusion

So you finally end the blog, It is good to know that you are reading the end conclusion. I hope you perfectly understand the blog on the topic of How to backup Squirrelmail emails with attachments smoothly. In this blog, we described every step of the backup process with the most recommended tool. If you face any difficulty in the process contact our support team.